2018: A Time of Transition

2018 is a time of transition. You as a collective have created these times of transition, using holidays and other historical events as markers. They are markers to your own mind and ego, set up at the soul level to remind the self of these times that are ripe for transition. You (the collective) have repeated historical patterns, at times like the new year, to decide to make changes in your life. It has become a time to set goals and resolutions.
The first thing that we wish to remind you is that you do not need to re-solve anything. There is nothing to solve. Making resolutions is a way of stepping back into a repeated, historical pattern hoping that you do it differently this time.
We invite you to set intentions from the moment of Now. Allow yourself to be present, without the energy of your history, without judgment of how things turned out in the past. Be here, now, and step more fully into the void, the unknown, the vastness of unlimited possibilities, and from HERE, set your intentions.
From the infinite place of the unknown, while BEING, you are not led by the ego, you are fed by your soul. Your soul will never lead you astray, or into the past to repeat old patterns.
Intentions that are manifested when you are Here, Now, are aligned in Truth, and are not hindered by old energy.
You are in a time that is ripe for transition.
You are witnessing change. You are a change agent; one who has brought upon this time of change. You are in the chaos of the old energy being stirred up and filtered out, making more room for the new energy to settle. The new energy is what creates the fertile soil for new growth; the growth of Peace. Chaos reigns currently, and that is why you are here, now. You chose to be a part of this life altering shift in the conscious awareness of humankind.
Despair is old energy. Hopelessness and fear are what your ego is used to.
Choose to embrace Who You Are, welcoming your soul’s guidance, listening and heeding what the heart whispers to you. Wallowing in the old energy of fear, despair and anger only fuel more of the same.
Find the compassion that is the foundation of who you are and nurture it. Use this marker in time, setting your intentions of Peace and Compassion, and watch in wonder as they meet like thoughts, manifesting the change that you incarnated for.
Change is a part of your human landscape. So is duality, and the perception of evil, or darkness. Your conscious thoughts and beliefs have created the world that you live in, and your conscious thoughts and beliefs will be what create the fertile soil of positive change that helps you to free yourself of the pattern of repeating history. (History is neither good or bad, it simply IS. Please click here to read last month’s channeled message: http://thefigleaf.net/the-importance-of-being-here-now/.)
You are here to remember
that you do have control of what you think, therefore of what you manifest. You are a powerful Being. You are an Infinite Being, Being Infinite. Embrace this Truth as you align in the Present and step out of your history.
Peace to You in 2018 and Always.

The Importance of Being Here, Now

We speak to you today about being Present. We work with you in ever increasing frequency, in order to match and help you to raise your vibration. You are here to Be, and in order to Be, remaining present is of vital importance.

As a species, humans are adept at repeating history; reenacting patterns, based on beliefs and the outcomes of actions. Humans attach importance to history.

Within the Field of All There Is, history does not exist. All time is occurring in this moment: The moment of Now.

You are invited to step more fully into the Now moment, to practice being present.

When you are present in the Now moment, you are not affected by the energy of the past. You are not re-enacting history in the Now moment. You are not in judgment of the past, you are in the flow of expansive energy instead of mired down in restrictive, old energy. Judgment is old energy. It is limiting, constraining, and destructive.

Let us be clear and say that we do not judge history, yours or anyone else’s. It is part of what you were here to do and experience, and we are guiding you towards being free; free to step more fully into the unknown; the New Earth; the Time of Great Awakening.

You are not able to do this if you are weighed down in old energy.

In this season of holidays, there are many of you who will find yourself falling into memories of the past. That energy will uplift some of you, and you will harness that energy and share it with others.

There are some of you who will fall into memories of your history, of your past, stirring up sadness and grief, maybe judgment of yourself or others for decisions made. This is heavy, old energy, and you emit this to those around you, drawing others into it.
Like energy meets like energy and the frequencies adjust accordingly. What energy and information do you desire to be in? To emit to others?

When you are present in the Now moment, you are emitting radiant, expansive energy; new energy. You are enveloping all that you meet in that energy, and it affects them in wonderful ways.

It is time to accept more responsibility in your ascension process; to become more aware of who and what you are and why you are here. This is what you came here for.

There is another aspect of history which we remind you of here: History, or rather, your recollection of it, is inaccurate. Let us explain: You have your unique memories of your history, and they are impacted and altered by your mind, your ego, your small self. Your ego has been running the show for many, many lifetimes, and is not necessarily willing to hand over the reins to the soul. Your ego/small self alters your “memories” of history in order to keep you bound in old energy.

The opportunity to truly learn from history is here. We speak of learning from a different perspective. Rather than repeat history, making the same decisions and choices, learn from history and choose the new path; forge a new way into the unknown. The New Earth is not based on historical ‘facts.’

History is not bad or wrong. It is simply old. You are Here, Now. That is all that matters: Here and Now.

Welcome it. Embrace it. Step into it and Be Here Now.

Peace to You.

Why You Should Have Multiple Alternative Healing Sessions

I have been practicing alternative healing (hypnotherapy, various types of energy work, Akashic Record Reading/Healing) for a few decades. I still get the occasional client who is just curious as to what it’s all about. Typically that person visits once, leaves feeling lighter, more relaxed, more peaceful, maybe even pain free, and then I don’t hear from her or him again.
That is OK with me. I work hard not to have any expectations about peoples’ opinions about the work that I do. It resonates with many, and that number seems to be growing as people are becoming more and more dissatisfied with traditional medicine. Let me say that I am in no way against traditional medicine. I am happy when clients combine what I offer with their medical regimen. What I do get asked after almost every visit is some version of “Should I come back again, or how often should I come back?” First, I am always conscious of making sure that the client knows that scheduling further appointments are always up to her or him. In the medical field, people are used to scheduling a follow up visit, or coming in for regular checkups, physicals, etc. Medicines are generally prescribed for some length of time, often with refills pending.

I do not diagnose dis-ease, nor do I prescribe any medication. What I do is leave the client with homework. In my line of work, what we do during a session is often quite deep and potentially life changing, but the client is also responsible for continuing the work once he or she leaves my office. This means that whatever issue we have been working on is something that the client is asked to continue to work on at home, as the more she or he does on their own, the deeper the level of potential healing.

One visit to the doctor will sometimes cure what ails a patient, but that is not the case most of the time. One visit to your Akashic Records or one hypnosis treatment will move some energy and will potentially make a positive difference in your life, but it typically will not completely resolve your issues.

I have had the opportunity to work with many clients over a period of many sessions, over some length of time. Maybe is it a few months, or even a few years. In each session, we build upon what we have worked on before. There is always a deeper level to reach, another issue to be uncovered. I get to know the client and she/he gets to know me. There is rapport, trust and a spiritual connection that evolves over time. The work we do can become very powerful and life changing in very positive ways. When I am able to work with clients over many sessions, some amazing things happen.

I have often told people that I am no longer surprised by what occurs with this work, but I am constantly amazed. Multiple sessions go deeper, reaching depths that I feel we cannot reach on our own. We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience, and this work enables us to be in both worlds, finding balance, peace and healing. I have experienced my own healing over the years: Both physical and emotional, and I have had the opportunity to witness some amazing healing in the lives of many others.

Healing: The process of becoming sound, or healthy again.

People also come to me when they don’t have a particular issue to deal with. Curiosity seekers aside, receiving alternative healing is beneficial whether you are suffering from some ailment or not. I try to schedule time for various types energy work regularly. It’s just good practice.

Treat yourself well, inside and out. You deserve it. Not because of anything you do, simply because you are you.




Displacing Old Energy in Favor of New Energy

You are creating something new.
In order to create something new, you have to be open to new energy. There is no such thing as a new thought, but there is new energy.
New energy and a change in perspective open the door to creativity. You are creators. More than that, you are Divine Creators. You are That which created you, therefore you are That. You are existing in the experience of creating the physical manifestation of that which you are.
The new energy is a conduit that is aiding you in breaking free of the self destructive patterns and beliefs that you have been re-creating on earth for eons.
Your history as human beings is cyclical, and you have become adept at re-creating certain patterns and behaviors. (ie: War was created by beliefs; that one was more powerful, devout, wealthier, more deserving, better, correct in a belief than the other.)
That cyclical pattern and many others have been a part of the experience of Being, of creating, and now you are in new energy, creating a new world.
What is new energy and how are you in it?
Your galaxy is constantly moving, expanding into that which you call space. The energy and information that your planet is moving through now is different. The electromagnetic frequency is different, therefore the way it affects all things and the way all things are affected by it causes change at the subatomic level.
Change is upon you. You could also say that You are upon change.
As creators, you affect change as much as change affects you. You have choices. You have your expanding consciousness. You are aware of your connectedness to All that Is.
You have power.
We are not referring to ego power. We are referring to the power of Who you are; your holiness. Your Divinity.
You have the power to create something New.
You have the power to step out of old patterns and cycles, to use the new energy and your own conscious awareness of Who you are to create a new world.
This is it. It’s happening now.
You have a role to play in this creation. That is why you are here.
The Akashic Field is open and available to everyone. In fact you are always within it as it is the energy and information that comprises all that is. We invite you to use your intention to be open to the flow energy and information at the conscious level. You are in the new energy; you are new energy. Your electromagnetic frequency is different than it was just a few years ago.
Becoming consciously aware of the flow of energy and information acts as an opening and expansion of the essence of you, the Divinity within you. It is from this place that you create the new world.
This is what you came here, now, for: To create a new world, as one, with all.
As you are creating something new, you are also deconstructing the old.
Energy cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed, but it may be manipulated. You are, in truth, creating something “new” by manipulating the energy of the “old.” You are deconstructing the lower frequency patterns and beliefs, and reconstructing a conscious way of Being Who you are. This requires the awareness of all of humanity, but you play an integral role in this process Now. Your awareness of your own holiness enables you to witness the holiness in everyone and everything around you. This raises your vibration, and those around you match your frequency. You are contributing to the awakening of All.
You will begin to read or hear other messages like this one, if you have not already. Remember, there are no new thoughts, you are simply much more expanded in your awareness, and you are attracting and attracted to the higher frequency energy and information. We invite you to accept this Truth and feel the alignment of it within you.

Put Your Hands Up, and Step Away From the Old Beliefs!

We welcome you. You have heeded your own soul’s guidance to rest, expand, release, seek relief, and a deeper understanding of who you are.

You are existing in the physical realm in a challenging and exciting time. You have chosen to be here. You have worked hard to be here.

What does that mean? It means that you have agreed with other members of your soul family to come here to Earth, now, in order to re-member who you are. It means that you have moved through enough of your learning in the spiritual realms as well as the Earth realm to be able to face the challenges of this incarnation. It means that you are more aware of your part of the big picture than ever before.

So. Who are you? You are a child of God. You are an aspect of Source. You are part of that which created you. You are not, have never been, separate from Source, you only forgot that you were.

You also came here to help others to remember who they are, and you do that by Being Who you are.

You also came here to remember What you are. What are you? You are the physical manifestation of Divinity; of God; of Source. Your very body is holy. You are here to remember that, and as you do, you have the opportunity to re pattern your very DNA.

Re patterning your DNA effectively releases the energy encodings of patterns and beliefs that you have carried within you for generations. These patterns and beliefs are no longer viable for you. As you re-member Who and What you are you are also remembering that what you were taught over many lifetimes is no longer true for you. They have served their purpose. You are invited to allow yourself to release limiting, old beliefs from your DNA, right now.      

You are here to be Free: Free of all of the labels that you have carried, telling others who you thought you were; who they thought you should be.

You are here to be free of constraining, constricting energy. You are here to be expanded and expansive…

This lifetime is one of awakening to your own Divinity, your Holiness. It has not been easy, nor will it be. It is an adventure, with unknown landscapes ahead. In fact, you are stepping into the unknown now…    

Each day is an opportunity to step out of old patterns and into the freedom and beauty of that which is unknown.
Here is the beautiful part: It is not unknown to your soul, only unknown to your ego; your mind; your small self.

As you continue to trust your own soul’s guidance, the unknown becomes even more beautiful and inviting. In the past, the unknown was like a black void: Frightening in it’s unknowability. Each day you expand in your conscious awareness, and step more confidently and fully into Who and What you are, into your own Truth.

Right now, we invite you to align with us in Truth. You are held in loving light and peace, and you are safe to expand into Truth. As you align in Truth…The truth of who and what you are, this changes your frequency…Present moment…Raising your vibration.

Imagine your very core…The very core of your soul in the magnificent light of Truth…The truth of the Divine Being that you are.

Watch and feel the light and energy expand, encompassing everything and everyone…Embracing the Earth herself…Bathing all in your realm, with love, compassion, truth. Imagine yourself in all of time and space…Expanded…Pure energy and information…See your choices…All of them…being lifted into the frequency of Truth.

Aligning in truth changes the energy of what you consider to be your past and your future; bringing every choice into alignment with the vibration of Truth. Alignment with and in Truth shifts the energy that you emit, and all that you are connected to are bathed in your energy. Therefore, your alignment in truth is an invitation to everyone you are connected with to align in truth. It is an invitation emitted through the energy that you are; that you transmit to all.

Therefore you are also here to raise the consciousness of your fellow humans by Being in your Truth. By simply Being. Is it not wondrous that you chose to be Here, Now.

Free Yourself From Fear

Delve deep. Pull yourself free of the fear that holds you back. Free fall into your own soul’s safe, Divine and Holy hands. Those hands are your net, you are not able to fall. You have completed the act of “falling” and you are on the upswing, the upward spiral of the ascension.

You are climbing the mountain, shedding layers of unnecessary beliefs, labels, patterns as you go.
Much of what you do has been unconscious, and now, you are entering more fully into the conscious awareness of your actual awakening to your Holy and Divine Self.

This has been creating conflict with the ego, the personality aspect of you. You are now aware of this, so it is time for another step. It is time for you to free yourself from fear. What is your fear?

Ask your ego. We invite you to write down the answers. Writing (or some other way of removing them from the mind) is cathartic. It purges you of the burden of carrying old beliefs and patterns.

In the world that you have assisted in creating, there is much to distract you from the work at hand.

What is the work at hand? It is to align to the Truth of Who and What you are, and to exist in that alignment. It raises your vibration, changing the energy and information that you are, that you emit. Your existence, your Beingness, is the actual work at hand.

The distractions are many and they are varied. Pause, breathe, align in truth, and you will know what they are.

There is to be no judgment, they are to be seen from the soul self with neutrality.

In this time of chaos, neutrality brings peace, it is a step towards compassion.

One cannot be in peace and compassion when there is judgment, condemnation, anger, hatred.

Neutralize it by stepping away from the fear that holds you by the back of your shirt. You will find that the grip that fear is not as strong as you think. Ego would have you believe that fear has the strongest grip of all. That is Not True.
Love is stronger than fear.

Love is expansive, fractal, light filled energy. Fear is closed in, contained, tight and therefore it is not light energy.

You used to live in contained, limiting, fear based energy. It has been slowly cracking open for 3 decades now, and as you taste, feel, and experience the openings in the energy and information it thrills you and it scares you. Many are doing their best to keep everything contained, and many are doing everything they are able in order to break free.

There is no wrong way to be, there is only Being. We invite you to trust your own Divine Knowing; your Soul’s guidance leading you to Being Free.


You Are Not Here to Fail

Greetings to you. It is with heavy hearts that we come to you today, as we witness you moving through the chaos and turmoil of your human existence.

We say heavy hearts, but truly we don’t experience the feelings of grief, anger, injustice, like you do. Our hearts are heavy with the compassion that we have for you.
Friends, you chose this life, you chose to be a part of the shift in consciousness that is upon you now. You chose to be strong in your unique way, in order to beacon to others, to show the others that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You are indeed strong, and you are indeed unique in your strengths. From our perspective, the mosaic of your energies is the most beautiful piece of art you could imagine. If you were all alike; if you all handled your experiences in the same way, you could not help and support each other, not to mention the work that you are doing for and with the collective.

So what you may consider to be a weakness or a lack within you is actually an integral part of the whole puzzle. Once all of the pieces are in place, the entire picture becomes clear to all who see it. And yes, the pieces will fall into place. You are experiencing frustration because the pieces often do not seem to fit. Here is where we invite you to pause, breathe, align in the Truth of Who You Are, and attempt to fit your puzzle piece into the whole once again.

You are not here to fail.

There is no such thing as failure; not from our perspective. You see, failure is a human construct. It has served a purpose in that it has been a driving factor in the improvement of your human experience over the eons. You needed “failure” to help you to see and understand “success.” The same can be said of “dark and light,” “right and wrong,” “black and white,” the list goes on. You needed to able to understand duality, things that were different and distinct from each other.

You are moving away from that now as your consciousness continues to expand, and you move into higher levels of awareness, both of the Self and of All. You are moving towards the experience of unity and oneness, and it feels very different than what you know.

As the duality falls away, deeply buried fears surface to be acknowledged. Acknowledgment is the first step towards healing. You are deep in the turmoil and chaos of acknowledgment now.

Out of chaos comes peace.

Chaos must come first.

You are your own ancestors.

This means that you have, as a collective, manifested your current “reality” on a personal scale as well as on a global scale. Some of the deep, internal fear that you are releasing as a collective is the knowing that you have created the world that you live in, and the knowledge of this can be hard to take. We speak here of what you consider to be past lives: In your “past” you each played roles in discovering, manufacturing, calling into manifestation all that you see now. Part of the reason that many of you chose to reincarnate in this time was to make amends; to fulfil karmic debt so to speak. There is no judgment from any in our realm around this, and we invite you to avoid judgment of self or others. We are simply helping you to understand.

Please understand that there are beautiful things in the world that you have brought forth. All is part of the whole and the whole is beautiful and perfect from our perspective. You will also see it as beautiful and perfect as your perspective widens and broadens.

In your expanding awareness, you are able to clear karmic imbalance, and you are actively doing that now.

Our hearts are heavy with compassion and great, great love for each of you. We invite you to pause once more and allow yourself to feel this great love and compassion. Embody it, entrain to it, then share it. You have great power within your soul, within the wholeness of your being. As we have said many times, this has nothing to do with ego, it is about the power of Who You Are. Who are you? You are God/Goddess/Divine incarnate. Please re-member this.

Art: “Changes” by Valerie Sargent

De-Constructing the Self

It is all starting to come together, friends. All of the hard work you have been doing, all of the clearing that has been taking place…It is all coming together to bring you to this moment of Now.


As we invite you to become very present in this moment, we wish you to understand that as you read these words, the information that is forthcoming is of a particular vibration; a high frequency vibration. It matters not when you read it, you are still receiving the energy, the encoded information that your soul is desiring you to receive in this moment. This is possible because we are working without the constraints of time and space.

You are existing (living, working, creating) more and more, free of the constraints of time and space. Notice how this manifests in your life. Pause for a moment, and notice what has changed for you in the last year; for some of you, in the last 5-10 years.

The Akashic Field is not knew, but more is being ‘discovered’ about it, making it less mysterious, more accessible. Some refer to the Akashic Field as a kind of supercomputer for the cosmos. Information flows constantly, and you, in your ever expanding state of awareness, are able to ‘receive’ and better yet, understand this information, and how it pertains to you.

Your awakening process effects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Your brain is literally waking up, along with your DNA. You have electrons in every cell of your body, and in your brain, these electrons are part of an electric current that is continuously transmitting and receiving impulses from the Akashic Field. We have spoken before about the importance of the frequency of the information that you broadcast and receive because this information affects you in profound ways. Like thoughts meet like thoughts, building energy and manifesting those thoughts into matter.

You have more conscious control than ever in regards to what you are manifesting as your reality. This helps to explain some of the chaos that you are experiencing in your world: The exponential growth in the awareness of humanity combined with those that are still resisting contributes to the chaos, as many are still immersed in low vibration creations. Many of your prophets and seers could see the ‘end times’, and many feel that there are here for you now. These are indeed end times: the end of forgetfulness. The end of the old way of being. The end of falsities, lies. You are entering the Time of Great Awakening, and in this process, all that is built upon lies must be deconstructed.

This process of deconstruction applies to you as well. All that you thought that you were: All of the labels, stories, learned behaviors are to be deconstructed. This is about getting to the root of You; the True You. Therefore there is often chaos within, as deconstruction is a major undertaking that involves breaking down everything that you thought was true and real.

Freedom is what you are seeking, and freedom is what you will find.

The deconstruction of the self, coinciding with the deconstruction of the world as you know it brings freedom, and Truth.

Now, back to the Akashic Field.

As you de-construct your old patterns and beliefs, shedding all of the lies and labels, you literally clear away lifetimes of old energy from the physical, mental and emotional self. What happens when there is a clear connection? You hear, you see, you speak without distortion. Dear friends, you have lived with distortion for lifetimes. The distortion is clearing, and your electron filled brain is firing: Transmitting and receiving better than it has in the history of your existence as a human. You are able to access and understand with greater clarity, the information in the Akashic Field; the supercomputer of the cosmos. How does this benefit you?

It offers a deeper, clearer understanding of Who You Are, which affects every aspect of your existence. It affects your relationships, it impacts your work, it changes how you perceive everyone else. As you cognize who you are, and begin to experience the effects of this awareness in your life, you witness everyone else in that light. Literally, in that light: The light of your own Divine awareness; your own holiness. This process is how the New World is being re-constructed. It is based on your spiritual recognition of Self and everyone else. Ego has no outstanding role in this new world. You are re-membering your True selves, and your true, Divine selves are soul oriented, not ego based.

Much is changing and much more will come to light in the coming years.

Many of you will have ‘memories’ of other lifetimes and existences, some of them not of earth.

What you consider ‘non-physical’ beings as well as beings from other parts of the cosmos will let themselves ‘be known’ to you as you acclimate to the frequency of the Field. This ‘channeled message’ comes via the Akashic Field in the form of information that is downloaded into the brain of the one writing. She has found it easier to ‘tap into’ the Akashic Field of late, and is open to her work evolving as she deconstructs her own patterns, stepping more into her freedom every day.

You are invited to welcome and embrace change as it knocks on the door of your awareness! This is what you have come here for.


Aligning to The Truth of Who You Are

When you come into alignment with The Truth, all of the lies fall away. We invite you to understand that you have come here to Be Free. To be free of what you may ask? To be free of the lies; the untruths; the misconceptions; the weight, the burdens that you have carried with you for so very long.

Alignment to the truth means that you become fully and completely aware, in your conscious self, of Who you are. It means that you become fully aware of What you are, and aware of How you serve.

So, who are you? You are That which created you. You are an aspect of God; of Source. You are the energy and information of Pure Love. You have always been this and you will always be this, you have simply forgotten.

What are you? You are God made manifest. You are that which created you in a physical vessel. You are the physical vessel that the energy and information of Love lives in and through.

Certainly not least: How do you serve? By Being Who you Are.

When you are experiencing life with the cognizant awareness of Who you Are, you are not in the ego or small self, you are in full awareness of your Soul self. You are aware of your spirit living through you.

When you are in alignment with who and what you are, you are literally existing in a higher, lighter plane of existence; and your entire self reflects this. You are existing in Your Truth: the truth of who and what you are. All of the lies fall away; the old ways of experiencing life cannot abide in the higher frequency planes of existence. Your past is in the past; and most of that is a Lie. We are not asking you to condemn your past, nor your history, we are inviting you to disengage from it. We are inviting you to stop living in your past, to stop repeating history. It is over and done with and you are in a new era: The time of the Great Awakening.

What are you awakening to? Yourselves of course! Your innate Divinity. Your birthright. You are remembering your absolute connection to Love; to God; to Creator.

You are energy and information, and when you move your awareness from the ego/small self (by becoming cognizant of Who and What you Are) to the soul self, the rate at which you vibrate literally rises, making it impossible for you to exist in the low density, or 3D world.

Your energy field reflects that change in frequency, which affects everyone and everything around you.

This brings us around to how you serve. Quite simply, by Being. We said it earlier, and we will say it again: You need DO nothing. Simply BE. Be in the awareness of your Holiness.

Now, this affects everything and everyone, so what you do for a living reflects your ownership of your own Divinity. How you move through your world is in direct correlation to your awareness of your Divinity. How so?
Remember when we said that when you are in alignment to Your Truth, all of the lies fall away? Living in your Truth is knowing Who and what you Are and how you serve. The body and mind entrain to the highest frequency when given the opportunity. You have been presented with the opportunity.

Understand that we present this opportunity in the present moment at the highest vibration available to you while we are in the flow of information known as the Akashic Field.

We invite you to align to this truth now, and consciously choose to allow your soul to flow from this place, this awareness.

Understand that this changes the way you perceive your world. Alignment to the Truth of who you are frees you from the lies of history.

Again, we are not condemning the past, we are helping you to disengage from it. Breathe deeply and as you exhale, drop the weight from your shoulders. The past is heavy and dense, and you have become so used to the weight, the burden, that you are unaware that you carry it.

Own your holiness and feel the heart open, allowing the small self, the ego self to rest, for it has also worked hard protecting you from the truth. We do not condemn the ego, it has served a purpose, and will continue to serve as a part of you, but the small self/ego self is no longer in command, and frankly, she/he is ready to relinquish control.

What is your soul’s purpose in this life? Anything that you desire. Now, what your ego/small self desired is very different from your soul’s desires.

The ego/small self’s desires are fear based: There is no one out there who will love me, there is not enough money or any good jobs, I am over qualified, I am not smart enough, I am not talented enough, I am too good for these people… The list goes on and on.

Those desires and goals have served in the past, but they are history. You have learned what you needed to learn from them. They are no longer true for you, so they are lies. Your soul desires what is best for All, which includes you. Your soul’s desires are expansive, the ego’s desires are limiting and constraining.

We know some of you are asking about love, abundance, security: Are they ego driven? Yes. Are they your soul’s desires? Yes.

Please understand that Love IS God, that God IS Love. Therefore You are Love because you are God. Love seeks love, and from the soul’s perspective, the love that you find and that finds you is of the highest vibration. Ego driven love is self centered and based on old patterns and beliefs, which are history. The same is true for abundance: There is enough to go around, friends. It is a constraining, limiting lie to say that there is not enough, and this lie is crumbling.

Soul driven abundance flows from the freedom of knowing that there is plenty. It is an open flow, with no limits.

History has done it’s job, and you are here to witness change. You are here to usher in change. As you align to Your Truth, you invite others to do the same, simply by Being Who you are Are. Remember; your energy pattern changes, affecting everything and everyone around you.

Your soul’s purpose centers around the Truth: Your Truth.
Know who you are in your truth. Know what you are in your truth. Know how you serve in your truth. Affirm them to yourself frequently, inviting entrainment.

Align to these truths and you ARE change; you are Changed.

You are Free. You are in the flow. You are in the field of infinite possibilities. From here, all is possible. Listen well to your soul.

One last thing we invite you to consider: Your soul; YOU; exist for all time. You will never die, or cease existing. As you breathe into the magnificence and wonder of your own soul in all realms of time and space, allow the awareness of everlasting life to flow through you…Cognize it, entrain to this knowing. From this expansive awareness, the ego/small self cannot generate fear.  This, friends, is Truth.

Healthy, Wealthy, Wild & Wise

There comes a time in your life where you realize that you are no longer constantly seeking: Seeking guidance, seeking answers, seeking enlightenment. It’s a moment that I would imagine, comes later in life…Late enough in your life where you have had the time and opportunity to experience love, grief, bliss, judgment, loss.

When the awareness that you are no longer seeking dawns on you, you begin to understand that you do indeed have answers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all of the answers, it most certainly doesn’t mean that there’s nothing left to learn; it means that you can slow down and enjoy life more.

Rest…Take a break from constantly seeking solutions and answers. There is less “Why?” and more “I understand.”

The cessation of constant seeking is a time of self realization.  Speaking from personal experience, (which truly, is the only place from which anyone is able to speak) no longer being in seek mode means that I know Who I am. I have a much deeper understanding of why I am here. That’s a huge relief. I want to be very clear when I say that this is not the end of the journey, not by a long shot. It is another level of awareness; a place of being comfortable with Me.

I am no longer growing up; I am expanding my awareness and understanding of everything and everyone around me.

I am no longer just getting older; I am becoming wiser and more confident in my own innate knowledge of life, myself and the world.

I make the choice to be healthy. I am fully conscious of all of the choices I make and how they affect my health: Physically, emotionally and mentally. I say No when I want to say No, Yes when I want to say Yes.

I put myself first. This is extraordinarily important because 1. It is loving yourself, and this is something that we all need to do. And 2.  If you can’t do right by and for yourself, no one else can or will.

I choose to be wealthy. I choose abundance. I am old enough and have done enough work on myself to know that I am worthy of wealth and abundance. I am not speaking of just monetary wealth, I am talking about abundance in all areas of my life. Interestingly, as we do the work on ourselves, and we learn to love and trust our inner guidance, there comes a time when we realize that some of our ideas about wealth are not as important as they once were. Having material things is not as important as an abundance of good health, family, love, peace, satisfying work, just to name a few things. Witnessing a beautiful sunset is abundance to me. I will never grow tired of the beauty that is all around us. I have a deeper appreciation for friends; ones that I have known for most of my life, and new friends who know me just as I am now, without my old baggage and labels.

There is freedom is being wild and a wildness in being free.

Wild? No one calls me wild. Yet at times, I feel so unconstrained by the trappings of the things of my youth. I am more comfortable now going out without any makeup, or in my yoga clothes. It’s not a big deal, but at the same time, I would have thought twice about it just 3 or 4 years ago, being much more concerned about what others would think about me. If someone is judging you, it’s because there is something within them that is being triggered. The same goes for judging others: If you find yourself doing it, look within at what aspect of yourself is being triggered.

Grow into who you are, enjoy the ride, and acknowledge your own wisdom, wildness and the abundance that is in your life.

I choose to be healthy, wealthy, wild and wise. Join me?