Greetings. We come to you today with a message of Faith. What is Faith? Faith is knowing that your path is always clear and visible to you. Faith is knowing that regardless of what is occurring around you in your external environment, divine knowing and clarity are yours. Faith is trusting in the power and energy of Love. Faith is trusting the Love that exists within You.

The current time is only as challenging as you allow it to be. We lovingly invite you to embrace Faith…And trust yourself in the process. You chose this particular lifetime as a stepping stone to your enlightenment. You chose to face the potential for great challenge. And for many of you, this particular time is nothing compared to some of the challenges that you (or those close to you) have already faced. Yet here you are, alive and conscious of the depth and range of emotions that have moved through your system in the past weeks and months.

Transition in your external world brings forth an opportunity to welcome transition within, ushering in a new level of awareness. There is a vibrational upshift happening in the consciousness of humanity. All that is of the lower vibration must surface, be faced and acknowledged before it can be transformed. This is happening and will continue until it is done.

In the deepest most Divine part of you, you know this, yet the mind and the ego react because this is how you have done it in myriad lifetimes; this is what you believe you know. Your Akash, the conceptual memories stored in your DNA, are also being triggered, so your emotions are firing. Everyone reading this has experienced oppression in your existence as a human and you store that “memory” in your DNA.

We invite you to have Faith in yourself, in who you really are. (Who are you? You are an aspect of the Divine; that which created all that is, was, and ever will be.) Breathe, and look beyond the mind and ego, and find your heart. Seek what is within the heart. When you are heart centered you act out of Love instead of reacting out of ego driven fear. From this place you are able to see the bigger picture. You literally see life from the higher perspective, the perspective that offers clarity.

Every human being plays a role. Some play roles that instigate others to confront the lowest aspects of self in order for all to be healed. From the highest perspective this is what is occurring, and we lovingly invite you to see your current events in this light.

And we invite you to have Faith. More changes are in store, and you have come here to not only witness them but to bring them about. Change is necessary, and if you are reading this you are aware of that. Faith in your ability to affect change through Love and Compassion is necessary. You know this, it is one of the reasons why you are here. We hold you each in and with Love. Be kind and honor yourselves and each other. Your world depends on it.