Truth, Peace, Light, Love and Re-membrance

What an amazing time to be alive and in a human body.

In many ways, we wish we could experience all that you are experiencing in this lifetime because this is the lifetime that you have been waiting for. 

You are the bringers of truth, peace, light, love and re-membrance. 


You have within you the Truth. What is true is Who You Are and as you deepen into your knowing of this, the truth of it literally spirals outward from the DNA in each cell of your body, affecting your entire physical structure and the energy or auric field around you. As you read or hear these words you are invited to acknowledge the truth of this information. There is nothing you have to do, simply acknowledge the feeling within you.


If every weapon on earth was destroyed right now, there would still be people who would find a way to make war.

Peace comes from within each person, and every time you choose peace, you are influencing everyone around you, inviting them to choose peace as well. 

This is how to end war. It begins with each of you and each of you are here on earth Now, to amplify peace. No peaceful thought is too small; every choice to transmute anger or fear into peace has a very powerful ripple effect through your Akashic Records, and through all of time. 


You are light. You are literally made of photons, which are light. Each and every time you choose to Be in Grace you are creating light; Light in your cells, light in your energy field, and light that others perceive from the energetic perspective, but also light that some can actually see. Everyone has an aura, or energy field, and that light is visible to some, if not with the physical eyes, certainly with the inner eye. You are here to amplify that light into the world and beyond, and to do this you simply make the choice. Your light shines brightly enough to penetrate the darkest corners of your own consciousness, and when that happens, an aspect of your self is revealed to be acknowledged, loved, thanked and if needed, forgiven and healed. The process of amplifying your light is not limited to this lifetime, it affects your Akashic Records. The ripple effect of the inner growth that you are having is profoundly affecting the Whole of humanity in what you consider to be the past and the future. It is why you are here, now. Your light is a necessary and integral part of the shift in consciousness. 


True and unconditional love is incomprehensible to your human brain. Your understanding of love is the tip of the iceberg. This is not a criticism, it is an observation. Your ego has made sure that you only allow a limited amount of love into your awareness because in so many lifetimes love has seemed to be the cause of suffering. You are able to change this belief now because of your recognition of Who You Are. 

You are love incarnate. Through the past years of inner transformation, you have grown exponentially in your awareness of Who You Are through the expansion and integration of your higher self and higher mind, and in this process, the truth has been uncovered. 

You have heard the analogy of peeling away the layers of the onion. It is a very good analogy, for you have been peeling away the layers of lies that you have been told, and told yourselves.

We use the word “lies” not to place the blame on others, but because lies are the opposite of the truth, and you are returning more and more to the Truth of Who you are and what it means for you as a spiritual human being.

What does it mean to be a spiritual human being? It means transitioning out of your old way of Being into your new way of Being, which is knowing that you are Source consciousness; God incarnate.

And that dear friends, changes your trajectory as a Human Being, which is what you came here for.


Remembrance is the action of remembering something. 

You are remembering Who You Are.

You have been told many things about who you are over the years and lifetimes that you have lived and under all of the layers of your multidimensional, star being self is the consciousness of that which you call Source, Creator, God, or some other name that signifies a supreme being.

You are that supreme being.

That supreme being is love, but not just the tip of the iceberg. You are love incarnate; the whole berg, submerged part and all. You are literally bringing all of the scattered aspects of you together, or re-membering your Self as a whole and complete Being.

You are here to re-member Love.

This is the biggest perception shift of all, and it is the impetus and the energy behind what you call your awakening, or your ascension journey. You are here to re-member love in its entirety, the whole iceberg.

There is no turning back.

You cannot fail. In fact, there is no such thing as failure. There are simply choices and things to experience. 

You are choosing to experience the completion of the cycle of being unconscious, or unaware of the truth of Who You Are.

Just another choice, but this one is a choice that you are all making together as One.

We are supporting you in so many ways yet you are the ones that are choosing to do this. 

“We” are aspects of you, so you could say that you are supporting yourself in this endeavor and it would be true.

Each time we say these things to you, the energy of it integrates into your awareness, adding to the re-membrance, stoking the fire of truth within.

We honor you through this time of awakening, and invite you to become even more aware of the thoughts you have about the life you desire to live.

In each next moment of Now, your thoughts become stronger, and what you think about is what you focus on. Your focused thoughts contain electromagnetic energy, and with each next moment of now you are receiving greater and greater amounts of energy in the form of light and information, so that increase in energy directly affects the power of your thoughts. 

What kind of world are you envisioning? 

As you deepen into the knowing that you are the bringers of truth, peace, light, love and re-membrance you are invited to amplify all of those aspects of yourself into your thoughts, dreams and desires as you envision the world that you are manifesting. 

You are manifesting the world you live in constantly. 

You have always done this, but the difference is that now you are conscious and aware that you are doing so.

We ask you once again: What kind of world are you envisioning? Each of you has a role to play in and as part of the collective, and no role is too small. 

Your thoughts matter. In fact, your thoughts create matter.

Your thoughts and the vibration in which they are created, are manifesting almost instantly now in some way, shape and form. They may not always show up as you expect them to, but that is part of the joy and excitement of living in this human experience.

Pause for a moment, breathe deeply and allow the energy of this message to integrate into your heart. Feel if it resonates within you, or not. We offer these messages knowing that many are ready to integrate the energy and many are not. We have no expectations and we offer no judgment, but we do offer love, encouragement and the deepest honoring and respect for you as you move through this exciting time of transformation. 

We are here.

We know Who You Are and we are so full of joy to witness your own re-membrance of Who You Are.

Timeline Jumps and Shifts in Perception

Whenever you have a shift in your perception of things, whether it is a shift in perception about yourself, or your external reality, you are jumping into a new timeline.

It is rarely abrupt. It is organic to you, and most of the time subtle enough that you have an inner shift, which alters your vibration and the energy around you.

Understand that timelines are not linear. They are interconnected and form a kind of spiral energetic pattern in the quantum soup that you are and that you exist in. Because you are changing rapidly at the quantum level, you move into other timelines more in each next moment of Now than you ever have before, and you are becoming more aware of it.

Now there can be abrupt shifts, in which you are consciously aware that something within you has changed. If you experience something or receive information that radically alters your experience and perception of something, then you are jumping a timeline. Your reality is slightly different because you have moved to another timeline. When you have a healing around a pattern or a belief that changes your perception, again, a slightly different timeline opens up for you.

Timelines are constantly crossing and you are always feeling the experiences of past and future timelines. They overlap and cross in ways that are hard to describe, yet your soul is always aware of the shifts.

There are myriad timelines. Each choice you make (consciously or unconsciously)  creates the timeline that you are aware of and currently existing in, and each choice you do not make also creates a timeline.

There are some who are currently creating timelines out of fear. This is the old way of doing things, yet the mind and ego will try to redirect you to stay the course even when the ship is sinking. This is contributing to divisiveness and judgment of your fellow human Beings, as well as fear for many who are existing in these timelines.

There are some who are envisioning a new earth that is very different from the old earth and those people are creating timelines of a higher vibration. When you are in the feeling nature of creating a new world based in Grace, your timelines connect with and strengthen those of like vibration. 

We are not saying that any of these timelines are wrong, they are simply choices that you are able to make in order to experience being human.

By now you are well acquainted with Grace, your natural state of Being, and when you are existing in Grace you are telling the cosmos that you are grateful, and feel deep compassion and love for yourSelf and all Beings. You are magnetizing that to you, as the cosmos is simply the grandest aspect of your own Divine consciousness, or the quantum stuff of which you are made. You ARE That and That IS you.

Use your imagination, which is intimately linked to your intuition and begin to visualize the new earth; the world that you desire to live in. As you do, drop into the feeling nature of living in a world of fresh air and water, healthy people, abundance and love. 

There is immense power in this and you are literally manifesting what your heart desires and magnetizing to you those timelines of a higher vibration by changing your perception of earth and all that exist on her.

Let’s take this a step further.

You are the microcosm of what is happening globally. Your own personal ascension journey is intricately linked with that of earth. So as you love yourself, love your body, and invite it to come into balance and alignment, your body will respond directly to that by healing in the ways that you are ready to heal for your highest and best.

You are also the macrocosm that holds the microcosm, so as you do this, you are affecting the earth so that she too comes into balance and alignment, releasing all of her old karmic energy, 

The earth heals and ascends as you heal and ascend. 

You, the earth and everyone on her are regenerating, rejuvenating and reversing eons of damage done.

This is what is effectively creating the new earth timeline where you exist as a new, spiritual human Being.

Quantum Updates

We invite you to become aware that each moment of Now holds as much change as what you have experienced in your entire lifetime.

The change we are referring to is at the quantum level. All change is at the quantum level, but the ever increasing flow of energy that you are receiving in each moment is effectively altering your molecular makeup so rapidly that your brain cannot even begin to comprehend it. This is not something that is happening at random. It is something that each and every one of you signed up to be a part of.  It is the completion phase of a cycle that you have experienced multiple times on earth, 

The difference is that you are going to complete the cycle this time.

The other difference is the sheer amount of information that you are able to integrate now. In some of these other existences (like Atlantis, for example) you were highly adept at technological advances that included using crystals as a source of energy. You were able to communicate telepathically, and you were all aware of your own innate healing capabilities, yet you were not as innately aware of your own connection to Source as you are rapidly beginning to remember. You learned about your spiritual selves through study. In this current lifetime, you are also studying, but you are also integrating aspects of your soul regardless of who you are and the level of awareness that you are currently aware of. 

In other words, you are ALL waking up. You are ALL on a journey of ascension, remembering that you are Source consciousness. Many of you are consciously aware of this and your purpose, if you will, is to embody this, to BE this in order to invite others to awaken not through what you do, but by the energy that you are. 

Let’s take the Oneness Aspect a bit further.

Humans represent an aspect of every being within the entire universe. Everyone who is seeking ascension and to love in oneness is willing to help because they are all aspects of you. 

Your future self exists, and you are receiving information in the form of electromagnetic energy from this future self. You might perceive this future self as an off planet being; maybe an Arcturian, a Pleiadian, an archangel, or an ascended master. Many of you will feel the truth of this, others may reject it as fantasy, and that is all Ok. There is no right or wrong, good or bad in any of this. You are at the level of understanding that you chose to be in, at this moment. We introduce this to plant the seed of deeper awareness. 

Your future selves exist concurrently with your “past” selves, and in your present awareness, you are integrating more of each. As you continue to shed patterns, beliefs, karmic energy and the like, you are able to more fully integrate the energy of all aspects of you while healing all aspects of you, including this one.

You have surpassed your “past” human existences in your level of expansion and awareness of Who You Are.

Because of this, you are on the verge of a new way of being on this planet. And because your planet is a living entity with consciousness, you and your planet are intimately connected in this journey. You are ascending together. You know this of course, yet as you read these words, there is an amplification of the deeper cellular recognition of this knowledge. We spoke of rapid change at the quantum level at the beginning of this message: This is but one aspect of change that we are talking about. Your DNA is changing constantly, which affects the molecular structure of your cells. This process moves through every aspect and system in your physical body. We have invited you to connect with and communicate with your physical body in previous messages and we invite you once again to a deeper level of oneness with your own earthly structure. When you are in Grace, your physical body responds in kind. Your energy field reflects it, and your thoughts, words and actions reflect your inner and energetic state of Being, 

This is your superpower and you have never been more aware of this in any existence on your planet as you are now.

You are using this superpower and it is helping all beings, everywhere. At times it may not seem that way, but we are able to perceive the big picture, and from our purview, you are doing amazing things in and through Grace. Please take a moment and breathe, allowing yourself to feel the truth of that statement.

In each next moment of Now, you are different, and the differences are so beautiful to witness. We invite you to witness the beauty in your differences; not just in how you look to each other, but in how you are embodying your Divine selves. 

Witness the changes in yourself in Grace.

Share your Grace with the world.