Stepping Over the Threshold

We welcome you to your New Way of Being.

You have been standing on the threshold of this new way of Being for some time now, feeling the energy of it, and allowing yourself to acclimate to the changes that are happening.

Some of you still resist change, and some of you run into it with arms wide open. There is no wrong way to Be. 

We gently remind you that change happens constantly, and the more you resist it, the harder it is to adjust to what is happening. Whatever you resist, does persist, and change is very persistent.

Change is also happening more quickly because time is now becoming irrelevant. Time has always been an ego/mind construct, and as you are now more heart centered, time is becoming more fluid and less constraining.

We invite you to imagine standing on the threshold of the massive and beautiful opening to your new way of Being. 

The past is behind you, and there is no desire within to look back at it. You have been in the light, energy and power of the Next Moment of Now for some time now, so you know what it feels like. Breathe and recognize what your soul already knows.

Your next step is to literally step over the threshold into the new energy.

You are not jumping off a cliff or stepping off a mountain. You are stepping onto a solid foundation built upon Grace. The difference between this foundation and what you have left behind is that this new foundation flows, moves and gives instead of cracking, crumbling and breaking when changes occur. 

Understand that you are here, now, in this lifetime, face to face with the opportunity to clear thousands and thousands of years of karmic energy, damaging patterns and beliefs from your consciousness, the consciousness of all of humanity, and for All Beings. This is quite the task, and you have chosen to be here now to participate. 

Take a moment and honor yourself for this great undertaking! 

Those of us who are on this side of the veil hold you in the highest regard for all that you are doing for yourselves and for All.

Some of you are thinking that the changes we are referring to are in what you consider to be your external reality. 

This is partly true. 

Your perception of your world is changing as your perception of yourself changes. 

How you perceive yourself is the key to real and true change, and specifically, the change we are addressing in this message. As you continue to release eons of damaging patterns, beliefs and karmic energy, you are better able to acknowledge and feel your own Divine Source Consciousness energy flow through you unimpeded by blocks caused by old energy. As that flow increases, your inner senses open and expand, and you find it that much easier to stay in Grace, your natural state of Being. 

When in Grace you are in the frequency of gratitude, compassion, unconditional love, joy, peace, wonder, curiosity, forgiveness, and you perceive yourself, everyone and everything else through that high frequency in which you are vibrating.

Do you see and understand how this changes your perspective of yourself? Your fellow human beings? Your world? 

These are the changes we are really talking about, friends: The changes within you.

This is your new way of Being, and it is powerfully life changing. 

It is from this way of Being that the changes in your world truly begin to happen because you are manifesting them. You are manifesting a new world from your new way of Being, and it is different from any lifetime you have ever experienced on Earth.

Rejoice in your new way of Being! This is the beginning of something completely and utterly new to you! This is freedom dear friends; freedom from patterns and beliefs that have literally kept you bound and gagged. Breathe deeply, and feel your source consciousness energy flow through you.

You are changing so rapidly now that each day offers you a new vibratory configuration.

Read that again.

A new vibratory configuration means that your energy field is raising the rate at which it vibrates daily, sometimes more frequently than that depending on how attuned you are to your inner processes. Friends, your body has to play a bit of catch up to your energy field, so many of you are feeling these immense changes physically. Many feel these changes primarily through the emotional field, and some of you feel it in and through your mental awareness. The reality is that you are affected by the changes in all of these ways as you are a Whole Energetic Being.

Be gentle with yourself, and in that, you are more gentle with others. You are all here to help one another. You are all on this journey at a personal level but also as One collective consciousness. 

Which brings us to another important reminder:

You are not and cannot be separated from Source; that which created you because you are that which created you.

Celebrate your differences because they reflect aspects of each one’s soul vibration or soul signature. You are all a part of one consciousness, yet you all had the ability to choose to believe that you were separate so that you could experience it. The time has come to reconvene as One, so as this process has begun, you are all in the process of shedding every old belief that has made you feel separate from each other and therefore, Source. You are also integrating every aspect of yourself that you have judged (or has been judged by others) as bad. Every aspect of yourself is sacred, and the process of integrating all aspects of self while releasing old energy can be challenging.  

Every aspect of yourself is sacred.

Know this to be true

Know that you are Being of Grace and Source consciousness. 

Each day brings with it a deeper cognizance of this truth.

Each moment brings you closer to Oneness.

You are very simply stepping out of ego and into your Divine Knowing.

We hold you in the highest regard, and witness you in Grace.

Buckle Your Seatbelt

The adventure is just beginning friends!

This is exactly what you signed up for as you eagerly waited to incarnate into your current lifetime here on Earth.

Deep within your cellular memory, (which also houses your own version of your Akashic Records) you know that this lifetime is very different from any other lifetime you have spent on Earth, but what you don’t know is HOW it is different.

That is the adventure: The unknown; what comes in the next moment of Now.

Imagine being on a rollercoaster at the top of a great and steep hill; you can’t see what’s ahead, but you chose this ride and there is no stopping it now! Everything that you have experienced up to this moment has been in preparation for what comes next. Take a moment and think about the last year, even the last few years (for some of you, think back to 10-12 years ago) and in the quiet of remembering, notice how much has changed for you. Look beyond the obvious, taking the time to recognize the deeper truths of inner, true shifts in your perception of yourself, family, work, race, gratitude, peace, Earth, health, world events, science, spirituality, love.

Within the last few years you have grown immensely in your own personal journey of awakening and you have played an integral role in the awakening of All. Your DNA is different than it was a year ago. 

Friends, you are in charge of the energy that comprises every aspect of your physical body

If you give that power away to others, you give away your energetic connection, which leaves you not powerless, but certainly not in command. 

If you are fearful of any illness, that fear is reflected back to you. If you are fearful or mistrustful of medications, that energy is reflected back to you.
Fear is not the same as being mindful and careful. It is wise to be mindful and careful while being aware that fear serves a purpose, but it does not control you. 

Fear interrupts your ability to fully connect to your own intuition. Fear interrupts your ability to fully connect to your own intuition. 

When you are grateful, that energy is reflected back to you. 

As gratitude is an aspect of Grace, it has a higher frequency than fear and opens the door to deeper connection to your own Divine Source Consciousness.

Science and spirituality have been separate in your world for a very long time and they are starting to come together bit by bit. There are some that would rather have them stay separate, but there are more that are ready for there to be more unity in all things, including science and spirituality.

You all chose this lifetime to be Here in order to remember Who and What you Are, and that includes returning to your natural state of Being. 

Anything and anyone perceived in and through Grace is witnessed from that higher vibration and is changed. 

Yes, changed. 

You change things when you witness them in Grace. 

This applies to everything (and everyone) because everything (and everyone) is energy, vibrating at different rates.

Last month we reminded you that Grace is your superpower. You are a change agent. You are an alchemist. You came here to instigate change. We are simply reminding you how to do it. You have always known this. It is within your cellular memory, your Akash. You have been changing yourselves all of this time and inviting those around you to do the same through your vibration. You have been changing yourselves so deeply that you are reconfiguring your DNA. You are releasing deeply ingrained fear based patterns and beliefs that have been passed down through your ancestors for eons in your DNA. 

This is life changing, and it is the bridge to a new way of Being.

In leaving the old behind and stepping into your New Way of Being (Grace!) you are in essence, creating something completely new. 

You are creating a new You. 

You are creating a new earth through your high vibrational thoughts, words and actions. You are expanding your awareness beyond the 3D world to recognize that there are higher vibrational beings (unseen for the most part, but that is changing!) around you, in the Earth and in the multiverse who are ecstatic about what you are here to Be and do. 

You are creating a new way of Being together on this new Earth that is free of eons of karma and damaging patterns and beliefs. 

You are creating a deeper awareness of Oneness.

Before all of this can occur, you have to fully experience all that you are willingly leaving behind, and that boils down to separation from Source and the fear that separation from Source means death. You are in this process now, and all of the events of the past year plus have helped to bring it to the surface of your awareness.

You all know by now that the soul exists infinitely, that there is no death, but the fear of death is so deeply ingrained into your DNA that you (at one point in the recent past) would have done anything, including giving your power away, in order to push the fear away. 

Because of you and the work you have done through your ever deepening awareness of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, your DNA is not the same as it was a year ago. 

Your Akashic Records have been altered. 

You are creating change in all of time. 

“You” means you, the one reading or hearing this, and it means You as the collective. You are one and the same. You are All that is.

So take back your Superpower and buckle your seatbelt because the real adventure is just beginning, and you chose to be here for it. 

In fact, you are creating it.

You have everything you need within you. 

Remember that you are Source consciousness. 

You are Grace: Love, gratitude, forgiveness, peace, joy, courage, playfulness, awe and wonder, to name just a few of the amazing and powerful things that You Are.

Use your superpower well and enjoy the ride!