“Clarified Consciousness is Contagious”

“Clarified Consciousness is Contagious” ( quote from The Akashic Experience by Ervin Laszlo)

New energy floods your awareness in this very moment, yet many of you are still resisting it.

What am I resisting you wonder; I have been working hard to clear, to release, to heal! Yes, you have, and yes there is still resistance.


Because you are afraid. You are afraid of what is new and unknown to you. Let us rephrase that: Your mind/ego is afraid of what is new and unknown to it.

Your soul; that part of you that is Divine and Holy, knows all, and is willing and eager to be free, yet you are still ingrained in the ways of the human, so you still struggle with duality.

Pause and breathe…Bring your awareness inward to the Holiness, the Divinity that dwells within you and take a moment to step into the expansiveness that is You. From that place of expansiveness, use your intention to align to the highest frequency available to you and open to the flow of energy and information that is always present and ever flowing. It helps to use your imagination; seeing and feeling the information as energy and/or light flowing in through the crown chakra.

Here is what we tell you: Information is flowing to and through you constantly regardless of it’s frequency, and you receive the information, effectively raising (or lowering) your frequency to match it.

Frequent and regular alignment to the highest frequency causes your body to entrain to the highest frequency. Entraining to and sustaining the highest frequency available to you limits the lower frequency information that you will receive. The choice is always yours.

Understand that the more aware you are of this process, the more you are able to contribute to the rate at which you expand your awareness by consciously aligning to the highest frequency that is available to you.

We also wish to tell you that everything is energy and information. Your body is comprised of energetic information, it is simply vibrating at a frequency that is able to sustain the force of gravity.

Since your body is information, you are constantly sharing energy and information with others.

What are you sharing? What are you receiving? You have control of these things dear one. Your thoughts and intentions are very powerful.

Let us revisit the fear that many of you still live with.

As your mind and body learn to entrain to the highest frequency through practice, you learn to trust your soul-self. Fears generated by the ego/mind become easily recognizable for what they are, and they lose the power they used to hold. (Power that you gave them.) It is an ongoing process dear one, please release any self judgment that may arise around this. All that you have witnessed, experienced, remembered, and wish that you could forget has brought you to this moment. There is only this moment, and it is the most important moment. What are you sharing and receiving in this moment?

We wish to tell you that you have the right to claim your happiness. It is within you. It has never left you. It is an innate part of you, just as love and harmony are innate to you. Within everyone is harmony and balance. It is not out of your reach.

You chose to be here for this; to remember who and what you are, and to claim your birthright. As you continue to become aware of and to trust your innate Divinity, you begin to fully cognize that everything in existence is energy, and energy can be manipulated. You are witnessing the manipulation of energy daily. If you are empathic, you are able to feel these shifts in energy. We invite you to practice entrainment to the highest frequency with intention, if you are not already doing so. The information contained in the energy of the work that you do is part of the whole, and affects the whole. What are you sharing in this moment?

We are honored to offer you this remembrance, this guidance. We offer it to you with love.

Karmic Clearing

It is time in the ever evolving cycle of humanity to begin to fully understand karma, and your relationship to it.

You have always been a victim of karma, or that was your belief, from very early on in your journey as a human being.

It is now time to become aware of the shift in the energy of karma, more specifically, where you are in your journey with and through karma.

Karma is balance: Balance is a law of the Universe. What you reap you sow, and so on.

Each of you has repeated countless karmic cycles, and you are in the midst of many of them in this current lifetime.

This lifetime is so very different from any that you have lived before. As we have told you many times, you are expanding exponentially in your awareness of Self: Who and what you are. This expansion of self knowledge is in direct correlation to where the planet is in the cosmos; traversing through new energy. Earth herself is evolving. A time of great change and eventual awakening is upon you. You have been preparing for it for myriad lifetimes.

Karmic clearing is at hand. You have been clearing your karmic issues for a while, but it is now time for you to become fully aware of the implications of karmic clearing.

Understand that all things come into balance, and that as you clear your karmic debts, balance simply becomes an aspect of your own inner knowing. In other words, as you expand and evolve, you become more aware of your soul’s desires and goals and you are led less and less by the ego’s desires.

Your soul fully comprehends the concept of balance, therefore karma is becoming a non issue. It was a part of ego based living.

Seek to clear your karmic debts. Intend to be guided by your soul. There are those that are here to help you in your desire to be free of karmic debt.

Freedom from karmic debt is another step on the ascension ladder.

Welcome to another level of healing.

You Are At Your Most Powerful Right Now…

What you focus on is what begins to take root, rapidly sending those roots deep into the fabric of the universe. How you focus on those things sends waves of energy far and wide into the fabric of the universe. You are at your most powerful right now…In this moment, you are transmitting and receiving energy more than you have in the history of your entire human existence.

Tomorrow it will be different. The day after that it will shift again. In fact, in every moment, everything and everyone shifts. It is a constant.

We remind you that nothing happens in linear time anymore because you are expanding your conscious awareness exponentially. As you welcome more of your (over)soul into the physical body, energetic and physiological changes occur faster than you realize.

Many of you are feeling a sense of overwhelm or an overloading of your senses, and many attribute these feelings (and often ailments) to worldly events. To some extent this is accurate, but at the deeper level it is more of a unified effect: In other words, what is happening on a global scale is caused by what is happening energetically within each human being, and what is occurring within each human is in alignment with the changes that all are experiencing globally. One happens in accord with the other and vice versa. Inner shifts instigate changes in the external reality. 

How you perceive the world and what is occurring is important because it affects your energy, which then dictates how you effect everyone around you. Some have a very large circle of influence, so the energy of these individuals has a greater impact on the whole. The President of the United States is one such example. (There are many others incarnated now as well, all affecting the world stage, creating change.) How this being perceives his own internal and external realities is currently reaching and affecting billions of people. He and others, chose this time to incarnate, knowing all of this at the soul level.

We pause here to stress that we have no judgment; we see all beings and events through the eyes of Divine Grace and Love. From our perspective, all is in Divine order and in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.  There is no right and wrong, there are only choices. Free will and Divine knowing are constantly moving together, energetically flowing and shifting; the fluid fabric of all that is, was and ever will be.

The President’s circle of influence is worldwide, and he is following his soul’s guidance while exercising his free will. He is affecting multitudes and stirring deeply buried conceptual memories of hatred, victory, injustice, hope and oppression within the Akash of humanity. These conceptual memories have been within each of you for lifetime after lifetime and they play an active role in the patterns of oppression, greed, hatred that you have repeated over and over in your human existence. You are here in this time of the Great Awakening to clear your inner Akash…To step fully into your Divinity, free of the dense lower frequencies of your earlier human lifetimes. All that is of the lower frequency cannot abide in the higher vibration of your evolving selves, so it must be uprooted, acknowledged, healed and released. Everyone’s awareness is expanding at her/his own pace, but no one is exempt.

Understand there there are many factors and energies at play here…There always have been. The difference is that you are much more aware of them now, and this Divine Knowing challenges the most human aspects of you.

This is all as it should be. You chose to come here now in order to be challenged because you knew that you would experience and be an integral part of the Great Awakening.

We invite you to pause, and breathe into your heart center. Breathe work is instrumental in helping you to stay balanced, which helps you to focus on what your heart is in alignment with. From this place of balanced alignment, we invite you to focus your energy, your thoughts. You are at your most powerful right now. 

It is with the deepest honor and gratitude that we say Namaste.

2017 New Year’s Channeled Message

Greetings and Welcome to the New Energy.

There are those of you who feel as if you are spinning your wheels. You feel as if you have worked very hard on your inner self…Working to release and heal all that is old and no longer of service to you as you are remembering who you are.

And yet, as you delve ever more deeply into this work, you castigate yourself for not being good enough. You still harbor the self judgment, even the self hatred of old. You continue to punish yourself for not being the enlightened star being that you feel that you should have become by now.

We invite you to pause for a moment. Breathe deeply…3 breaths. Find your center, open your heart. You are able to find your center in the blink of an eye because it is instinct now. Be instinctual. Fall into the zero point and BE, for just this moment.

We invite you here to this awareness of Self in “no time” so that you can hear us, feel us, and most importantly, trust this message.

You are exactly where you have chosen to be, in this moment of NOW.

 The intensity of the feelings that you experience is the barometer; the measure of your ability to transcend the lower vibrations that constantly pull on you. Allow yourself to believe in your own innate Divinity. Your innate Divinity is the truest, most real aspect of you.

The rest is the illusion.

2016 is the end of an era.

There are those that put all of their hopes and desires in this statement, and there are those that say it is hogwash. Neither is right or wrong because your reality matches your beliefs.

Change your reality by reconfiguring your beliefs.

2016 is a 9 year in numerology, meaning that something is ending. When you combine all of the metaphysical sciences, a trend becomes apparent which points to CHANGE and NEW ENERGY, and the end of all that is old.

The mind may still choose to override the innate knowing, staying in fear and old belief patterns because that is what it knows. You are in the midst of a battle between the ego/mind and the innate knowing of your soul. You already know how this will end, but the mind denies and fights it.

We invite you to breathe, and remember that your soul will never lead you astray, and when you combine all of the metaphysical sciences it will become apparent that you chose to be here now for this very “battle.”

Everything that you have experienced over the last 12 months has been an exercise in growth and expansion of the Soul Self. You and your soul family conspired to experience the events that triggered your deepest fears and insecurities. You are entering a time when nothing is as it has been in your experience as a human, and you have been preparing for this by challenging yourself (and those around you) for a while.

Welcome to the New Energy.

We have said this before, and we will re state it: Give yourself permission to embrace the new energy and release the old. Old energy is stored in the physical body as well as the energy field. It’s stored in your DNA, in your Akash. You have forgotten that you have the power to transform energy and now is the time to remember. It is as simple as using your intention and trusting yourself.

Every aspect of your human self is screaming for change while resisting it; the age old “battle” of ego vs. soul.

Step into and stand firmly in your power; your soul power, and choose an end to this inner war. It is all up to you.

You are held within the most sacred of spaces, and we invite you to honor yourself and all others.


Compassion: June 2016 message

Here we say that it is not about religion. It is not a war between Islam (or any other religion) and anyone else.

It never has been about that, even though that is how history depicts these wars.

It is about power. It is about control and ego centered power. Self-empowerment is not ego driven, it is soul driven, and it is entirely different.

Control and power are driven by fear. Hate is an offshoot of fear. When one craves power and control that one is afraid: Afraid of the Unknown. When one has power and control, they are able to push fear far back into the unconscious part of self.


It is more important that ever to see every event as neutral. Neutrality erases the energy of an event being powerful, harmful, even good. Neutrality is truth. Seeing everything as neutral removes the charge, bringing light to the truth of all that occurs.


From another perspective, the high perspective, (the Light filled perspective) everyone involved in the recent events chose at the soul level, to participate. We see them as victims, and we grieve, but the truth is that all of the ones who perished and were injured chose to become what they truly are: Vehicles for compassion. Vessels enabling the energy of God/the divine/Christ to move through the rest of us, bringing us closer in compassion and truth, not hate and fear. All humans are vessels in which the energy of the creator lives through.


Those souls chose a different way of life; one that was potentially a challenge for them in order to leave the physical existence in a way that would bring cohesiveness to our scattered and fearful mass consciousness.


They incarnated knowing that this was a choice: They were aware (at the soul level) that the manifestations of the consciousness of humanity had reached the level where humans were heading towards destroying each other and the planet. There are many others who are also aware of this now, and we all will have choices to make. We are able to choose consciously, from the part of us that is created by and from God. That choice is compassion and love based, not fear based.


Many are feeling something stirring within…It may be a feeling or a knowing, but it is there and it is not going away. This is your soul speaking to you. It is time to listen, to heed the Divine within. The soul is stronger than the ego, and eventually it will be heard, regardless of how hard the ego/small self tries to shut it down.



Valentine’s Message, 2016

We of the Angelic realm wish to offer you a message; a message of profound importance, and a message that you need to hear now, as it involves your ascension and your increasing level of vibration.

The message is this:


Love. Yes, simple and true. “I know all about love” is what the mind is thinking right now. “I know how much it has hurt me, how much I wish I knew love in my life, how much I wish I could do without love in my life.”

We know that most everyone has some form of this tape playing in the mind right now.

We are here to infuse you with True Love. Yes, TRUE LOVE. “Ha,” You say. “I had that once, I did not work out.”

We invite you now, to be open to receive and to let it in.

This is Love from the Source of all, and guess what? It is not floating down upon you from the heavens…No, it is coming from you, to you.

Pause as you are reading this, and FEEL it. Step out of your head and mind and feel it. It has never left you, and it is time that you become fully and completely aware of the love that IS You. We are inviting you to play in this now as it is time to shift. It is time to shift the consciousness of humanity. You are a necessary part of this, and this is one of the many reasons why you are living in this body, in this particular dimension of time and space.

Allow the energy of love to fill your body, your field. Invite it to move through every cell of the body, and expand out into the energy field that surrounds you.

Right here, right now, we invite you to claim your I AM presence: “I AM!”

Step into alignment with the highest frequency that is available to you at this time.

Feel the Love. Feel the Love. Feel the Love.

It is You. And it is Source/God/Creator.

You are one and the same.

There is no separation, there never has been, and it is time to re-member this.

You are needed here, and your Love is necessary for the evolution of the planet as well as everything and everyone on Her.

Own this please. Claim it. As you all claim it, it is done.

We thank you.

Namaste and Amen.