Your heart and your brain contain the same kind of cells. Both can retain memory, and you can “think” with your heart. Innately you are aware of this but with eons of practice thinking with your brain, your belief is that the heart is simply a muscle that pumps oxygenated blood through your body, not an organ that you think with. Your heart center is your Source of wisdom, knowledge, and All That Is. All of that is Source therefore you are Source incarnate. You have now had plenty of practice reconnecting with your heart by bringing your awareness there, finding Source consciousness, the Grace within you. 

Each day is a new beginning, a baptism of sorts, and you are the one who charts the course for each new beginning. 

Make use of this time of deep introspection. All that has surfaced for you and for the collective is invaluable information for your expanding awareness of Oneness consciousness. Bless the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that have arisen and will continue to rise, for they are surfacing right on time into the forefront of your mind so that you realize at the deepest level of your Being that you are no longer bound to that imprint, belief, pattern. Bless them with Grace, let them go, and imagine the portals, doors and vortices to the higher realms and dimensions opening for you in freedom, love and gratitude. This is where you are now, in full awareness of your multidimensional self, surrounded in the light of new energy. 

Being fully present in this awareness is a blissful experience and it is yours. You chart your course in each moment of Now and as you do, you invite others to do the same simply through your Beingness. Oneness consciousness is expanding even though your external world doesn’t seem to reflect it. What is happening externally is a reflection of what you, on a personal level and as a whole, are recognizing, acknowledging and releasing. Your actions are manifested from your thoughts and words. Those thoughts are universal to the consciousness of humanity and those are the very imprints that are surfacing to be healed. You have always been the creators of your reality. You are very much aware of it now, and you are here, Now, to change your reality and your way of Being. 

Each day is a new beginning and as you start each day from your Heart Center, deeply immersed in the high vibration of Grace, layers of old energy consciousness become very “visible” in ways that you cannot hide from, so they must be addressed. Sometimes your human self may not see it, but compassion, forgiveness and love are expanding exponentially, and it is affecting your world in amazingly powerful ways. When you are in your natural state of Being, you are able to witness the powerful changes that are happening from an awareness of Grace: Compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, peace and joy. When you witness life from and in Grace, you are creating an opening for more of the same. You are healing. You are freeing Your Selves from old consciousness imprints. You are creating a New World. You are doing exactly what you came here to do: You are Being.

You truly are the One you have been waiting for. Each of you is That and the time is Now.