Lately I have been visited by some pretty intense and powerful Angelic Beings. I call them that because to just say “Angels” doesn’t seem strong enough.

I was talking to a very intuitive friend on the phone a few nights ago and I was asking him for help in more deeply understanding some intense emotion that I was feeling. Together we called in some Divine help, and I immediately felt a very powerful Angelic presence at my left side. He showed up to me in my inner vision in profile; a very strong, masculine and very handsome profile I might add. My friend asked me what color I associated with the Angelic Being and I said “Blue…And purple, lots of purple!” My friend just laughed and said “Yep!”

That was 2 days ago, and this wonderful presence has stayed close by me. So close and so present that I had to paint my impression of his energy yesterday, 15 minutes before leaving my house to host my monthly Group Akashic Record reading. The urge to paint him was so strong that I grabbed by canvas “sketch” pad, a handful of paints, one big brush, and within 10 minutes had transferred the energy of his essence onto my canvas paper.


The top picture is the painting immediately after I was done. The bottom is a close up of the same painting.


This is not an example of my best work, it is speed painting at best, yet it captured my impression of this powerful yet peaceful energy. I took the still wet painting to my group reading, and of course this guy was there with us as we went into the Akashic records.

This morning I woke feeling very light and happy. I felt the desire to go up to my 4th floor deck to take a picture of this lovely Virginia morning. I live in the beautiful town of Charlottesville and I have the good fortune to be in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the oldest mountain range in the US and some of the oldest in the world. (Talk about energy!)

I took a picture with my iPhone, and when I looked at the photo this is what I saw:


The brilliant blue orb surrounded by blue and violet energy on the mountain was not visible the with the naked eye, it is only in the photo. I enlarged the photo, and was amazed because half of the sphere is hidden behind trees. Same energy as my powerful Angel Dude? Maybe. Beautiful and awe inspiring? Without a doubt. A friend asked me what I was thinking when I took the picture, and I told her I was in a place of gratitude and peace. I still am.

Are we truly surrounded by angelic (and maybe other) beings? I do believe that we are. I feel them and talk to them when I do my work, and I am able to “tune into” them in order to transfer the energy of what I see and feel onto canvas.

I feel blessed to have seen and experienced this, and I hope that you feel some peace from seeing it as well.