You Are Not Here to Fail

Greetings to you. It is with heavy hearts that we come to you today, as we witness you moving through the chaos and turmoil of your human existence.

We say heavy hearts, but truly we don’t experience the feelings of grief, anger, injustice, like you do. Our hearts are heavy with the compassion that we have for you.
Friends, you chose this life, you chose to be a part of the shift in consciousness that is upon you now. You chose to be strong in your unique way, in order to beacon to others, to show the others that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You are indeed strong, and you are indeed unique in your strengths. From our perspective, the mosaic of your energies is the most beautiful piece of art you could imagine. If you were all alike; if you all handled your experiences in the same way, you could not help and support each other, not to mention the work that you are doing for and with the collective.

So what you may consider to be a weakness or a lack within you is actually an integral part of the whole puzzle. Once all of the pieces are in place, the entire picture becomes clear to all who see it. And yes, the pieces will fall into place. You are experiencing frustration because the pieces often do not seem to fit. Here is where we invite you to pause, breathe, align in the Truth of Who You Are, and attempt to fit your puzzle piece into the whole once again.

You are not here to fail.

There is no such thing as failure; not from our perspective. You see, failure is a human construct. It has served a purpose in that it has been a driving factor in the improvement of your human experience over the eons. You needed “failure” to help you to see and understand “success.” The same can be said of “dark and light,” “right and wrong,” “black and white,” the list goes on. You needed to able to understand duality, things that were different and distinct from each other.

You are moving away from that now as your consciousness continues to expand, and you move into higher levels of awareness, both of the Self and of All. You are moving towards the experience of unity and oneness, and it feels very different than what you know.

As the duality falls away, deeply buried fears surface to be acknowledged. Acknowledgment is the first step towards healing. You are deep in the turmoil and chaos of acknowledgment now.

Out of chaos comes peace.

Chaos must come first.

You are your own ancestors.

This means that you have, as a collective, manifested your current “reality” on a personal scale as well as on a global scale. Some of the deep, internal fear that you are releasing as a collective is the knowing that you have created the world that you live in, and the knowledge of this can be hard to take. We speak here of what you consider to be past lives: In your “past” you each played roles in discovering, manufacturing, calling into manifestation all that you see now. Part of the reason that many of you chose to reincarnate in this time was to make amends; to fulfil karmic debt so to speak. There is no judgment from any in our realm around this, and we invite you to avoid judgment of self or others. We are simply helping you to understand.

Please understand that there are beautiful things in the world that you have brought forth. All is part of the whole and the whole is beautiful and perfect from our perspective. You will also see it as beautiful and perfect as your perspective widens and broadens.

In your expanding awareness, you are able to clear karmic imbalance, and you are actively doing that now.

Our hearts are heavy with compassion and great, great love for each of you. We invite you to pause once more and allow yourself to feel this great love and compassion. Embody it, entrain to it, then share it. You have great power within your soul, within the wholeness of your being. As we have said many times, this has nothing to do with ego, it is about the power of Who You Are. Who are you? You are God/Goddess/Divine incarnate. Please re-member this.

Art: “Changes” by Valerie Sargent

Old Truths and The Truth

June 14, 2017

All that you have experienced has brought you to this moment, this moment of Now. You have heard this before, and you will hear it again, yet it is a Truth…A universal truth that is a constant. You have your truths, and you have The Truth. The Truth contains the constant…That which does not change, and cannot be altered through frequency shifts, death, rebirth, or time and space.

Your truths are those things that you have learned, been told, or experienced in your existences as a human. They serve purposes:

~They help you to grow and expand. ~They help you to heal. ~They help you to understand all aspects of existence.

They also limit you. They constrict you. They become untrue.

You are always evaluating yourself…All aspects of yourself. Some of you do this very consciously, others have no awareness of it, but they feel discordance in the body; or worse, and do not take the time or put the effort into looking within to discover the cause of the discordance.

Your old truths are partially the root cause of discordance within the body and energy field.

Your fluid, ever shifting energy field (which encompasses your emotional field) is continuously self examining and bringing forth to your awareness old truths which are no longer useful to you in your current state.

You are in a very active state of fluidity in the present moment, so many old truths are there to be examined, acknowledged and released.

We invite you to allow yourself to expand and open to the energy, and let it gently loosen and carry out those old truths which no longer serve you. This energy is always available to you, as you are existing within it. You are a part of it. It is as simple as saying “Yes” to it, and giving yourself permission to be free of the constraints and constrictions of old energy/old truths.

Trust yourself, trust the process, for you are ready.

Becoming Multi-Sensory & Multi-Dimensional

June 14, 2017

You are all multi-sensory and multi-dimensional beings. We wish to discuss the meaning of “dimensions, dimensional and density” with you. Dimension refers to the space that something uses, or takes up. You are a dimensional being in that your physical body uses space in the atmosphere of earth, and is currently, following the law of gravity.

You are multi-dimensional is that your soul aspects fill space in other concurrent densities and “realities.”
Time is not linear, you already know this. Time is only NOW, and you exist, or rather, your soul exists in the constant and fluid moment of NOW. You therefore use space in other densities, making you a multi-dimensional being.

This is a different way to define what you may have previously though being multi-dimensional meant, yet that definition and how you applied it to yourselves served it’s purpose. It helped you to understand your ever expanding, ascending self.

Your mind and brain are re-connecting as well as your spirit self, hence the increasing focus on alignment of body, mind and spirit.

So the reality is that you do not move through dimensions as you ascend in consciousness, you move through levels of densities.

3D refers to third density, not 3rd dimension.

Your physical body vibrates at a particular frequency, which you now have much more control over than you used to. Using your will and intent you are able to raise your vibration. Your physical body is still dense in relation to the different states of matter, so you have effectively lived for eons in the 3rd density world of planet Earth.

This has been shifting of course, for a while now. You have been able to visit, and in some cases stay for periods of “time” in 4 density and 5 density levels of existence. Some of you have experienced higher levels while in states of meditation, dream time and through other ways of shifting your vibration.

Your rate of vibration is directly correlated to the level of density in which you are able to exist.

When physical death occurs, one’s spirit moves “up” through the densities, stopping at the levels in order to process, review, learn and more fully understand all that the last physical incarnation brought to one’s awareness. There are 12 known density “levels.”  By known, we refer to the levels known to humankind. There are more, but for our intent and for your current learning, we address the known 12.

What you call Oneness with All, Goddess, God, Source, Creator is beyond the 12th level. It is from that “place” that you were created.

From that place, you descended into other levels of density in order to experience myriad existences. Most of these were not on planet earth, and many were not on a planet at all.

You are well on your way to re-membering what your existences involve. Notice we did not use the past tense there. You are also re dash membering versus remembering from a memory standpoint. You are actually coming back together in the wholeness, the totality of your soul. Re dash membering, or re-connecting to the wholeness, the oneness of who you are.

In fact, we are going to use the term re-connecting from now on, as that more accurately describes what you call the ascension process.

You are re-connecting to Who and What you truly are. Who are you? You are an aspect of That which created you: Divinity. Holiness. Grace. Goddess. God. Source.

What are you? You are the physical vessel, experiencing more than one density of existence, that the information from and of the Creator exists in.

You are That which created you. Never were you any less than That.

You are currently experiencing shifts in your awareness that are completely new to you as a human.

We invite you to embrace this moment…This NOW moment. We invite you to be fully present in this moment, this NOW moment, as this is how your frequency rises, and how you consciously ascend.

Welcome to conscious ascension.

Honor all beings.


My Notes: You have 12 sheets of paper, with the top sheet representing the 12th density, the bottom sheet represents the 3rd density. As you remove the top sheet, and continue to remove the sheets under that, all the way to the bottom sheet, (3rd density) the bottom sheet carries the imprint of all the other sheets. The further down you go, the heavier and denser the weight that is being supported becomes.

The bottom sheet carries the imprint of all of the other lighter densities. As you go down in levels you become heavier, more dense; you also carry the imprints of the higher levels.

So, at 3rd density, we still have the imprints of all 12 densities within us. Now, we are ascending, letting go of those impressions (aspects that no longer serve us) as we “rise up in our ascension.”

Have Faith

Greetings. We come to you today with a message of Faith. What is Faith? Faith is knowing that your path is always clear and visible to you. Faith is knowing that regardless of what is occurring around you in your external environment, divine knowing and clarity are yours. Faith is trusting in the power and energy of Love. Faith is trusting the Love that exists within You.

The current time is only as challenging as you allow it to be. We lovingly invite you to embrace Faith…And trust yourself in the process. You chose this particular lifetime as a stepping stone to your enlightenment. You chose to face the potential for great challenge. And for many of you, this particular time is nothing compared to some of the challenges that you (or those close to you) have already faced. Yet here you are, alive and conscious of the depth and range of emotions that have moved through your system in the past weeks and months.

Transition in your external world brings forth an opportunity to welcome transition within, ushering in a new level of awareness. There is a vibrational upshift happening in the consciousness of humanity. All that is of the lower vibration must surface, be faced and acknowledged before it can be transformed. This is happening and will continue until it is done.

In the deepest most Divine part of you, you know this, yet the mind and the ego react because this is how you have done it in myriad lifetimes; this is what you believe you know. Your Akash, the conceptual memories stored in your DNA, are also being triggered, so your emotions are firing. Everyone reading this has experienced oppression in your existence as a human and you store that “memory” in your DNA.

We invite you to have Faith in yourself, in who you really are. (Who are you? You are an aspect of the Divine; that which created all that is, was, and ever will be.) Breathe, and look beyond the mind and ego, and find your heart. Seek what is within the heart. When you are heart centered you act out of Love instead of reacting out of ego driven fear. From this place you are able to see the bigger picture. You literally see life from the higher perspective, the perspective that offers clarity.

Every human being plays a role. Some play roles that instigate others to confront the lowest aspects of self in order for all to be healed. From the highest perspective this is what is occurring, and we lovingly invite you to see your current events in this light.

And we invite you to have Faith. More changes are in store, and you have come here to not only witness them but to bring them about. Change is necessary, and if you are reading this you are aware of that. Faith in your ability to affect change through Love and Compassion is necessary. You know this, it is one of the reasons why you are here. We hold you each in and with Love. Be kind and honor yourselves and each other. Your world depends on it.




Christmas Eve Message from The Angels

This message of peace and love comes from a different vibration…One that is very high and very precise in it’s focus for this particular aspect of your place in the space time continuum.

It is with deep love, honor and respect that we greet you today, this most Holy of days for many of you.

It is a time of joy, loneliness, peace, war, upheaval, and pain. Yet you chose this experience; this Life Experience, and that is why we honor you. For choosing to exist in a world that is dense and heavy, yet ripe with experience and learning.

This particular place in the time space continuum is important for so many reasons.
One is that you are all moving into a time of Peace, and you have all chosen to be here to witness it. You also chose to experience the trials, joys and tribulations of life on earth so that you would understand Compassion and Love at the very deepest level that is possible. You are the way-showers, each and every one of you.

You understand compassion and love at a depth here to for unheard of in your existence, and this changes everything.

Yes. Everything.

The time of Peace is coming, and for some of you, it will not happen in your lifetime, but you will most likely choose to live another time on Earth in order to witness it “first hand.”

We are of the Angelic vibration and we offer you Grace. Take a moment, close your eyes, and breathe. Allow yourself to feel it, to feel the Grace come into your energy field, your body, your heart and your mind.

This is our gift to you on this day, and every day. You can choose to accept it, here and now.

Each day is new; a new start in so many ways.

2016 is a new year, an exceptional year that will change many of your perspectives on life.

Change is the theme for this new year, and we ask that you welcome it with an open heart and mind.

Take a moment and breathe this in…It is your choice to accept it, or not, and there is no repercussion. You know that. You all have free will, and all is dynamic within your Akash, within the Universe.

As you raise your frequency, you will be more attuned to our vibration. You will feel more deeply, sense things more accurately. You will simply KNOW. This is as it should be, you chose this.

Live in a state of joy, of wonder. Be the peaceful person, the kind stranger. Energy follows thought, and your thoughts, words and deeds are becoming more powerful each moment.

In Deepest Grace, Gratitude and Love, we are always with you.FullSizeRender-23Original painting, Angel of Wisdom; acrylic on canvas, 20″x20″


Angelic Visitors and More!

Lately I have been visited by some pretty intense and powerful Angelic Beings. I call them that because to just say “Angels” doesn’t seem strong enough.

I was talking to a very intuitive friend on the phone a few nights ago and I was asking him for help in more deeply understanding some intense emotion that I was feeling. Together we called in some Divine help, and I immediately felt a very powerful Angelic presence at my left side. He showed up to me in my inner vision in profile; a very strong, masculine and very handsome profile I might add. My friend asked me what color I associated with the Angelic Being and I said “Blue…And purple, lots of purple!” My friend just laughed and said “Yep!”

That was 2 days ago, and this wonderful presence has stayed close by me. So close and so present that I had to paint my impression of his energy yesterday, 15 minutes before leaving my house to host my monthly Group Akashic Record reading. The urge to paint him was so strong that I grabbed by canvas “sketch” pad, a handful of paints, one big brush, and within 10 minutes had transferred the energy of his essence onto my canvas paper.


The top picture is the painting immediately after I was done. The bottom is a close up of the same painting.


This is not an example of my best work, it is speed painting at best, yet it captured my impression of this powerful yet peaceful energy. I took the still wet painting to my group reading, and of course this guy was there with us as we went into the Akashic records.

This morning I woke feeling very light and happy. I felt the desire to go up to my 4th floor deck to take a picture of this lovely Virginia morning. I live in the beautiful town of Charlottesville and I have the good fortune to be in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the oldest mountain range in the US and some of the oldest in the world. (Talk about energy!)

I took a picture with my iPhone, and when I looked at the photo this is what I saw:


The brilliant blue orb surrounded by blue and violet energy on the mountain was not visible the with the naked eye, it is only in the photo. I enlarged the photo, and was amazed because half of the sphere is hidden behind trees. Same energy as my powerful Angel Dude? Maybe. Beautiful and awe inspiring? Without a doubt. A friend asked me what I was thinking when I took the picture, and I told her I was in a place of gratitude and peace. I still am.

Are we truly surrounded by angelic (and maybe other) beings? I do believe that we are. I feel them and talk to them when I do my work, and I am able to “tune into” them in order to transfer the energy of what I see and feel onto canvas.

I feel blessed to have seen and experienced this, and I hope that you feel some peace from seeing it as well.