The Akashic Field (also called the Akashic Records) is comprised of information; information about everyone in existence. It contains every being’s thought, word and deed. This information is fluid and dynamic, changing with every thought we have. We are able to access this field through intention; some would say prayer. It invites us to trust in that which is unseen to our physical senses, and be open to the flow of the information and energy.

We are energetic beings, so when we are in the Akashic Field we become aligned to the high frequency of the information there, as well as to the high frequency energy that flows through our energy field.
In truth, we often enter into the Akashic Field of our own accord. This occurs when we are vibrating at a high frequency, which is often the case with being in a meditative state, in prayer, or very focused in our intent. And with increasing frequency, the natural increase in our rate of vibration. In other words, we are in the ascension process, so we are in alignment with the flow of information in the Akashic Field with greater frequency, more than ever before in our human history.
The Akashic Field is the realm of oneness, of connectivity to all. When in the Field, resonant high frequency thought patterns align, bringing forth manifestations of what has already been created in the ethers. We often think of these events as coincidences, or luck. In reality it is simply the connectivity of all that is. One comes into alignment with the thought patterns of others and there is a resonance in the vibration that manifests into a tangible thought or occurrance. You are finding these happening with greater frequency in your own life.

Like thoughts meet like thoughts constantly, and in your current world, they are quite often of lower frequency. These low vibration thoughts manifest in the lower density fields, creating your existing world.

Another view of the Akashic Field is that of a cosmic equation. You, (all beings, everywhere,) and The Divine/Source/Creator create an equation which equals (or creates) the outcome of Oneness/wholeness.

In any gathering of 2 or more, you are creating a cosmic equation of another kind, but a cosmic equation none the less: The energy of the group gathered and Source/Creator, which creates Oneness/Wholeness/Healing in the manner that is for the highest and best of all.

You can also “break it down” into smaller equations within the whole, seeking the solution to your question/problem/issue, all the while trusting that the outcome/solution is for the highest and best of all.

This is connectivity at the highest frequency manifesting the outcome(s) that are in the highest interests of the energy of the group, therefore everyone within the group.