Be at Peace, Freedom is Near

Intense fluctuations of energy are flooding your planet. You move through cycles of what you are able to absorb and integrate, and your physical, emotional and mental bodies respond according to what old patterns, beliefs and karmic entanglements you need to release. Your emotional, physical and mental bodies will not necessarily respond in the same way or at the same time as each other so you may experience periods of intense emotional upheaval, a physical illness or some combination of all of it.
This is by your own design. You, as Source, chose to experience this time of ascension and awakening in this way so that you would fully appreciate every aspect of it.
As a collective, you share your energy with the earth and vice versa, so as the earth releases massive amounts of old Akashic energy, so do you. When you (and the earth) are in the process of releasing massive amounts of old energy you are very open to receiving greater amounts of new, very high vibrational energy. This energy enters your auric field, your body, your cells and your DNA. This energy creates more photons, or light in your cells, displacing old, diseased, toxic and dead cells that carry the energy of enslavement.
Integration of this energy and light begins once you have received it, so you don’t necessarily feel the “effects’ until you have moved through a cycle of intense flooding of new energy and the release of old energy. This varies from person to person, and depending on choices you made prior to incarnating in this life, you may have chosen to feel things more acutely in the physical body through illness, emotionally, or through what you would call mental illness. These are all labels that humans have created, and from our perspective, they are meaningless. We are not minimizing what you are feeling, yet what we witness is very simply, the releasing of lifetimes of unhealed patterns and the integration of your true and authentic Source consciousness.
What is important for you to know is that each and every person is moving through these cycles. Many are still unaware, and are fighting against awakening to their true and divine nature. Those that are aware and awake are invited to truly recognize the power in your ability to choose how you feel, what your thoughts are, the words you speak and the actions that follow your words. When you choose to raise your vibration and feel compassion for others for example, you are affecting those around you as well as your world.
April energy is a completion of a larger cycle. To put it simply, the steady increase in light, energy and information over the past handful of years was designed (by you) to help you to awaken to your true and authentic self; Your Source consciousness self. It began in earnest with an opening in your upper chakras. For many of you there was a possibly intense opening and clearing of your third eye or pineal gland. Others may have felt an opening (or even a constricting) of the heart as the heart chakra opened and cleared old energy.
The opening and clearing of the upper chakras needed to occur first so that you would begin to re-cognize and re-member Who You Are. We hyphenate the words to emphasize them: You are re entering the membership you have always had with your Source consciousness. It has never left you, but you did forget that you are All That Is, and you did that by choice in order to experience everything: Life, death, rebirth, suffering, enslavement, greed, darkness and of course, light, love, joy, peace, grace.
Reclaiming your empowerment, your Divine self awareness is your goal in this lifetime, and you do this by raising your vibration through your intention.
As you began to remember how to raise your vibration by returning to the feeling nature of Grace (your natural state of Being) you were able to receive more and more light and energy. This process instigated a lot of change, and much of it was very uncomfortable. As your chakras began to vibrate at a higher frequency, you went deep into the cycles of releasing and integrating. You moved through the pandemic which affected every one of you even if you did not get sick. You witnessed the upsurge in the rise of the divine feminine, and conflicts and resolutions with race issues. You are in effect, freeing yourselves from all forms of enslavement.
Through all of this, your heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras have been opening and clearing over the last 2-3 years.
You are not done yet, but here is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It is time for your root chakra to be cleared of trauma, suffering and survival issues. You are being faced with not only a pandemic, but war, and that affects everyone’s root chakra. As you move through April, the energy will support you as you clear these deeply rooted survival and enslavement issues. They are already in your awareness, and many of you are feeling the movement in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. The support you are receiving in April will help you to clear these age old issues in your current life experience as well as in all of time. This is how it always works but we like to remind you of the profound effect that the work you are doing for yourself has on the collective, your ancestors, as well as the ones that come after you.
Once you clear root chakra trauma, you are free to experience the joy of living in full awareness of your true, authentic self. You have moved through the process of intellectualizing your Source consciousness self, to believing that You Are That. Now it is time to know Who You Are, and to know it experientially.
This is the true shift in your conscious awareness.
Not everyone will make this leap with you, and that is OK as you all have free will. You are not required to stay in a 3D world however. When you choose to exist in the high vibratory state of Grace, you are ultimately choosing to move into a higher vibrational dimension or “timeline.”  Your choice affects your external reality, so your world reflects back to you your choice to exist in 5D. Remember that you affect your external reality with your thoughts, words and actions. In Grace, you are able to witness everyone, regardless of their level of conscious awareness, in compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude and peace.
You are freeing yourself from the constraints of old beliefs and you are allowing others to choose for themselves, ultimately acknowledging their freedom as well.
April energy means freedom.
We know that you won’t give up at this point. We know that events that you witness in your world will reflect the 3D, 4D and 5D existences that you all are choosing in any given moment. We also know that you recognize your empowerment. You are realizing that when you choose to exist in 5D, that is what you experience.
With this awareness comes peace of mind and peace within the heart, and when you are at peace, your world responds.
We congratulate you for Being Here in this Now Moment, and invite you to pause, breathe, choose to raise your vibration and to be in Grace with us. As you settle into your natural state of Being we amplify it to you, within you, and to All.
Be at Peace.

Deeper Truths

The more old patterns and beliefs that you release, the more you are able to receive and integrate deeper Truths. 

You are well aware that you are integrating all aspects of the Self while releasing eons of deeply ingrained, damaging patterns and beliefs. You are also releasing Karmic entanglements and energy. The patterns and beliefs contribute to that which you call Karma, but the beliefs and patterns are not Karma. 

You are ascending. You are coming into an age of enlightenment. You as an individual, have chosen to remember Who You Are, and you have brought everyone else along with you simply because You Are All That Is. Therein lies your ability to release not only eons of deeply ingrained limiting and damaging patterns and beliefs but the Karma that is associated with them.

As you integrate the myriad aspects of your Self, you begin to fathom the deeper truth that the fellow humans that you do not trust, fear or even  hate are also aspects of your Self. You are your own harshest judge, and from that perspective, it becomes easy to judge others who are different, or who have different beliefs than you.
As you continue to remind your Self of Who You are, it becomes easier to stop judging the Self, and easier to love the Self because you are truly beginning to cognize that you are Source consciousness, and Source is Grace. (Grace is, but not limited to: Love, gratitude, peace, joy, wonder, curiosity, excitement.) The ego is coming into deeper alignment with your soul because you are constantly dropping into your natural State of Being (Grace) and sustaining it for longer and longer. 

You are able to sustain higher states of consciousness and this changes You in so many ways. 

You may not see it in your daily existence, but from our perspective, the changes are great and wondrous.

When in a higher state of consciousness you have much more power to change your reality than you do when in the lower vibratory range. Grace (Love, gratitude, peace, joy, wonder, compassion) propels you into a higher state of consciousness, and from there you are able to resolve problems, create a more heart centered, fulfilling life, and create change for all of humanity. When in a higher state of consciousness you are in the Now moment (or Zero point) so you are also creating change in what you consider to be the past, present and the future. Oh, and did we mention that when in Grace, you are actively loving your Self, which effectively and efficiently opens the flow to loving All.

This powerful stuff, and Now is the time.

Your world is rapidly changing and at times it can feel stressful. The greatest tool you have to help your Self (and everyone else) is your ability to be in Grace, to make every decision from this place. Better yet, for every thought to originate from Grace. 

We invite you to bring your awareness to your heart now, as we are amplifying the energy of this transmission, regardless of when you read or hear it. Feeling the warmth of the love from another enhances your connection, allowing you to breathe into and expand your heart center. Imagine light and energy moving within your heart center, and with your breath and intention, expand it out into the body, and then the energy field. Your awareness is now focused on your Merkaba of light and healing, creating a field of higher consciousness that completely encompasses you everywhere you go. This is your greatest tool and the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and therefore to your fellow humans. 

You are able to move energy using your will and intention, and when you intend in and from Grace, you are moving energy that is always in your highest and best interest, and therefore in the highest and best for All.

Do you understand how powerful you are? 

You, as Source consciousness, need no one or nothing else to complete you. 

You are love incarnate.

All is well.

The world may seem chaotic, but from the higher perspective, from a place of higher consciousness, it is possible to witness the world and understand that All is Well. Your world is responding to the vibrations of all of it’s creators, and everyone is creating their reality from their current state of Being, whatever that is. You are here to bring about change and you do that by raising your vibration. You do that by remembering Who and What You Are, and you do that by connecting to your natural state of Being, that of Grace. And in this moment of Now, All is Well. You are doing exactly what you are here to do. We invite you to relax into this knowing and trust that All is Well. 

We have shared the analogy of crossing a bridge: You are leaving the old ways, limitations and the past behind and crossing the bridge to a New way of Being, where truly all is New. It is the unknown and it is ripe with potential, and that potential is at your fingertips. You reach it in and through Grace. The bridge may feel very long and steep at first, and you may find yourself looking over your shoulder at all that you are leaving behind. Grieve for it and let it go because another one of those Truths we speak of is that you came here for this transition into a New way of Being. You came here to remember Who you are (Source) and that Grace is your natural State of Being. You’ll recognize this truth by the way it feels in your heart and as you are so much better at connecting with your own heart, you should in this moment, recognize the energy of this Truth.

Be patient with your Self, and it becomes easier to be patient with your fellow human Beings. You are doing exactly what you came here to do. All is well. Trust in the knowing of Who You Are. In fact, rejoice in the knowing of Who You Are! As you do, rejoice in the knowing that you are all here to love the Self, which makes you fully and completely capable of loving everyone else in the way that you all deserve to be loved: Unconditionally.

We see you, love you, honor you, and respect you for Who You Are.

The Christ Energy Within You

When you have a remembrance of a lifetime as someone famous, or powerful or someone who was a world renowned spiritual leader, you are merging with the collective energy of those beings. As there is only this moment of Now, these beings exist in form in the time/space continuum. As you are becoming more aware of your multidimensional self, you are able to merge with the energy of these beings, and “remember” an existence when you were acting out the same drama, sharing the same message, fighting the same battles, etc. You are also connected at the energetic level, as there is only One of You and You are All That Is.

You carry within you the Christ energy, as that is how you have labeled it. It is the same thing with Joan of Arc energy, Buddha energy, Mohammed energy, Quan Yin energy, Mary energy, etc. You even carry the energy of leaders and despots like Hitler, King Herod, and others who are known for their oppression, greed, injustice, hatred, racism, etc.

What prevents you from being the despot instead of the savior is the frequency at which you are vibrating right now. When you are vibrating at a high frequency, you merge with the energy of beings who also vibrate at a higher frequency. In your myriad existence in physical form, you have been and done everything. You have been the one driven by ego and greed; you have been the perpetrator and the victim. You have been the leader, the hero, the betrayer and the liar. It is all part of the experience of Being. Now, you are evolving and re-membering Who and What You Are, and as you do, you (all of you) are ushering in the Time of Great Awakening. It is part of your natural evolution. As you evolve, you become more and more aware of your multidimensional self as well as your Higher Soul Self, and you act accordingly, meaning you make choices based in compassion, not fear.