When you come into alignment with The Truth, all of the lies fall away. We invite you to understand that you have come here to Be Free. To be free of what you may ask? To be free of the lies; the untruths; the misconceptions; the weight, the burdens that you have carried with you for so very long.

Alignment to the truth means that you become fully and completely aware, in your conscious self, of Who you are. It means that you become fully aware of What you are, and aware of How you serve.

So, who are you? You are That which created you. You are an aspect of God; of Source. You are the energy and information of Pure Love. You have always been this and you will always be this, you have simply forgotten.

What are you? You are God made manifest. You are that which created you in a physical vessel. You are the physical vessel that the energy and information of Love lives in and through.

Certainly not least: How do you serve? By Being Who you Are.

When you are experiencing life with the cognizant awareness of Who you Are, you are not in the ego or small self, you are in full awareness of your Soul self. You are aware of your spirit living through you.

When you are in alignment with who and what you are, you are literally existing in a higher, lighter plane of existence; and your entire self reflects this. You are existing in Your Truth: the truth of who and what you are. All of the lies fall away; the old ways of experiencing life cannot abide in the higher frequency planes of existence. Your past is in the past; and most of that is a Lie. We are not asking you to condemn your past, nor your history, we are inviting you to disengage from it. We are inviting you to stop living in your past, to stop repeating history. It is over and done with and you are in a new era: The time of the Great Awakening.

What are you awakening to? Yourselves of course! Your innate Divinity. Your birthright. You are remembering your absolute connection to Love; to God; to Creator.

You are energy and information, and when you move your awareness from the ego/small self (by becoming cognizant of Who and What you Are) to the soul self, the rate at which you vibrate literally rises, making it impossible for you to exist in the low density, or 3D world.

Your energy field reflects that change in frequency, which affects everyone and everything around you.

This brings us around to how you serve. Quite simply, by Being. We said it earlier, and we will say it again: You need DO nothing. Simply BE. Be in the awareness of your Holiness.

Now, this affects everything and everyone, so what you do for a living reflects your ownership of your own Divinity. How you move through your world is in direct correlation to your awareness of your Divinity. How so?
Remember when we said that when you are in alignment to Your Truth, all of the lies fall away? Living in your Truth is knowing Who and what you Are and how you serve. The body and mind entrain to the highest frequency when given the opportunity. You have been presented with the opportunity.

Understand that we present this opportunity in the present moment at the highest vibration available to you while we are in the flow of information known as the Akashic Field.

We invite you to align to this truth now, and consciously choose to allow your soul to flow from this place, this awareness.

Understand that this changes the way you perceive your world. Alignment to the Truth of who you are frees you from the lies of history.

Again, we are not condemning the past, we are helping you to disengage from it. Breathe deeply and as you exhale, drop the weight from your shoulders. The past is heavy and dense, and you have become so used to the weight, the burden, that you are unaware that you carry it.

Own your holiness and feel the heart open, allowing the small self, the ego self to rest, for it has also worked hard protecting you from the truth. We do not condemn the ego, it has served a purpose, and will continue to serve as a part of you, but the small self/ego self is no longer in command, and frankly, she/he is ready to relinquish control.

What is your soul’s purpose in this life? Anything that you desire. Now, what your ego/small self desired is very different from your soul’s desires.

The ego/small self’s desires are fear based: There is no one out there who will love me, there is not enough money or any good jobs, I am over qualified, I am not smart enough, I am not talented enough, I am too good for these people… The list goes on and on.

Those desires and goals have served in the past, but they are history. You have learned what you needed to learn from them. They are no longer true for you, so they are lies. Your soul desires what is best for All, which includes you. Your soul’s desires are expansive, the ego’s desires are limiting and constraining.

We know some of you are asking about love, abundance, security: Are they ego driven? Yes. Are they your soul’s desires? Yes.

Please understand that Love IS God, that God IS Love. Therefore You are Love because you are God. Love seeks love, and from the soul’s perspective, the love that you find and that finds you is of the highest vibration. Ego driven love is self centered and based on old patterns and beliefs, which are history. The same is true for abundance: There is enough to go around, friends. It is a constraining, limiting lie to say that there is not enough, and this lie is crumbling.

Soul driven abundance flows from the freedom of knowing that there is plenty. It is an open flow, with no limits.

History has done it’s job, and you are here to witness change. You are here to usher in change. As you align to Your Truth, you invite others to do the same, simply by Being Who you are Are. Remember; your energy pattern changes, affecting everything and everyone around you.

Your soul’s purpose centers around the Truth: Your Truth.
Know who you are in your truth. Know what you are in your truth. Know how you serve in your truth. Affirm them to yourself frequently, inviting entrainment.

Align to these truths and you ARE change; you are Changed.

You are Free. You are in the flow. You are in the field of infinite possibilities. From here, all is possible. Listen well to your soul.

One last thing we invite you to consider: Your soul; YOU; exist for all time. You will never die, or cease existing. As you breathe into the magnificence and wonder of your own soul in all realms of time and space, allow the awareness of everlasting life to flow through you…Cognize it, entrain to this knowing. From this expansive awareness, the ego/small self cannot generate fear.  This, friends, is Truth.