Healing within the Akashic Records is a process.  I will speak here about releasing patterns; patterns that we have brought forth into this life in the effort to release them so that we are FREE, and LIBERATED from them for the rest of our existence.

There are steps that we take when we are in the process of Spiritual Healing with the Akash, and the first step is to make peace with ourselves.  We stop blaming ourselves for all of the perceived wrongs that we have committed.  We then accept responsibility for our actions, for our part in the patterns that we are now ready to release.  It is important to note that we are only responsible for our own actions, not the actions of anyone else.

Once we have acknowledged our own sense of responsibility for our actions, we seek to recognize the ways in which  the pattern has benefitted us.  There is always a benefit to us, and once we are able to recognize and understand it, the threads that have bound that pattern to us begin to unravel.  It will dissolve, and we are then liberated from that which no longer serves our highest good.  Freedom is indeed sweet.