What you focus on is what begins to take root, rapidly sending those roots deep into the fabric of the universe. How you focus on those things sends waves of energy far and wide into the fabric of the universe. You are at your most powerful right now…In this moment, you are transmitting and receiving energy more than you have in the history of your entire human existence.

Tomorrow it will be different. The day after that it will shift again. In fact, in every moment, everything and everyone shifts. It is a constant.

We remind you that nothing happens in linear time anymore because you are expanding your conscious awareness exponentially. As you welcome more of your (over)soul into the physical body, energetic and physiological changes occur faster than you realize.

Many of you are feeling a sense of overwhelm or an overloading of your senses, and many attribute these feelings (and often ailments) to worldly events. To some extent this is accurate, but at the deeper level it is more of a unified effect: In other words, what is happening on a global scale is caused by what is happening energetically within each human being, and what is occurring within each human is in alignment with the changes that all are experiencing globally. One happens in accord with the other and vice versa. Inner shifts instigate changes in the external reality. 

How you perceive the world and what is occurring is important because it affects your energy, which then dictates how you effect everyone around you. Some have a very large circle of influence, so the energy of these individuals has a greater impact on the whole. The President of the United States is one such example. (There are many others incarnated now as well, all affecting the world stage, creating change.) How this being perceives his own internal and external realities is currently reaching and affecting billions of people. He and others, chose this time to incarnate, knowing all of this at the soul level.

We pause here to stress that we have no judgment; we see all beings and events through the eyes of Divine Grace and Love. From our perspective, all is in Divine order and in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.  There is no right and wrong, there are only choices. Free will and Divine knowing are constantly moving together, energetically flowing and shifting; the fluid fabric of all that is, was and ever will be.

The President’s circle of influence is worldwide, and he is following his soul’s guidance while exercising his free will. He is affecting multitudes and stirring deeply buried conceptual memories of hatred, victory, injustice, hope and oppression within the Akash of humanity. These conceptual memories have been within each of you for lifetime after lifetime and they play an active role in the patterns of oppression, greed, hatred that you have repeated over and over in your human existence. You are here in this time of the Great Awakening to clear your inner Akash…To step fully into your Divinity, free of the dense lower frequencies of your earlier human lifetimes. All that is of the lower frequency cannot abide in the higher vibration of your evolving selves, so it must be uprooted, acknowledged, healed and released. Everyone’s awareness is expanding at her/his own pace, but no one is exempt.

Understand there there are many factors and energies at play here…There always have been. The difference is that you are much more aware of them now, and this Divine Knowing challenges the most human aspects of you.

This is all as it should be. You chose to come here now in order to be challenged because you knew that you would experience and be an integral part of the Great Awakening.

We invite you to pause, and breathe into your heart center. Breathe work is instrumental in helping you to stay balanced, which helps you to focus on what your heart is in alignment with. From this place of balanced alignment, we invite you to focus your energy, your thoughts. You are at your most powerful right now. 

It is with the deepest honor and gratitude that we say Namaste.