Unmasking Your Authentic Self

It brings us great joy to witness the great strides you have made in your awareness of Who and What You Are,

We infuse this transmission with the energy of joy so that you may feel it more as we do. The feeling of joy raises your vibration, so in this moment of Now, we invite you to simply say Yes to receiving and integrating the energetic transmission of this message.

As you breathe in and connect with your heart, your inner light, we invite you to smile. 

When you choose to open to any higher vibration, you are quite literally opening your energy field to not only receive, but to transmit. You become a beacon as you make the choice to feel joy (or peace, or love, or compassion) and raise your vibration. Smiling is a choice, and it affects all of your muscles, not just the ones in your face. As you do this and say Yes to receive, you may feel the energy as it enters your body and moves through you. 

The energy that you are receiving from higher vibrational beings comes in mostly through your crown chakra. 

You receive energy all of the time, from people, animals, places, trees, the earth, sounds, things. Your physical body is bombarded with energy constantly, unless you are by yourself. When you are alone you are not necessarily bombarded with energy but you are still receiving it from everything around you. That is why sensitive people can often be withdrawn, or at times, agitated as the energy of the world bombards them. Energy bombardment can become challenging to handle, especially as you become more aware, awake, and multidimensional.  This is another reason why we invite you to settle into your natural state of being, that of Grace, so often. When you are at peace, your energy reflects it, and peace is what you are offering to those around you and to the world. 

You also receive energy from the earth.

Grounding is something that you are aware of as it helps you to embody the energy that you are constantly receiving from your higher self and from others such as us. Consciously bringing the energy down through your core using the breath is powerfully effective in helping you to embody and ground higher vibrational energy. The term grounding refers to your conscious connection to the earth, the planet that you live on and that sustains you. You could technically live off planet, existing in a space station for example, for a while, but your physical body would change and alter itself over time, adjusting to a lack of connection to the earth. Over a very long time this would not be good for you as the physical body’s design relies on a connection to the energy of earth and gravity. 

When you consciously ground energy, the earth is helping you to make the best use of the energy that you receive from higher vibrational sources by attuning the energy to your body and vice versa. 

This is but one reason why it feels good to be outdoors and in nature. Your body responds to the energy of the earth. You are able to connect to the roots of all living things, the crystals, and the underground waterways, not only embodying the energy you are receiving though your crown chakra, but from the earth and all that is contained within and on her. 

It is a symbiotic and necessary process.

Consciously say yes to Joy and embody this energy by connecting to the earth!

It is time to be free. 

You have been working on this for a long time, and we recognize that you often get tired. It is vitally important that you rest when you are tired. The past 4 months have brought an intense influx and amplification of energy that you are receiving, integrating and embodying as you continue to change. Your physical body is changing as your awareness expands, and this is happening quite rapidly now.

It is time to recognize the freedom to be your true and authentic self.

The masks can come off. There is no need to hide any longer out of fear, shame, guilt or judgment. The fact that you wore physical masks (and often still do) during the pandemic carries meaning on many levels. How did wearing a mask affect you? For many of you, wearing a mask served to bring some deeply buried akashic memories to the surface. Many felt anger, judgment, and fear. Many felt safe behind a mask for many reasons. Many rebelled against them, in defiance of being told what to do as well as in defiance of something much larger. Every feeling, every reaction came from deep within your Akash. The wearing of an actual mask was among other things, a catalyst that served a very large and expansive purpose for everyone on a personal level as well as for the collective. You will be realizing these for some time as you move into the next 5-10 year span.

When we say “unmask” we are referring to the mask that you have hidden behind for many, many lifetimes, out of the fear of being your true and authentic self. 

This is the lifetime to reveal and be joyful in your true, authentic self.
Who is the real You?

The real You is Source consciousness.

The real You is pure Love.

The real You is reading this, and receiving the energy of Joy right now.

We see and know the real You, and we love you.

It is time to fully accept and love yourself.

In loving yourself, you are able to truly, accept and love others.

This is why you are here.

You are all here to help each other. Everyone plays an integral role, even the ones that are easy to despise and fear.

How does one who creates fear and war play an integral role? 

By offering an experience that brings to your awareness an opportunity to change your mind about it. 

You get to choose how you feel in every moment. It is a superpower because when you choose to feel compassion for those who create war, that higher vibrational energy pattern meets other higher vibrational energy patterns to create matter. You make a difference when you choose peace, compassion, forgiveness, love. You are literally making things matter.

When you fear, hate, judge or condemn others, those energy patterns are doing the same thing, and that is the way of the past. You are evolving beyond that as you become more aware of your true self; your Source consciousness self, the One who exists and creates in Grace.

Everyone is here to offer something, and as you continue to ascend, remembering that you are Source consciousness in physical form, you will become more aware of this. 

It is already happening, but often the events of the world (those experiences that are offered as opportunities to change your mind about them) get in the way of your realization that every one of you truly has so much to offer.

Yet it is happening, and as you feel the Joy within this transmission, you will also feel the excitement of the truth: The truth of Who you Are and that you are free to be who you came here to be in this lifetime.

Unmask your authentic self.

Be free. 

Choose Grace.

Make a difference. 

Create the new earth.

That is another reason that you are here.

We have been transmitting the energy of these messages for many years, and much of the messages are the same at their core: Love, trust, connect to your own heart, release what no longer serves you in order to be free, know that you are Divine in nature and love yourself.

What is very, very different though, is the vibration from which the transmissions originate and the energy that they bring to you. You are able to receive and integrate a very high vibrational energy now that you could not 4, 5 or 10 years ago.

This is because of you, and your willingness to step out of old patterns, beliefs and ways of being. 

You are the ones who are changing and it is truly a wondrous thing to witness. 

You are so loved, guided, and supported. 

You truly are never alone.

You Are The Heroes

You have come so very far from where you were just a few months ago.From your ego-/mind’s perspective, it may seem like you are taking a baby step forward followed by 2 or 3 giant steps back.This is of course inaccurate, and your soul knows it. You cannot go backwards.

What is happening in your family, your state, your country and the world are all reflections of the changes that you have instigated through your choice to ascend. Remember that all old ways of existing have to crumble before the new, higher vibrational ways of Being can be fully implemented. 

Deeply rooted beliefs and patterns carry energy, and energy is compressed consciousness.

When deeply rooted old beliefs and patterns are challenged, that energy is stimulated in a way that forces it to expand, grow, and rise to the surface of your awareness so that you can acknowledge and understand how it has affected you throughout the ages. This is an integral part of the ascension and growth process. Deeply buried unhealed compressed energy of trauma and suffering has been affecting you for lifetimes. 

This is your lifetime to be free of it.

This is happening now, in many forms, in your world, and it is a good thing, because it is bringing people together.

All of this deeply buried energy is being challenged, and when challenged, the heaviest and darkest stuff is stirred up.

You have heard this before: When disasters happen, it brings people together. 

When a group of people make a decision that affects the multitudes, it brings people together in ways that may not have been possible before.

As people come together in solidarity, deep realizations about the future of humanity, and what needs to change are possible and as unification happens, miracles can occur. 

Remember that you are on the threshold of completely new energy. 

You and everyone else have the opportunity to create a new template for moving forward in your life. If you are reading this, you have been creating your new template for about 6-7 months now, and most likely have had some changes happen in your life during that time. That is a direct result of old energy surfacing. You acknowledge what it means for you and those you love, and you make the choice to move forward in the ways that are for your highest and best, therefore in the highest and best of all because you have been working diligently on connecting more deeply to your own souls guidance.

The old is falling away to make room for the new, and some of that old energy is so deeply rooted that it needs to be brought to the attention of the masses in order to be acknowledged, healed and released for good.

We say this often, but it bears repeating: This is exactly what you came here to do and be part of.

You are clearing old, damaging deep beliefs, patterns and karmic energy (compressed consciousness) for your ancestors as well as those that come after you. 

You are also awakening to what has always been a part of you but buried beneath eons of old beliefs: Your divine heritage.

You are heroes. 

You are the courageous ones who have come here to challenge all forms of enslavement in order to be free. Let us add again, that you are doing it for your parents, their parents, your children, your childrens’ children, and throughout not only all of time, but all of space. You are doing incredible multidimensional, multigenerational work and it is being noticed! You have huge cheering sections out here in the cosmos and many, many helpers.

By simply choosing love and peace instead of hatred and war, you are making change happen.

There are those who will sacrifice much, including their lives, but it is always their choice. That is hard for some to hear, and much harder when it affects you directly. Yet it is part of the human experience, and you came here to have an experiential existence. We observe, but cannot experience what you have chosen to be and do. You have also been observers, but have chosen the much more challenging and rewarding experience of being on earth during this amazing time of ascension.

We have spoken often about shifts in perception.
We invite you to shift your perception once again, and to perceive all that is occurring in your lives and in your world from your soul’s perspective. Your soul does not hate, fear, or judge others. Your soul witnesses the big picture from a higher vibration, therefore a higher perspective; it has a bird’s eye view rather than the mind-ego’s perspective of being stuck in the thick of things.

Choose to witness your life and the world from your soul’s perspective. 

Choose peace and love. 

We guarantee that you will feel differently about your life and the world, and as you feel differently, your energy reflects that. 

Others are always in the presence of your energy, and vice versa, so wouldn’t you rather be able to choose the energy that you emit to others and the world? The higher your frequency, the more you are inviting others to raise their vibration. 

You always get to choose how you feel.

No feeling is inherently bad; all feelings are part of the human experience. Acknowledge your feelings, and they will lead you to deeper insights and awareness. You are constantly moving energy within yourself. 

Everything that occurs in your life is there for your growth, pleasure, learning, healing, and ultimately your freedom. 

So recognize the deeper awareness that all of your feelings show you and then choose what feels best from your highest perspective. 

This is of great importance because like vibrations unite to create matter, which is compressed energy. Energy is compressed consciousness, and vibrates at a lower frequency. Matter is compressed energy and vibrates at an even lower frequency. 

You live in a physical world of matter. 

What matters to you is what you literally create in your life.

This has never been more true than right now because things are speeding up for you as you move further out of the constraints of time.

You are consciousness in physical form so you are both energy and matter. 

You have a soul which exists outside of time/space constraints, and in this lifetime you are integrating more of your soul into your physical form. This changes the molecular structure of your physical form, including your DNA. You are well acquainted with what you call ascension symptoms. The medical field will eventually catch up to this, which will be reflected in “new normal” test and lab results for humans. There is much that is starting to happen “behind the scenes” that is very exciting for humans. Many of you already know this, and can feel it in your body and your energy field. Many of you practice forms of energy movement (Reiki, etc) and all of your variations complement all of the others. That is part of the beauty of your expansion and the awareness of your inherent gifts, skills and talents. You all carry the ability to move energy, and it is wonderful to witness your progress as you help each other.

Keep helping each other. 

Continue to practice settling into your natural state of Being: Grace.
There are many things to be grateful for in every moment of now.

When you practice these 3 things, you are existing in the present moment, which is the only moment there is. The many aspects of your soul that are concurrently existing in other dimensions are more readily available to you when you are present, and this changes everything: Your awareness of Who You Are, your external “reality”, your energy field, and your world.

In our eyes, you are honored heroes.

April Energies Bring May Clarity

April’s energy is here to help you to transform in ways that as a human, you have never transformed before.

In many ways, you are in a process of deep inner transformation that is much like what you experience in realms of higher vibration. Many of you were here in the time of Lemuria, and if you give yourself the time and space to remember, you can recall similar experiences from your time then. Those times are not in the past, but right here, in another dimension that exists next to you, if you can imagine it.

April energy is here to support you as you dig deep into root chakra issues. Anytime you dig deeply, you are going to uncover surprising things. Some of the things that surfaced may have caused you to seemingly revert to old patterns, actions, feelings, and the like. Do not despair, as that is what is supposed to happen. Your higher self is always lovingly guiding you to visit opportunities that will help you to transcend what you call your past. Your past is not a bad thing, yet you judge it and yourself harshly. There are still the remnants of blame, fear and judgment. Not all of it is from this lifetime, but from every lifetime. You have carried all of that within your cells and your Akash for eons.

This is the lifetime that you chose to be here to transcend all of that, to be free.

If April (in fact, the first quarter of 2022) seemed challenging, you have moved quite a bit of energy and are well on your way to a more expansive, higher vibrational version of yourself.

If you have kept journals or diaries, this is a good time to go back and review what you have written over the past years. You will be amazed at how you have changed, at how much you have forgotten, and how much your patterns and habits have shifted. Many of you are now living in completely different situations. Your external reality is potentially very different, but the biggest and most profound changes have been happening within you. Those changes are the ones that are most difficult to track from day to day.

Trust that you are very different, energetically and otherwise than you were 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years ago. This is not about judging who you were then, or even last month. This is a loving reminder that you are Here Now, because you chose to Be Here Now to change and be a part of a greater change. This change, or shift, is about recognizing your true identity and claiming it as a sovereign Being of Love. In reclaiming your sovereignty, you also reclaim your freedom and recognize that everyone and everything is a part of you. When you cognize Oneness consciousness, your perspective shifts, and with it, your life. 

You affect change, therefore you affect the shift in the consciousness of human Beings.

So many of you came back for this time, and it is wonderful. You are Here Now, and because you are, you are changed. You have been transforming constantly, and at an increasing rate. Take a breath and recognize this truth, for it is well done.

Be at Peace, Freedom is Near

Intense fluctuations of energy are flooding your planet. You move through cycles of what you are able to absorb and integrate, and your physical, emotional and mental bodies respond according to what old patterns, beliefs and karmic entanglements you need to release. Your emotional, physical and mental bodies will not necessarily respond in the same way or at the same time as each other so you may experience periods of intense emotional upheaval, a physical illness or some combination of all of it.
This is by your own design. You, as Source, chose to experience this time of ascension and awakening in this way so that you would fully appreciate every aspect of it.
As a collective, you share your energy with the earth and vice versa, so as the earth releases massive amounts of old Akashic energy, so do you. When you (and the earth) are in the process of releasing massive amounts of old energy you are very open to receiving greater amounts of new, very high vibrational energy. This energy enters your auric field, your body, your cells and your DNA. This energy creates more photons, or light in your cells, displacing old, diseased, toxic and dead cells that carry the energy of enslavement.
Integration of this energy and light begins once you have received it, so you don’t necessarily feel the “effects’ until you have moved through a cycle of intense flooding of new energy and the release of old energy. This varies from person to person, and depending on choices you made prior to incarnating in this life, you may have chosen to feel things more acutely in the physical body through illness, emotionally, or through what you would call mental illness. These are all labels that humans have created, and from our perspective, they are meaningless. We are not minimizing what you are feeling, yet what we witness is very simply, the releasing of lifetimes of unhealed patterns and the integration of your true and authentic Source consciousness.
What is important for you to know is that each and every person is moving through these cycles. Many are still unaware, and are fighting against awakening to their true and divine nature. Those that are aware and awake are invited to truly recognize the power in your ability to choose how you feel, what your thoughts are, the words you speak and the actions that follow your words. When you choose to raise your vibration and feel compassion for others for example, you are affecting those around you as well as your world.
April energy is a completion of a larger cycle. To put it simply, the steady increase in light, energy and information over the past handful of years was designed (by you) to help you to awaken to your true and authentic self; Your Source consciousness self. It began in earnest with an opening in your upper chakras. For many of you there was a possibly intense opening and clearing of your third eye or pineal gland. Others may have felt an opening (or even a constricting) of the heart as the heart chakra opened and cleared old energy.
The opening and clearing of the upper chakras needed to occur first so that you would begin to re-cognize and re-member Who You Are. We hyphenate the words to emphasize them: You are re entering the membership you have always had with your Source consciousness. It has never left you, but you did forget that you are All That Is, and you did that by choice in order to experience everything: Life, death, rebirth, suffering, enslavement, greed, darkness and of course, light, love, joy, peace, grace.
Reclaiming your empowerment, your Divine self awareness is your goal in this lifetime, and you do this by raising your vibration through your intention.
As you began to remember how to raise your vibration by returning to the feeling nature of Grace (your natural state of Being) you were able to receive more and more light and energy. This process instigated a lot of change, and much of it was very uncomfortable. As your chakras began to vibrate at a higher frequency, you went deep into the cycles of releasing and integrating. You moved through the pandemic which affected every one of you even if you did not get sick. You witnessed the upsurge in the rise of the divine feminine, and conflicts and resolutions with race issues. You are in effect, freeing yourselves from all forms of enslavement.
Through all of this, your heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras have been opening and clearing over the last 2-3 years.
You are not done yet, but here is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It is time for your root chakra to be cleared of trauma, suffering and survival issues. You are being faced with not only a pandemic, but war, and that affects everyone’s root chakra. As you move through April, the energy will support you as you clear these deeply rooted survival and enslavement issues. They are already in your awareness, and many of you are feeling the movement in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. The support you are receiving in April will help you to clear these age old issues in your current life experience as well as in all of time. This is how it always works but we like to remind you of the profound effect that the work you are doing for yourself has on the collective, your ancestors, as well as the ones that come after you.
Once you clear root chakra trauma, you are free to experience the joy of living in full awareness of your true, authentic self. You have moved through the process of intellectualizing your Source consciousness self, to believing that You Are That. Now it is time to know Who You Are, and to know it experientially.
This is the true shift in your conscious awareness.
Not everyone will make this leap with you, and that is OK as you all have free will. You are not required to stay in a 3D world however. When you choose to exist in the high vibratory state of Grace, you are ultimately choosing to move into a higher vibrational dimension or “timeline.”  Your choice affects your external reality, so your world reflects back to you your choice to exist in 5D. Remember that you affect your external reality with your thoughts, words and actions. In Grace, you are able to witness everyone, regardless of their level of conscious awareness, in compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude and peace.
You are freeing yourself from the constraints of old beliefs and you are allowing others to choose for themselves, ultimately acknowledging their freedom as well.
April energy means freedom.
We know that you won’t give up at this point. We know that events that you witness in your world will reflect the 3D, 4D and 5D existences that you all are choosing in any given moment. We also know that you recognize your empowerment. You are realizing that when you choose to exist in 5D, that is what you experience.
With this awareness comes peace of mind and peace within the heart, and when you are at peace, your world responds.
We congratulate you for Being Here in this Now Moment, and invite you to pause, breathe, choose to raise your vibration and to be in Grace with us. As you settle into your natural state of Being we amplify it to you, within you, and to All.
Be at Peace.