You gotta love the “Aha” moments in life. I had one just this morning. 

When faced with a challenge, what do you do? If you are human, you’ll probably feel fear, resistance to what you’re facing, sadness and anger among other things.

I have had a month to work through a fairly challenging situation in my own life, and I felt all of those feelings, often very acutely. Given the work that I do, I have also been very conscious of shifting my perspective on it as well as looking deep within in order to better understand the situation so that I can release and heal it.

In the process of doing my “work” on myself, I realized that I have not blessed this challenge in my life. Blessing anything raises the frequency of it which allows transformation to occur. When you raise the frequency, or rate at which we vibrate, whatever is not in congruence with the higher frequency cannot survive. Fear lives and thrives at a lower frequency than love.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, bless and love the challenge; the person; the situation that is present in your life. Hold it in the feeling of love, knowing that you are simply allowing it to transform by raising your vibration.  Love is stronger than fear