De-Constructing the Self

It is all starting to come together, friends. All of the hard work you have been doing, all of the clearing that has been taking place…It is all coming together to bring you to this moment of Now.


As we invite you to become very present in this moment, we wish you to understand that as you read these words, the information that is forthcoming is of a particular vibration; a high frequency vibration. It matters not when you read it, you are still receiving the energy, the encoded information that your soul is desiring you to receive in this moment. This is possible because we are working without the constraints of time and space.

You are existing (living, working, creating) more and more, free of the constraints of time and space. Notice how this manifests in your life. Pause for a moment, and notice what has changed for you in the last year; for some of you, in the last 5-10 years.

The Akashic Field is not knew, but more is being ‘discovered’ about it, making it less mysterious, more accessible. Some refer to the Akashic Field as a kind of supercomputer for the cosmos. Information flows constantly, and you, in your ever expanding state of awareness, are able to ‘receive’ and better yet, understand this information, and how it pertains to you.

Your awakening process effects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Your brain is literally waking up, along with your DNA. You have electrons in every cell of your body, and in your brain, these electrons are part of an electric current that is continuously transmitting and receiving impulses from the Akashic Field. We have spoken before about the importance of the frequency of the information that you broadcast and receive because this information affects you in profound ways. Like thoughts meet like thoughts, building energy and manifesting those thoughts into matter.

You have more conscious control than ever in regards to what you are manifesting as your reality. This helps to explain some of the chaos that you are experiencing in your world: The exponential growth in the awareness of humanity combined with those that are still resisting contributes to the chaos, as many are still immersed in low vibration creations. Many of your prophets and seers could see the ‘end times’, and many feel that there are here for you now. These are indeed end times: the end of forgetfulness. The end of the old way of being. The end of falsities, lies. You are entering the Time of Great Awakening, and in this process, all that is built upon lies must be deconstructed.

This process of deconstruction applies to you as well. All that you thought that you were: All of the labels, stories, learned behaviors are to be deconstructed. This is about getting to the root of You; the True You. Therefore there is often chaos within, as deconstruction is a major undertaking that involves breaking down everything that you thought was true and real.

Freedom is what you are seeking, and freedom is what you will find.

The deconstruction of the self, coinciding with the deconstruction of the world as you know it brings freedom, and Truth.

Now, back to the Akashic Field.

As you de-construct your old patterns and beliefs, shedding all of the lies and labels, you literally clear away lifetimes of old energy from the physical, mental and emotional self. What happens when there is a clear connection? You hear, you see, you speak without distortion. Dear friends, you have lived with distortion for lifetimes. The distortion is clearing, and your electron filled brain is firing: Transmitting and receiving better than it has in the history of your existence as a human. You are able to access and understand with greater clarity, the information in the Akashic Field; the supercomputer of the cosmos. How does this benefit you?

It offers a deeper, clearer understanding of Who You Are, which affects every aspect of your existence. It affects your relationships, it impacts your work, it changes how you perceive everyone else. As you cognize who you are, and begin to experience the effects of this awareness in your life, you witness everyone else in that light. Literally, in that light: The light of your own Divine awareness; your own holiness. This process is how the New World is being re-constructed. It is based on your spiritual recognition of Self and everyone else. Ego has no outstanding role in this new world. You are re-membering your True selves, and your true, Divine selves are soul oriented, not ego based.

Much is changing and much more will come to light in the coming years.

Many of you will have ‘memories’ of other lifetimes and existences, some of them not of earth.

What you consider ‘non-physical’ beings as well as beings from other parts of the cosmos will let themselves ‘be known’ to you as you acclimate to the frequency of the Field. This ‘channeled message’ comes via the Akashic Field in the form of information that is downloaded into the brain of the one writing. She has found it easier to ‘tap into’ the Akashic Field of late, and is open to her work evolving as she deconstructs her own patterns, stepping more into her freedom every day.

You are invited to welcome and embrace change as it knocks on the door of your awareness! This is what you have come here for.


Aligning to The Truth of Who You Are

When you come into alignment with The Truth, all of the lies fall away. We invite you to understand that you have come here to Be Free. To be free of what you may ask? To be free of the lies; the untruths; the misconceptions; the weight, the burdens that you have carried with you for so very long.

Alignment to the truth means that you become fully and completely aware, in your conscious self, of Who you are. It means that you become fully aware of What you are, and aware of How you serve.

So, who are you? You are That which created you. You are an aspect of God; of Source. You are the energy and information of Pure Love. You have always been this and you will always be this, you have simply forgotten.

What are you? You are God made manifest. You are that which created you in a physical vessel. You are the physical vessel that the energy and information of Love lives in and through.

Certainly not least: How do you serve? By Being Who you Are.

When you are experiencing life with the cognizant awareness of Who you Are, you are not in the ego or small self, you are in full awareness of your Soul self. You are aware of your spirit living through you.

When you are in alignment with who and what you are, you are literally existing in a higher, lighter plane of existence; and your entire self reflects this. You are existing in Your Truth: the truth of who and what you are. All of the lies fall away; the old ways of experiencing life cannot abide in the higher frequency planes of existence. Your past is in the past; and most of that is a Lie. We are not asking you to condemn your past, nor your history, we are inviting you to disengage from it. We are inviting you to stop living in your past, to stop repeating history. It is over and done with and you are in a new era: The time of the Great Awakening.

What are you awakening to? Yourselves of course! Your innate Divinity. Your birthright. You are remembering your absolute connection to Love; to God; to Creator.

You are energy and information, and when you move your awareness from the ego/small self (by becoming cognizant of Who and What you Are) to the soul self, the rate at which you vibrate literally rises, making it impossible for you to exist in the low density, or 3D world.

Your energy field reflects that change in frequency, which affects everyone and everything around you.

This brings us around to how you serve. Quite simply, by Being. We said it earlier, and we will say it again: You need DO nothing. Simply BE. Be in the awareness of your Holiness.

Now, this affects everything and everyone, so what you do for a living reflects your ownership of your own Divinity. How you move through your world is in direct correlation to your awareness of your Divinity. How so?
Remember when we said that when you are in alignment to Your Truth, all of the lies fall away? Living in your Truth is knowing Who and what you Are and how you serve. The body and mind entrain to the highest frequency when given the opportunity. You have been presented with the opportunity.

Understand that we present this opportunity in the present moment at the highest vibration available to you while we are in the flow of information known as the Akashic Field.

We invite you to align to this truth now, and consciously choose to allow your soul to flow from this place, this awareness.

Understand that this changes the way you perceive your world. Alignment to the Truth of who you are frees you from the lies of history.

Again, we are not condemning the past, we are helping you to disengage from it. Breathe deeply and as you exhale, drop the weight from your shoulders. The past is heavy and dense, and you have become so used to the weight, the burden, that you are unaware that you carry it.

Own your holiness and feel the heart open, allowing the small self, the ego self to rest, for it has also worked hard protecting you from the truth. We do not condemn the ego, it has served a purpose, and will continue to serve as a part of you, but the small self/ego self is no longer in command, and frankly, she/he is ready to relinquish control.

What is your soul’s purpose in this life? Anything that you desire. Now, what your ego/small self desired is very different from your soul’s desires.

The ego/small self’s desires are fear based: There is no one out there who will love me, there is not enough money or any good jobs, I am over qualified, I am not smart enough, I am not talented enough, I am too good for these people… The list goes on and on.

Those desires and goals have served in the past, but they are history. You have learned what you needed to learn from them. They are no longer true for you, so they are lies. Your soul desires what is best for All, which includes you. Your soul’s desires are expansive, the ego’s desires are limiting and constraining.

We know some of you are asking about love, abundance, security: Are they ego driven? Yes. Are they your soul’s desires? Yes.

Please understand that Love IS God, that God IS Love. Therefore You are Love because you are God. Love seeks love, and from the soul’s perspective, the love that you find and that finds you is of the highest vibration. Ego driven love is self centered and based on old patterns and beliefs, which are history. The same is true for abundance: There is enough to go around, friends. It is a constraining, limiting lie to say that there is not enough, and this lie is crumbling.

Soul driven abundance flows from the freedom of knowing that there is plenty. It is an open flow, with no limits.

History has done it’s job, and you are here to witness change. You are here to usher in change. As you align to Your Truth, you invite others to do the same, simply by Being Who you are Are. Remember; your energy pattern changes, affecting everything and everyone around you.

Your soul’s purpose centers around the Truth: Your Truth.
Know who you are in your truth. Know what you are in your truth. Know how you serve in your truth. Affirm them to yourself frequently, inviting entrainment.

Align to these truths and you ARE change; you are Changed.

You are Free. You are in the flow. You are in the field of infinite possibilities. From here, all is possible. Listen well to your soul.

One last thing we invite you to consider: Your soul; YOU; exist for all time. You will never die, or cease existing. As you breathe into the magnificence and wonder of your own soul in all realms of time and space, allow the awareness of everlasting life to flow through you…Cognize it, entrain to this knowing. From this expansive awareness, the ego/small self cannot generate fear.  This, friends, is Truth.

The Akashic Field

The Akashic Field (also called the Akashic Records) is comprised of information; information about everyone in existence. It contains every being’s thought, word and deed. This information is fluid and dynamic, changing with every thought we have. We are able to access this field through intention; some would say prayer. It invites us to trust in that which is unseen to our physical senses, and be open to the flow of the information and energy.

We are energetic beings, so when we are in the Akashic Field we become aligned to the high frequency of the information there, as well as to the high frequency energy that flows through our energy field.
In truth, we often enter into the Akashic Field of our own accord. This occurs when we are vibrating at a high frequency, which is often the case with being in a meditative state, in prayer, or very focused in our intent. And with increasing frequency, the natural increase in our rate of vibration. In other words, we are in the ascension process, so we are in alignment with the flow of information in the Akashic Field with greater frequency, more than ever before in our human history.
The Akashic Field is the realm of oneness, of connectivity to all. When in the Field, resonant high frequency thought patterns align, bringing forth manifestations of what has already been created in the ethers. We often think of these events as coincidences, or luck. In reality it is simply the connectivity of all that is. One comes into alignment with the thought patterns of others and there is a resonance in the vibration that manifests into a tangible thought or occurrance. You are finding these happening with greater frequency in your own life.

Like thoughts meet like thoughts constantly, and in your current world, they are quite often of lower frequency. These low vibration thoughts manifest in the lower density fields, creating your existing world.

Another view of the Akashic Field is that of a cosmic equation. You, (all beings, everywhere,) and The Divine/Source/Creator create an equation which equals (or creates) the outcome of Oneness/wholeness.

In any gathering of 2 or more, you are creating a cosmic equation of another kind, but a cosmic equation none the less: The energy of the group gathered and Source/Creator, which creates Oneness/Wholeness/Healing in the manner that is for the highest and best of all.

You can also “break it down” into smaller equations within the whole, seeking the solution to your question/problem/issue, all the while trusting that the outcome/solution is for the highest and best of all.

This is connectivity at the highest frequency manifesting the outcome(s) that are in the highest interests of the energy of the group, therefore everyone within the group.

Old Truths and The Truth

June 14, 2017

All that you have experienced has brought you to this moment, this moment of Now. You have heard this before, and you will hear it again, yet it is a Truth…A universal truth that is a constant. You have your truths, and you have The Truth. The Truth contains the constant…That which does not change, and cannot be altered through frequency shifts, death, rebirth, or time and space.

Your truths are those things that you have learned, been told, or experienced in your existences as a human. They serve purposes:

~They help you to grow and expand. ~They help you to heal. ~They help you to understand all aspects of existence.

They also limit you. They constrict you. They become untrue.

You are always evaluating yourself…All aspects of yourself. Some of you do this very consciously, others have no awareness of it, but they feel discordance in the body; or worse, and do not take the time or put the effort into looking within to discover the cause of the discordance.

Your old truths are partially the root cause of discordance within the body and energy field.

Your fluid, ever shifting energy field (which encompasses your emotional field) is continuously self examining and bringing forth to your awareness old truths which are no longer useful to you in your current state.

You are in a very active state of fluidity in the present moment, so many old truths are there to be examined, acknowledged and released.

We invite you to allow yourself to expand and open to the energy, and let it gently loosen and carry out those old truths which no longer serve you. This energy is always available to you, as you are existing within it. You are a part of it. It is as simple as saying “Yes” to it, and giving yourself permission to be free of the constraints and constrictions of old energy/old truths.

Trust yourself, trust the process, for you are ready.

Becoming Multi-Sensory & Multi-Dimensional

June 14, 2017

You are all multi-sensory and multi-dimensional beings. We wish to discuss the meaning of “dimensions, dimensional and density” with you. Dimension refers to the space that something uses, or takes up. You are a dimensional being in that your physical body uses space in the atmosphere of earth, and is currently, following the law of gravity.

You are multi-dimensional is that your soul aspects fill space in other concurrent densities and “realities.”
Time is not linear, you already know this. Time is only NOW, and you exist, or rather, your soul exists in the constant and fluid moment of NOW. You therefore use space in other densities, making you a multi-dimensional being.

This is a different way to define what you may have previously though being multi-dimensional meant, yet that definition and how you applied it to yourselves served it’s purpose. It helped you to understand your ever expanding, ascending self.

Your mind and brain are re-connecting as well as your spirit self, hence the increasing focus on alignment of body, mind and spirit.

So the reality is that you do not move through dimensions as you ascend in consciousness, you move through levels of densities.

3D refers to third density, not 3rd dimension.

Your physical body vibrates at a particular frequency, which you now have much more control over than you used to. Using your will and intent you are able to raise your vibration. Your physical body is still dense in relation to the different states of matter, so you have effectively lived for eons in the 3rd density world of planet Earth.

This has been shifting of course, for a while now. You have been able to visit, and in some cases stay for periods of “time” in 4 density and 5 density levels of existence. Some of you have experienced higher levels while in states of meditation, dream time and through other ways of shifting your vibration.

Your rate of vibration is directly correlated to the level of density in which you are able to exist.

When physical death occurs, one’s spirit moves “up” through the densities, stopping at the levels in order to process, review, learn and more fully understand all that the last physical incarnation brought to one’s awareness. There are 12 known density “levels.”  By known, we refer to the levels known to humankind. There are more, but for our intent and for your current learning, we address the known 12.

What you call Oneness with All, Goddess, God, Source, Creator is beyond the 12th level. It is from that “place” that you were created.

From that place, you descended into other levels of density in order to experience myriad existences. Most of these were not on planet earth, and many were not on a planet at all.

You are well on your way to re-membering what your existences involve. Notice we did not use the past tense there. You are also re dash membering versus remembering from a memory standpoint. You are actually coming back together in the wholeness, the totality of your soul. Re dash membering, or re-connecting to the wholeness, the oneness of who you are.

In fact, we are going to use the term re-connecting from now on, as that more accurately describes what you call the ascension process.

You are re-connecting to Who and What you truly are. Who are you? You are an aspect of That which created you: Divinity. Holiness. Grace. Goddess. God. Source.

What are you? You are the physical vessel, experiencing more than one density of existence, that the information from and of the Creator exists in.

You are That which created you. Never were you any less than That.

You are currently experiencing shifts in your awareness that are completely new to you as a human.

We invite you to embrace this moment…This NOW moment. We invite you to be fully present in this moment, this NOW moment, as this is how your frequency rises, and how you consciously ascend.

Welcome to conscious ascension.

Honor all beings.


My Notes: You have 12 sheets of paper, with the top sheet representing the 12th density, the bottom sheet represents the 3rd density. As you remove the top sheet, and continue to remove the sheets under that, all the way to the bottom sheet, (3rd density) the bottom sheet carries the imprint of all the other sheets. The further down you go, the heavier and denser the weight that is being supported becomes.

The bottom sheet carries the imprint of all of the other lighter densities. As you go down in levels you become heavier, more dense; you also carry the imprints of the higher levels.

So, at 3rd density, we still have the imprints of all 12 densities within us. Now, we are ascending, letting go of those impressions (aspects that no longer serve us) as we “rise up in our ascension.”

You are Now Experiencing Life in a Higher Frequency

June 8, 2017

We speak to you now in terms of vibration and frequency.

From this place of quiet, of Peace, of freedom from the mind’s turmoil…We offer you healing.

You are energy, and even more than that, you are information.
Your beautiful mind can only comprehend the physicalness of you until you step away and quiet it. Release it into calm.

The atoms that make up the cells of your body vibrate: They constantly move. The rate at which they vibrate is the frequency; Your frequency. There is no longer a status quo frequency for humans. Some humans are vibrating at a higher frequency now, and this number grows in every moment.

You are re-connecting, Dear ones.

You are reconnecting to who you truly are. You may think of it as reconnecting to who you once were, but you are really reconnecting to Who You Truly Are.

Who are you?

You are pure information; pure energy. You are That Which Created You. You are Pure. You are Love. You are Goddess, You are God. You are Source.

As your frequency rises…And it only rises now, Dear Ones…Because that is what Ascension is: The raising of your vibration…Your senses expand beyond the 6 that you are used to. You are now a multisensory being…You are able to experience information and energy that you were not able to experience with your 6 limited senses.

Remember, what you are now able to see…What you hear…What you feel…What you now know. This is where you are now, and this will continue to expand, ushering in that which you have not experienced in your existence as a human.

This is the change that you have been calling forth, and waiting for.

All that you have learned up until this moment is old energy; old information. And you are changing.

You are information. You give and receive information in every moment.

Now, In your expansiveness…Intend to align to the highest frequency that is currently available to you, and open to receive the information that you are now ready to receive.

This is the Re-Connection: The reconnection to who you truly are. It is the reconnection to your Divine Blueprint, your original 12 strands of DNA.

It is the reconnection to your multi-sensory and multi-dimensional selves. Say yes to this reconnection because this is what you have been waiting a very long time for.

This changes your structure: Your physical structure, your energetic structure, your informational structure. This alters the information that you now transmit and receive.

You are ascending in consciousness. You are transcending the limited, and limiting singular self, and rising into the flow of information of Oneness and All That Is.

This is what you are to share with all as you move about your daily existence. It matters not what you do in life, what matters is how you experience this life.

You are now experiencing life from a higher frequency.

That which is of the lower vibration looks, sounds, and feels different…To many, it feels uncomfortable.

There is no judgment to any of this…Simply notice…Notice what feels different. Be in the place of acceptance and peace. From the place of acceptance and peace, compassion flows. From compassion, love flows.

One cannot truly love when there is judgment.

We wish you to experience peace. We invite you to embrace, to be information; energy in the present moment. We wish to infuse you with information and energy: The information and energy of Holiness, Divinity, Purity, Light, Love, and Grace.

Bathe in it…Bask in it…Let it fill you, let it become you, let yourself be one with it.

Let it carry away what is you are ready to be free of…Let this information and energy wash you clean of all that you have been holding onto…Allow yourself to be free of old patterns, beliefs and burdens that limit you, that keep you bound in repeated cycles of suffering. Give yourself permission to be free of suffering. Know that all the work that you do helps all beings, everywhere. You are One with All.

Understand this: Your personal energy has been limited for eons and eons. Freedom from repeated patterns and beliefs opens the floodgate for your energy to flow.

Fear not, this is what you have come here for.

This is who and what you are. It has always been this way, you have simply re-connected to it.

In Grace and gratitude, we bid you peace.