Sometimes you have to ask yourself the tough questions. Doubts will surface. Address the doubts and ask the tough questions.
We have always told you that All is Well, and from our perspective, all is well. We also know that our perspective is very different from yours, and even though you are, in each moment of Now, better able to discern a larger, wider and more expansive perspective, you are still human, you still have an ego. So your perspective, how you view your earthly existence and even how you perceive what is beyond, is not going to be the same as ours.
And that is how it should be, for now.

And in this next moment of Now your soul and ego are more aligned than they were before. And so it goes, in each moment of Now. 

We say “All is Well. Except for that thought that tells you it isn’t.” You are now very much aware that your thoughts create your reality. But what if you just lost a loved one to illness or an accident? Would all be well? How can all be well when the world as you know it is crumbling? That is one of the tough questions. 

This time in human history is unique because you are all waking up to the self realization of Who You Are. With that realization comes the power to choose how you move into the next moment of Now without relying on the ego to direct you down a very narrow path; one that is based on history and past choices. You are also able to perceive the potential, the opportunity and the freedom that is available now that you are no longer confined to a very narrow path. You are receiving information (and the answers to your tough questions) constantly. You get to choose how you process this information: Through the old filter of ego or through the channel of your own Divine knowing, or Grace. More and more, you are choosing Grace, and with each opportunity to choose, it becomes easier because Grace is your natural state of Being.

So you become quiet and you listen. You pay attention to your soul, and in your natural state of Being, you are able to answer your own tough questions. It matters not if you believe that the information comes from what you consider to be angels, or guides, or God: All of That is a part of You, and You are a part of All of That. You could say that we offer you hope. Hope deepens into faith and when you have faith, you are able to trust. We offer you courage. We offer you strength, compassion, and forgiveness. Yet all of these are within you, they are the stuff that you are made of. When you look within and find a glimmer of hope, you are able to take a small step forward, into the next moment of Now. Once you take that first step, you know that you have the courage to take another step, which grows into the strength to keep going; taking steps into the next moment of Now. Grief, anger, and all of the emotions and feelings that are part of being human are integral aspects of this experience called life on Earth. All can be well while you are experiencing deep grief because grief is a natural byproduct of this life experience. Feel all that you are here to feel while you are in the process of remembering that Grace is your natural state of Being. It becomes easier to navigate the great and wonderful changes that you are moving through when you practice dropping into, and sustaining the state of Grace.

An aspect of the intense karmic and Akashic clearing that you are moving through is the releasing of eons of hatred, injustice, oppression, grief and fear. In your expanding awareness you recognize that it no longer serves you to keep these feelings locked within you. This is playing out in every arena right now, including your own personal life. It has to occur in this way, like the volcano must erupt to release the pressure that has built up under the earth’s surface over thousands of years. New growth arises from the volcanic ash, and new growth is arising even now, from Humanity as a whole.







From our perspective, All is Well. We have faith in you. We trust You because we know you. We are you. You are all there is, and all there is, is You.

Ask the tough questions. When you do, and you begin to cognize that all is well, the changes abound. This is why you are here, Now: To instigate major change in the world as you know it. When you are aware that All is Well, your light, the energy that you are, displaces the heavy, old imprints, patterns and karmic energy that have held this world and all who dwell upon her in a miasma of fear.

You, in the awareness of your God Self, hold the power to shift things for the highest and best of everyone. You have the ability to create a New World.

Now is the time.