Quantum Updates

We invite you to become aware that each moment of Now holds as much change as what you have experienced in your entire lifetime.

The change we are referring to is at the quantum level. All change is at the quantum level, but the ever increasing flow of energy that you are receiving in each moment is effectively altering your molecular makeup so rapidly that your brain cannot even begin to comprehend it. This is not something that is happening at random. It is something that each and every one of you signed up to be a part of.  It is the completion phase of a cycle that you have experienced multiple times on earth, 

The difference is that you are going to complete the cycle this time.

The other difference is the sheer amount of information that you are able to integrate now. In some of these other existences (like Atlantis, for example) you were highly adept at technological advances that included using crystals as a source of energy. You were able to communicate telepathically, and you were all aware of your own innate healing capabilities, yet you were not as innately aware of your own connection to Source as you are rapidly beginning to remember. You learned about your spiritual selves through study. In this current lifetime, you are also studying, but you are also integrating aspects of your soul regardless of who you are and the level of awareness that you are currently aware of. 

In other words, you are ALL waking up. You are ALL on a journey of ascension, remembering that you are Source consciousness. Many of you are consciously aware of this and your purpose, if you will, is to embody this, to BE this in order to invite others to awaken not through what you do, but by the energy that you are. 

Let’s take the Oneness Aspect a bit further.

Humans represent an aspect of every being within the entire universe. Everyone who is seeking ascension and to love in oneness is willing to help because they are all aspects of you. 

Your future self exists, and you are receiving information in the form of electromagnetic energy from this future self. You might perceive this future self as an off planet being; maybe an Arcturian, a Pleiadian, an archangel, or an ascended master. Many of you will feel the truth of this, others may reject it as fantasy, and that is all Ok. There is no right or wrong, good or bad in any of this. You are at the level of understanding that you chose to be in, at this moment. We introduce this to plant the seed of deeper awareness. 

Your future selves exist concurrently with your “past” selves, and in your present awareness, you are integrating more of each. As you continue to shed patterns, beliefs, karmic energy and the like, you are able to more fully integrate the energy of all aspects of you while healing all aspects of you, including this one.

You have surpassed your “past” human existences in your level of expansion and awareness of Who You Are.

Because of this, you are on the verge of a new way of being on this planet. And because your planet is a living entity with consciousness, you and your planet are intimately connected in this journey. You are ascending together. You know this of course, yet as you read these words, there is an amplification of the deeper cellular recognition of this knowledge. We spoke of rapid change at the quantum level at the beginning of this message: This is but one aspect of change that we are talking about. Your DNA is changing constantly, which affects the molecular structure of your cells. This process moves through every aspect and system in your physical body. We have invited you to connect with and communicate with your physical body in previous messages and we invite you once again to a deeper level of oneness with your own earthly structure. When you are in Grace, your physical body responds in kind. Your energy field reflects it, and your thoughts, words and actions reflect your inner and energetic state of Being, 

This is your superpower and you have never been more aware of this in any existence on your planet as you are now.

You are using this superpower and it is helping all beings, everywhere. At times it may not seem that way, but we are able to perceive the big picture, and from our purview, you are doing amazing things in and through Grace. Please take a moment and breathe, allowing yourself to feel the truth of that statement.

In each next moment of Now, you are different, and the differences are so beautiful to witness. We invite you to witness the beauty in your differences; not just in how you look to each other, but in how you are embodying your Divine selves. 

Witness the changes in yourself in Grace.

Share your Grace with the world.

You Are a Miracle

You are a walking, talking, living, breathing miracle.

Miracles happen constantly. Your ego has an expectation of what a miracle is, looks and feels like. Your mind expects a miracle to rock your world. 

Your world is being rocked right now.  What is happening in your world is miraculous, and you are the instigator of all of it.

A miracle can be defined as an extraordinary or outstanding event, thing or accomplishment; a phenomenon experienced humanly as a fulfillment of spiritual law.

Who created spiritual law? You did.

You created every event; every aspect of your lifetime so that you could experience all that there is to experience, including miracles. You are the divine intervention in human affairs, and you are the humans who are experiencing the divine intervention.

The recognition of this truth can cause chaos within the human psyche which results in external mayhem, even panic. Your world is reflecting this.

What can you do to help?
Recognize that you are a miracle. 

You are your own divine intervention in human affairs and you are here to fulfill the spiritual law that you created.

We spoke of reconciliation in our August 2021 message. You are in the process of recreating a new earth based in freedom. All that is based in anything other than Grace is being brought to the surface, brought to your awareness so that you, as the embodiment of Source can shine your light on it. Forgiveness is an integral part of this process as reconciliation cannot happen without it.

As part of your ascension process, you are becoming more aware of your multidimensional self. You exist in all dimensions of time and space as there is only this moment of Now. Therefore you exist in other dimensions that vibrate at a higher frequency than your current conscious awareness. (Your human self.) Aspects of yourself are sending you information and energy that you are capable of integrating as you continue to raise your vibration by sustaining your natural state of Being, that of Grace.

Connect through meditation, prayer, or quiet contemplation of your inner self and ask for help from these aspects of your Self. All Beings that you perceive as having more power than you are simply aspects of you that are vibrating at a higher frequency. You are All That Is, and All That Is is within you.

There is nothing and no one outside of yourself that you have to worship, placate, earn the love of or fear. 

You are Source consciousness, so you are All That Is. You are a miracle. You create miracles daily. Become aware of  this and as you move through your daily existence, recognize that every act has the potential to be a miraculous event. 

When you are aware of and existing in Grace, every thought, word and action carries the potential to be miraculous. 

Contemplate that for a moment. 

Do you remember your superpower? It is gratitude, which is an integral aspect of Grace. Gratitude is a magnet that draws to you that which you are grateful for. Now is the time to practice using your superpower and create miracles.

Let us talk more about miracles and spiritual law.

Your body performs miracles daily without your conscious mind knowing it. You are constantly moving energy through the body and karmic energy, old patterns and beliefs are stored in your cells, your energy field and in your Akashic Records. When you nourish yourself, care for and love yourself, your body responds with a miracle by releasing (among other things) toxins and the energy of damaging patterns and beliefs, and this diminishes energetic blocks within your body that have hindered the flow of Source consciousness energy for many lifetimes.This also creates changes within your Akashic Records, clearing old energy in what you call the past and the future. All of this affects your mental, emotional and physical well being. Miraculous and powerful.

Now, you have not only conscious awareness of this, but the ability to amplify it by simply dropping into your natural state of Being; Grace. Superpower indeed! 

Miraculous and powerful!

You are the creator of everything, including spiritual law. As Source consciousness, spiritual law helps you to govern your experience of existence outside of Source, or Oneness With All That Is. You chose to experience a world of duality and everything conceivable within it. As part of the experience, you are now remembering that you are walking, talking, living, breathing miracles and miracle makers, so you have the ability to choose how you would like to move forward into the next moment of Now.

We always encourage you to choose to move into the next moment of now in and through Grace, as that is the vibration of Source and therefore miracles. 

“We” are aspects of You.

So the reality is that You are encouraging yourself. In encouraging yourself, you are also reconciling with yourself, therefore with everyone. Reconciliation is also a miracle which occurs after forgiveness. So as you forgive yourself, you forgive all others and vice versa.

As more and more of you realize this, you realize that you are also on the same page so to speak, and the duality that you feel so acutely now, will begin to diminish. You are in the thick of it, but we know about miracles, and we are you, so You too, know about miracles. We have faith in you. 

Truly recognize this information because it comes to you, from You. Not the ego, but the true, authentic, holy and divine You.

Know this to be true.

Create miracles.

It is time.

Lion’s Gate Portal Messages (August, 2021)

I asked: What is mine to do when I see and feel what is happening in our world today?

From The Guides:

Stay centered. Stay in alignment with love. With Grace. All has to collapse and be rebuilt upon new foundations that are created in and from the new energy…Energy that is free of historical patterns and beliefs. This coincides with what is happening with each of you on a personal level as well. What is happening with each of you is contributing to the collective’s feelings of judgment and separation.

Separation has to be imminent before you all will decide that it is not the path that you choose to take.

You are not out of the woods.

You have been preparing for this your whole life.
All of the work you have done is in preparation for what is beginning now.

Clarity is essential. Clearing out of karma, patterns and the belief in the historical patterns of the past is essential.
As you do this, you are helping others at the energetic level.

You will not give up, it is not in your nature and you incarnated now, for this purpose. 

This is your purpose: To save humanity from another extinction. You felt strongly enough about this that you chose this life and all that it encompasses for you as preparation for the now moment.

You are here, now for this time in All of Time, meaning that as you step off the linear timeline you are more readily accessing the hologram that takes you out of duality. From this place you are asked to allow the aspects of yourself, your high self, to integrate fully into your already multidimensional state of being. 

This happens most fully when you are sleeping and in the quiet state of meditation and grace.

As this happens, you become more aware of the wisdom and knowledge of your high self, who knows that All is Well; who knows how to stay in alignment with Grace, no matter what is happening outside of the self.

This is the expansion that we speak of.

Recognize and allow any resistance to this information to move into your awareness so that it can be acknowledged and released. 

Remain in your state of Grace, as that is the state of Being from which you emit (and receive) the highest available vibration. Your higher vibration influences your external reality by inviting others to raise their vibration.

You are here.

Your Being-ness: Existing in Grace is what is yours to do as all else follows.

You know who you are and you know what is yours to do.

Message #2:

When you feel out of sorts, you are connecting to the feeling of literally being outside of your body. The interesting thing from our perspective is how you label the feelings: “Out of sorts” or “out of it” as some might say is your way of describing leaving the physical body, or at least not feeling connected and grounded into your lower chakras.

Your lower chakras are where you store lifetimes of trauma and suffering. Your root chakra is the chakra of stability, security and basic needs.

Lately all of those have felt threatened due to individual, local and global events.

We remind you that you are also receiving and processing an immense amount of energy and information. This energy and information is coming from what you would call the Universe, Source, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, etc. but it is ultimately coming from You.

You exist in all of time and space. Every lifetime that you have ever experienced, will ever experience in all of time and space exists now, and as you develop your increasing multidimensional abilities (including expanding your inner senses) you are better able to connect or become aware of aspects of the wholeness of your soul.

Aspects of you that exist in “future” lifetimes have done all of the work to clear the karma, old patterns and beliefs that you are currently in the process of releasing. Aspects of you are making choices in every now moment from the heart instead of the ego. Aspects of you live and thrive in the new Earth where Grace prevails. 

This is the information that you are now receiving: Energy and information which is of a higher vibration, and contains the wisdom, knowledge and codices that are helping you to navigate where you are right now.

You are preparing for more change, and before change comes chaos and upheaval, so the out of sorts feeling is your soul’s way of prompting you into a deeper awareness of your Inner Self, so that you are more conscious of integrating the immense energy and information that you are receiving. As you bring your awareness inward, it becomes easier to allow this high vibrational energy to come into and through your physical body, ultimately all the way down to your root chakra. This energy must reach the chakra of stability, security and basic needs in order for you to fully integrate and process it as it helps to clear the heavy, dense, old (and so very outdated) beliefs, patterns and karma. The old energy literally weighs you down and prevents your natural Source consciousness energy to flow because it carries the ‘memory’ of trauma and suffering, and that energy is dense and heavy.

You are well equipped to help yourself integrate and release energy and information by raising your vibration through Grace, which is your natural state of being. You attain the state of Grace by bringing your awareness inward and connecting to your own innate Source consciousness. This can be the image or visualization of pure, white light. Imagine and visualize this powerful pure white light within you and begin to feel gratitude for it, for yourself. It is from here that you set intentions to ground, release and integrate. Allow your own inner light to expand and communicate with you, and it will. Your imagination is an integral part of this process because your intuition and your imagination feed and nourish each other.

Play with this, as the energy of play is one of lightness and freedom.


Friends, you have now spent a good amount of time, effort and energy on clearing old damaging beliefs, patterns and karmic energy from your Akashic Records, your energy field and your conscious awareness.
This greatly affects your body and your awareness of your multidimensional self. Can you feel this?
It is now time to become aware of the next steps in your growth, ascension, and the recognition of the truth of Who and What You Are.
Now that much of the karmic entanglements are being cleared (this will continue, as there is still karmic energy being generated) you are becoming aware that you have been creating the beginnings of new foundations as the old have fallen away.
These foundations are not complete, but you already know that they feel very different from the old foundations.
You are existing more and more in your New way of Being, which truly is your Original way of Being: Your Divine consciousness awareness, or the knowing that you are That Which Created You. As such, you are now approaching the time of reconciliation.
You have risen above so much of the old, lower vibrational energy that you are in a place of beginning to understand that reconciliation is possible with all aspects of your Self, (even those aspects which you did not want to identify with,) and everyone that you have released old patterns, beliefs and karmic energy with.
Understand that this is a major leap in your ascension process.
Some of the people in your life may have dropped away over the last few years. One reason is that your vibrational energy field did not match any longer. Sometimes people drop away as you clear the old patterns and karmic entanglements. Many will circle back around, but some do not. That is as it should be as you are not responsible for the awakening of others and each is on her/his own journey.
Many of you have been clearing patterns and karmic energy with those who are no longer in physical bodies.
All of this is very powerful as it is clearing old energy in all of time and space.
Reconciliation can now begin as you have done much of the work to forgive, understand, thank and feel compassion for everyone in your life.
Now you can begin to expand this to the world, and beyond.
This is the actual healing, friends.
This is what actually brings you to a deeper, conscious awareness that you are truly One with All.
~Clearing karmic patterns is powerful, life changing and freeing.
~Reconciliation is the healing and the realization that you truly have left the past behind and you are existing in your New way of Being, no longer burdened (literally weighed down) by eons of old energy.
~Reconciliation is the next step in your ascension journey.
~Reconciliation is the awareness of Grace within the self and within All Others.
~Reconciliation is living in Grace.
~Reconciliation is the end of the perceived separation between Source and humanity..
You are in completely new energy now.
Can you feel it?
One of the major beliefs that you all hold deep within your subconscious is the belief that you would not be here on Earth for this long.
You carry within you the fear and the expectation of the destruction of your current planet. This is an “akashic memory” that is carried in your DNA of lifetimes where you did become extinct; where you caused a catastrophic event in which most of you perished. (Atlantis is one example of many.)
This belief pattern is also connected to the one that speaks to how long the human body should live.
As you release old expectations and step more fully into the flow of expectancy you create new neurological pathways that carry the frequency of freedom.
Freedom from old beliefs and patterns, many of them damaging.
Freedom from the belief that you are enslaved to others that hold power over/control you.
Freedom from karmic entanglements, energy and patterns that have kept you bound to repeating the past.
The power of clearing karmic energy, the patterns and beliefs that are associated with it and the reconciliation that follows are how you heal and make the conscious choice As One to create the New Earth.
You have chosen to be Here, Now so that you could share this lifetime with the same people, groups, governing bodies and industries that you share many lifetimes of karmic energy and patterns with. You chose this so that you would have the opportunity to clear all of this energy in order to be free and able to consciously choose to raise your vibration, and to bring healing and reconciliation to All..
You chose this time of ascension, together, as One.
Anyone and any entity (corporation, group, race, religion, monetary system, governing body, etc.) that you feel anything towards now is someone/something that you carry karmic energy, old beliefs and/or patterns with.
Let us be clear about something: Not all karma is ‘bad’ karma. Not all patterns and beliefs are damaging, but many of them are what you would label as bad, harmful and damaging. We remind you that you are here to experience, and in your myriad human experiences, you have been and done everything that you can imagine.
You also created the concept of karma so that you would have the opportunity to learn from your experiences.
As Source consciousness, you created All That Is and everything in between so that you could experience all of it.
You are now consciously aware that you always have a choice, and any choice you make now originates from your heart more often than it originates from the ego. More importantly, you know the difference because of how those choices feel.
You can choose to forgive and to feel compassion for All, no matter who or what they represent.
Remember that the energy that you put forth into the world and the universe is the energy that is returning to you.
How do you clear karmic energy, patterns and old beliefs so that reconciliation can begin? You do this through forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, and understanding.
You clear using Grace, you heal through Grace and you reconcile in Grace.
This is big work friends, and it is life changing, for you: For All of You, in all of time and in all of space.
Next month we will talk more about dimensions of time and space, how you are existing in all of it, the deeper implications of that in your current “reality” and how reconciliation is of utmost importance.
Until then, know that you are held in the highest esteem.