Greetings to you. It is with heavy hearts that we come to you today, as we witness you moving through the chaos and turmoil of your human existence.

We say heavy hearts, but truly we don’t experience the feelings of grief, anger, injustice, like you do. Our hearts are heavy with the compassion that we have for you.
Friends, you chose this life, you chose to be a part of the shift in consciousness that is upon you now. You chose to be strong in your unique way, in order to beacon to others, to show the others that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You are indeed strong, and you are indeed unique in your strengths. From our perspective, the mosaic of your energies is the most beautiful piece of art you could imagine. If you were all alike; if you all handled your experiences in the same way, you could not help and support each other, not to mention the work that you are doing for and with the collective.

So what you may consider to be a weakness or a lack within you is actually an integral part of the whole puzzle. Once all of the pieces are in place, the entire picture becomes clear to all who see it. And yes, the pieces will fall into place. You are experiencing frustration because the pieces often do not seem to fit. Here is where we invite you to pause, breathe, align in the Truth of Who You Are, and attempt to fit your puzzle piece into the whole once again.

You are not here to fail.

There is no such thing as failure; not from our perspective. You see, failure is a human construct. It has served a purpose in that it has been a driving factor in the improvement of your human experience over the eons. You needed “failure” to help you to see and understand “success.” The same can be said of “dark and light,” “right and wrong,” “black and white,” the list goes on. You needed to able to understand duality, things that were different and distinct from each other.

You are moving away from that now as your consciousness continues to expand, and you move into higher levels of awareness, both of the Self and of All. You are moving towards the experience of unity and oneness, and it feels very different than what you know.

As the duality falls away, deeply buried fears surface to be acknowledged. Acknowledgment is the first step towards healing. You are deep in the turmoil and chaos of acknowledgment now.

Out of chaos comes peace.

Chaos must come first.

You are your own ancestors.

This means that you have, as a collective, manifested your current “reality” on a personal scale as well as on a global scale. Some of the deep, internal fear that you are releasing as a collective is the knowing that you have created the world that you live in, and the knowledge of this can be hard to take. We speak here of what you consider to be past lives: In your “past” you each played roles in discovering, manufacturing, calling into manifestation all that you see now. Part of the reason that many of you chose to reincarnate in this time was to make amends; to fulfil karmic debt so to speak. There is no judgment from any in our realm around this, and we invite you to avoid judgment of self or others. We are simply helping you to understand.

Please understand that there are beautiful things in the world that you have brought forth. All is part of the whole and the whole is beautiful and perfect from our perspective. You will also see it as beautiful and perfect as your perspective widens and broadens.

In your expanding awareness, you are able to clear karmic imbalance, and you are actively doing that now.

Our hearts are heavy with compassion and great, great love for each of you. We invite you to pause once more and allow yourself to feel this great love and compassion. Embody it, entrain to it, then share it. You have great power within your soul, within the wholeness of your being. As we have said many times, this has nothing to do with ego, it is about the power of Who You Are. Who are you? You are God/Goddess/Divine incarnate. Please re-member this.

Art: “Changes” by Valerie Sargent