You are in the process of deep cleansing: Your soul is bringing the deepest awarenesses to your conscious mind, and your body and mind are working hard to help you process this energy and information. Throughout your personal process, you are also open to the energy of all  others who are in their version of this process. This deepens your conscious connection while you are in the perception of polarity, duality and separation.

You have chosen to experience separation in order to remember and truly appreciate your Oneness. Your human self needs this experience so that you are able to recognize the deep truth that THERE IS NO SEPARATION. You are all one: You are made of the same molecules. You come from Source Consciousness. You are your own ancestors, therefore each of you carries within you the energy and consciousness of everyone else.

There are myriad deeply buried imprints that are being brought into the light. This will continue for as long as necessary in order for All to Awaken to the Truth of Who You Are. You are not separate, different, better or less than anyone else. You have been and done everything that you can imagine, so you carry each and every experience within your Akashic Field. Many of these experiences are also what many of you call your Shadow side, and every one on Earth is here to embrace their shadow side. You are evolving towards conscious awareness of Oneness, and as you progress, every deeply buried shadow aspect has to surface. Layers of guilt, shame, injustice, hate, greed and fear are being shed like old skin. You are clearing eons of karmic energy.

You Are Love. In prior messages we have reminded you that your natural state of Being is Grace. You are returning to a conscious awareness of this, and as you do, you are realizing that you are whole and complete, shadow side and all. Through this, you will remember how to love Your Self unconditionally. Your human (ego) self has no memory of unconditional self love but your Soul does, and it is in your Akashic Field, along with every experience in the entirety of your Soul’s existence. You are uncovering that memory and it takes immense effort, change and a massive releasing of karmic energy. Many have chosen to step forward and be beacons of light, choosing to leave the body behind because at the soul level, they know that their efforts make a bigger impact on humanity as a whole. There are many who have done this and there will be more, and it is their choice. These choices profoundly affect you, as they are meant to.

Taking action is important, and there are many ways to do this. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful and they grow more powerful in each moment of Now. Your words and actions follow your thoughts so we lovingly remind you of your Natural State of Being: Grace. Grace is compassion, gratitude, peace, joy, awe, wonder, forgiveness, light and strength. Grace is the highest vibrational energy that exists and it is within everyone. Take action in and from Grace, whatever that action is. Amplifying your light is a powerful action. Witness Everyone in and through Grace, having compassion for (especially) those that trigger deep and uncomfortable feelings within you. Examine your own self judgment, acknowledging choices that you have made, and forgive yourself and all involved. When you are able to release self judgment, you no longer judge others. This awakens and increases the flow of Grace within, opening the door to loving the Self, without judgment.  

You are in a time of beginnings and endings. What you used to believe as truth is no longer true. You are in the Unknown: New energy. Black contains every color. Every human ever born in all of time, contains the same molecules. You are all the same. Change is constant. You are in a revolution that is uncovering a revelation. The Earth is crowded because you all came here for this time in order to clear karma. There are those who oppose this revolution/revelation but all is being revealed. You are awakening. You are a vital piece of the Whole. Love Your Self.