April Energy

The rough seas will calm as the storm wears itself out. 

2024 is a year of change, and the kind of changes we speak of are more fundamental as they will help you individually and as a collective, form a new template for moving forward.

Before change can occur, the old foundations have to be dismantled, or in some cases, to crumble. When this happens it can be very challenging because it is literally hard to find your footing.

Yet here you are, finding your way as your world changes before you. 

Please take a moment and acknowledge yourself and your ability to be in the flow of change.
There is great importance in acknowledging yourself, whether you have felt fear, doubt, frustration, sadness, or exhilaration and joy at what is happening in your life and in your world.
When you acknowledge yourself, it is the first step towards accepting things as they are, right now. It is the first step towards accepting yourself exactly as you are, right now.

There are major energetic shifts that occur when you do this, and the energy of these shifts radiates into your energy field now, but also throughout all of your existences. It is simply how things work now at your level of empowerment and awareness.

Through raising your vibration, you have the ability to step into higher vibrational timelines where there is for example, more peace, abundance and prosperity in your life. Everything exists, and you have experienced all of it, so you are able to imagine the life you choose to live. Through settling into the feeling nature of that which you desire, you are offering the universe the electromagnetic energy of the cellular memory of it, giving it matter. You are literally making it into matter, or manifesting it into your life. 

The vibration that you hold directly corresponds to that which you are manifesting.

You are currently in a time of recognizing that you are able to move into different timelines while you are simultaneously creating new templates out of crumbling old foundations. This can be confusing and frustrating as you find your footing in this very new way of being.

Rest assured that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Everyone is at their own level of awareness, and none are wrong or bad. There are those that have chosen to stay in old energy in order to play certain roles, and in order to help those of you who are here to step through the door into unknown, new energy. 

Ultimately you are all helping each other even though sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.

By acknowledging yourself and where you are right now, you are moving into acceptance, and acceptance is what removes obstacles.

By accepting yourself you are removing self judgment. When you no longer judge yourself it is much easier to recognize when you are judging others. You have the ability to make the conscious choice to recognize judgment and step away from it and into acceptance. That choice expands and amplifies the light in your energy field, which has an effect on everyone and everything around you.

Simply being in acceptance of yourself or another raises your vibration, offering you a stepping stone into a higher vibrational timeline where judgment does not exist.

Do you understand how empowering and life changing this is for you?

This is one of the many reasons that you are here.

April brings another energy shift that is supportive of all that you are moving through right now. Every time you recognize a deeper level of awareness within yourself you are connecting more strongly and fully to your Source Consciousness. Every time that you connect more fully to your Source Consciousness you shine your own light on something buried even more deeply within that is ready to be revealed, acknowledged, accepted and then released, never to return. It is a process that will continue in some form, until you are no longer in a physical body, yet you have already grown so much that you move through this process much faster than you used to.

You already know how to expedite the process, and that is a wonderful thing to remember!

2024 will continue to be full of surprises, and you are invited to open your heart and mind even further, letting go of expectations of how things will go. Relax Into the flow of expectancy and acceptance of all that is, right now, and remember that you get to consciously choose how you feel about all of it. 

Your vibration is your responsibility, not anyone else’s.

Your vibration reflects the energy within you and affects the energy around you.

Claim your empowerment as you acknowledge yourself and the work you have done up to this moment. The energy of April supports you in this as the door opens even further, allowing you access to more light, deeper awareness and the insights and inspiration to manifest something new and wonderful for yourself and your world. You have an opportunity to remember that you chose to be here and play your part in this consciousness shift. 

The old ego generated thought pattern was to be angry and judgmental about what was happening and to formulate a plan from that energy. The difference now is that more of you are awakened to your Source Consciousness and are able to form plans generated by acceptance and compassion. This is the energy from which you move forward into the next moment of Now, which is truly the only moment there is.

It is with deep love that we acknowledge Who You Are.

Lean In

Lean into the energy that is available to you. Imagine meeting it halfway, and allow yourself to lean in towards it and you’ll feel it in your body, you’ll see it in your inner vision.

This energy is light. It is love. It is from Source, and Source is You. 

Source is the collective You and it is you as the individual who chose to Be Here Now so that you could live experientially.

As you lean in, trust that you are supported by the energy, the light, the love. You are supported by Source as you support yourself through knowing that you are Source. The more you lean in, the more you trust, the more you embody the energy.

The more you embody the energy the more you feel it. 

The more you feel it, the easier it is for you to trust it.

So lean in. 

Trusting that you are supported is stepping out of your comfort zone into new territory, and this territory is your new template. Your template is supportive, fluid, flexible. It moves and breathes with you. 

This is the way you have chosen to move forward. 

You have already made this choice because you are here, now. 

Moving forward in a completely different way leads to freedom from all that no longer serves you. It leads to manifesting a new earth, a higher vibrational planet where you have transcended old energy. 

You are transcending original pain, the pain of separation from blissful love. 

You are rising above it, so that you can witness it, understand it and then accept it. In accepting it you are no longer fighting it or fearful of it. You become free of it, in that in transcending it, you are in a higher vibration than the original pain, but it is different from being healed of it.

It doesn’t mean that you are not healing. You are. Transcendence is a key piece for you to understand in order to accept all that is happening. The feelings, awarenesses and memories that are surfacing now are all connected because you are now crossing timelines constantly. It is a way for you to allow the healing that occurs as you transcend the old programs, energy, patterns and karma from all of your timelines. You are literally raising your vibration higher than the vibration of the old energy, transcending all of it. You witness it all from your higher vibrational perspective where acceptance, forgiveness and making peace with it all begins to happen.

This is the healing.

April energy is supporting you in this.

Lean into it. Trust it, trust yourself. In transcending original pain, there is potential for immense growth. In April there will be opportunities for you to be in situations that offer you the chance to be in acceptance of yourself and others as you choose to co heal. Lean into those opportunities for the energy is rich and ripe with potential; the potential for real change. The opportunities for personal growth that lead to change are always there in abundance.

Your new template is just one aspect of support that trusting in your own Source consciousness self offers you. As you grow accustomed to your template, feeling supported as you deepen into trust, it becomes easier to sustain your natural state of being, that of Grace. 

You do not need to reinvent the wheel. 

All that you can imagine exists, including the life that you dream of. Co-healing relationships, vibrant health, clean air and water, acceptance, peace, and compassion all exist and you magnetize all of it to you through Grace. You raise your vibration to meet the 5th dimensional new earth through being in grace.

You are the impetus of change.

You came here to change how you exist on earth. The chaos in the world is a sign that things are changing. Old ways that no longer serve your rapidly growing awareness of Who You Are are crumbling. You chose this. Within the perceived chaos of the restructuring of the world as you knew it is immense growth; the growth that you chose to be a part of. Not just to witness, but to actively participate in. 

Every person, group, or event that triggers you is a catalyst that you chose at the energetic level as a potential for personal growth. That relative that you fundamentally disagree with; the political figure that triggers you; the ecological disaster that breaks your heart; everything is an opportunity for you to choose how you react, or respond. You are remembering to respond from some aspect of Grace more often than not. You are changing. You are growing. You are re-membering that you are love incarnate. That is how change happens.

Lean in to April energy. Breathe deeply and trust it. Let it enlighten you, literally bringing more light into your body. You have asked for support, and you receive it. Now trust it. In trusting it you are trusting yourself, Your Source consciousness self, your true and authentic self.

You are doing it, it is happening. All that is going on in the world is a sign of change. The change that you as a collective, you as Source consciousness chose to be part of.

Relax into the energy of April, let it support you.

All is well.

Be at Peace, Freedom is Near

Intense fluctuations of energy are flooding your planet. You move through cycles of what you are able to absorb and integrate, and your physical, emotional and mental bodies respond according to what old patterns, beliefs and karmic entanglements you need to release. Your emotional, physical and mental bodies will not necessarily respond in the same way or at the same time as each other so you may experience periods of intense emotional upheaval, a physical illness or some combination of all of it.
This is by your own design. You, as Source, chose to experience this time of ascension and awakening in this way so that you would fully appreciate every aspect of it.
As a collective, you share your energy with the earth and vice versa, so as the earth releases massive amounts of old Akashic energy, so do you. When you (and the earth) are in the process of releasing massive amounts of old energy you are very open to receiving greater amounts of new, very high vibrational energy. This energy enters your auric field, your body, your cells and your DNA. This energy creates more photons, or light in your cells, displacing old, diseased, toxic and dead cells that carry the energy of enslavement.
Integration of this energy and light begins once you have received it, so you don’t necessarily feel the “effects’ until you have moved through a cycle of intense flooding of new energy and the release of old energy. This varies from person to person, and depending on choices you made prior to incarnating in this life, you may have chosen to feel things more acutely in the physical body through illness, emotionally, or through what you would call mental illness. These are all labels that humans have created, and from our perspective, they are meaningless. We are not minimizing what you are feeling, yet what we witness is very simply, the releasing of lifetimes of unhealed patterns and the integration of your true and authentic Source consciousness.
What is important for you to know is that each and every person is moving through these cycles. Many are still unaware, and are fighting against awakening to their true and divine nature. Those that are aware and awake are invited to truly recognize the power in your ability to choose how you feel, what your thoughts are, the words you speak and the actions that follow your words. When you choose to raise your vibration and feel compassion for others for example, you are affecting those around you as well as your world.
April energy is a completion of a larger cycle. To put it simply, the steady increase in light, energy and information over the past handful of years was designed (by you) to help you to awaken to your true and authentic self; Your Source consciousness self. It began in earnest with an opening in your upper chakras. For many of you there was a possibly intense opening and clearing of your third eye or pineal gland. Others may have felt an opening (or even a constricting) of the heart as the heart chakra opened and cleared old energy.
The opening and clearing of the upper chakras needed to occur first so that you would begin to re-cognize and re-member Who You Are. We hyphenate the words to emphasize them: You are re entering the membership you have always had with your Source consciousness. It has never left you, but you did forget that you are All That Is, and you did that by choice in order to experience everything: Life, death, rebirth, suffering, enslavement, greed, darkness and of course, light, love, joy, peace, grace.
Reclaiming your empowerment, your Divine self awareness is your goal in this lifetime, and you do this by raising your vibration through your intention.
As you began to remember how to raise your vibration by returning to the feeling nature of Grace (your natural state of Being) you were able to receive more and more light and energy. This process instigated a lot of change, and much of it was very uncomfortable. As your chakras began to vibrate at a higher frequency, you went deep into the cycles of releasing and integrating. You moved through the pandemic which affected every one of you even if you did not get sick. You witnessed the upsurge in the rise of the divine feminine, and conflicts and resolutions with race issues. You are in effect, freeing yourselves from all forms of enslavement.
Through all of this, your heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras have been opening and clearing over the last 2-3 years.
You are not done yet, but here is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It is time for your root chakra to be cleared of trauma, suffering and survival issues. You are being faced with not only a pandemic, but war, and that affects everyone’s root chakra. As you move through April, the energy will support you as you clear these deeply rooted survival and enslavement issues. They are already in your awareness, and many of you are feeling the movement in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. The support you are receiving in April will help you to clear these age old issues in your current life experience as well as in all of time. This is how it always works but we like to remind you of the profound effect that the work you are doing for yourself has on the collective, your ancestors, as well as the ones that come after you.
Once you clear root chakra trauma, you are free to experience the joy of living in full awareness of your true, authentic self. You have moved through the process of intellectualizing your Source consciousness self, to believing that You Are That. Now it is time to know Who You Are, and to know it experientially.
This is the true shift in your conscious awareness.
Not everyone will make this leap with you, and that is OK as you all have free will. You are not required to stay in a 3D world however. When you choose to exist in the high vibratory state of Grace, you are ultimately choosing to move into a higher vibrational dimension or “timeline.”  Your choice affects your external reality, so your world reflects back to you your choice to exist in 5D. Remember that you affect your external reality with your thoughts, words and actions. In Grace, you are able to witness everyone, regardless of their level of conscious awareness, in compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude and peace.
You are freeing yourself from the constraints of old beliefs and you are allowing others to choose for themselves, ultimately acknowledging their freedom as well.
April energy means freedom.
We know that you won’t give up at this point. We know that events that you witness in your world will reflect the 3D, 4D and 5D existences that you all are choosing in any given moment. We also know that you recognize your empowerment. You are realizing that when you choose to exist in 5D, that is what you experience.
With this awareness comes peace of mind and peace within the heart, and when you are at peace, your world responds.
We congratulate you for Being Here in this Now Moment, and invite you to pause, breathe, choose to raise your vibration and to be in Grace with us. As you settle into your natural state of Being we amplify it to you, within you, and to All.
Be at Peace.