We come to you today with great love and respect. We respect You. We know Who You Are. You are beginning to believe Who You Are and as you do, it changes everything. It changes You: The physical and energetic structure of the body are literally becoming more light. As you return to your natural state of Being more and more, you are growing and expanding the photons within the cells of your body effectively bringing more light to your core and increasing the rate at which you vibrate. This alters the makeup of your cells causing anything of a lower vibration to fall away. It changes your energy field, expanding it outward so you are no longer contracted, affecting everyone that you meet. Your thoughts, words and actions are changed as well as you re-member how to sustain your natural state of Being. Your thoughts meet like thoughts and as a whole, you begin to manifest a new and very different consensus reality. You are in this now, and there is no going back. That is very good news because you have left history behind. A new era is beginning, and you are here to be a part of this great change. 

2020 is a pivotal time and the last days of 2019 will reflect the energy of great change that 2020 brings. Buckle your seat belt friends because you are on the ride of your lifetime! We say this with the deepest love and invite you to enjoy the ride! So many of you have been gritting your teeth as you are on this ride called life. Breathe deeply, exhale, putting your hands in the air and feeling the joy! Remember that you are here, now, with so many of your beloved soul family to step fully into the awareness and freedom of Who You Are. You have already done so much of the hard work, so we invite you to relax, let your energy field expand. You have turned a very important corner in your evolution and there is no going back, so be at peace.

You are witnessing the changing of the guards; the end of old paradigm beliefs; the re-birthing of humanity into new energy and expanded awareness. You are enlightened Beings on the brink of re-membering your Light. You have never lost the connection to your Light, you simply forgot. As you remember, it becomes easier and easier to re-connect to it because it has always been within you. 

A new era is emerging and it is happening Now. Deep within you know this, and that awareness stirs something even deeper within you that has been dormant for a very long time: The conscious awareness that you are Source. You are that which created you. Surrounding (and for so long blocking) that awareness are eons and eons of patterns and beliefs that contradict that awareness. There are beliefs and patterns that blame God/Source/YOU for everything that has ever gone wrong in the world. There are beliefs that point to God/Source/YOU as a judgmental and cruel being who would punish those that don’t obey or follow the rules. 

Everything that you have learned and believed up to this moment of Now is old energy. It has all served a purpose, and you are ready to break free. What happens now? A different consensus reality is what happens now. The foundations are crumbling, causing the old to fall. Already you are witnessing history being made in many arenas. Things are happening that no one could predict because the energy of the times is completely different than what you have known. You cannot go back now. You are in the time of Revelation: Revealing to yourselves Who You Are, and as you do you trust it more and more because you are able to feel that this is real. It is truth. Drop inward now, and find your light. Step into your natural state of Being and feel the energy of Grace flood through you, knowing that you are increasing the photons in your cells, bringing even more light to the light that has always been there. Feel the Truth and allow it to be revealed to you.

A new era is here friends and you are it. Respect and love yourselves and enjoy this amazing ride of life.