Neutrality. This is what you are achieving. This leads to deeper levels and awareness of peace, acceptance, gratitude and finally love without conditions. You are becoming more aware that you have been enslaved by and through fear for eons. This has brought you to an awareness that fear is not an integral part of Who You Are, and that it does not control you. The awakening to this knowing empowers you beyond your ego/mind’s ability to fully comprehend the meaning of it, but the Divine knowing within you recognizes it, and this is what you are acting on. 

This is your ascension. 

The roots of fear reach very deeply into the psyche of every human. As you raise your vibration, you are able to transcend, literally rise above, the emotions that fear generates, and in the freedom from the emotion, you are able to neutralize fear down to the deepest root with yourself, and within the collective. 

Choosing to reside in the highest vibration available to you immediately lifts you into another dimension. It may look the same, but it is not the same, and from here, your intentions, thoughts, words and actions are amplified through time and space, neutralizing and not only bringing, but creating light where it is needed most.  Light is active, and you are actively creating photons of light in the areas of greatest need within yourself, as well as for the collective.