The Infinite Well of Grace Within

You are Here. You have come to be Here, Now. You are here, now, to awaken from the dream, from the illusion of separation from Source. You embody Source consciousness, therefore you are Source in form.

Grace has always been within you. It exists in every atom of your Being, and you connect to it through your Heart.

Your heart is an infinite well of Grace. Grace is unconditional love, gratitude, forgiveness, peace, joy, curiosity and much more. Grace does not contain the energy of fear; that is a human construct/imprint/belief/pattern.

Fear is neither bad nor good. It simply is. It serves a purpose. In your lengthy existence as a human Being in a physical body, fear has become so deeply embedded that it seems to be a part of you yet it is not an integral part of you. It exists for a reason, and that reason has to do with ego. 

Ego is not good or bad, it simply  is. It serves a purpose within the human physical experience. You have fulfilled that purpose and now it is time to awaken and return to your natural state of Being; to Grace.

You have an infinite supply of Grace and today we are amplifying the connection to your own innate and infinite Well of Grace.

Bring your awareness to your heart, and connect to the feeling of Love. It helps to think of those that you love, so that you feel the warmth radiating out of your heart center. Feel yourself smile as the love you are feeling radiates out from your heart. When you are in the feeling nature of love your energy expands and the frequency of the love vibration emanates out to everyone and everything around you.

Now begin to feel deep gratitude for those that you love, and as you do, notice how your body, mind and thoughts shift. Notice how you feel expansive and calm. Let your smile extend to every muscle of your face and breathe deeply. As you settle further into this feeling, notice the peace and joy that bubble up from within you. Allow all of the wonder to flow forth from your heart.


Now, direct all of that amazing Grace inward to your own Self. Recognize and feel the love and gratitude you have for Who You Are and what you bring to the world. You are an integral part of All That Is, and what you are all experiencing now is exactly what you are here to do and Be. Allow the joy and excitement of this immense shift to fill you with awe, wonder and curiosity! 

Imagine that every aspect of Grace is flowing forth from your heart center, and filling a beautiful cup that truly overflows. Drink deeply from this cup, and nourish yourself with infinite Grace. 

Grace is fulfilling, energizing, nourishing, and it is ALL THAT YOU NEED. You need nothing else. You exist through and in Grace. It literally nourishes you in every way.

Now you are able to truly nourish and help others to recognize their own infinite well of Grace without depleting yourself of precious energy.

You are to always sate yourself with your infinite well of Grace first. This is how you heal the body and mind, and ultimately know your own Soul. Drink deeply and often from your cup and you will never thirst. 

You are transforming yourselves, and as you do, you are transforming the world.

All that has been deeply imprinted and embedded in the consciousness of humanity has been stirred up, and it is in the process of surfacing. The Earth is experiencing her version of this as are you. Many have left their physical existence and many will continue to do so. It is always their choice at the soul level.

As you drink deeply and often from your Infinite Well of Grace you may experience deeply embedded imprints surfacing. Many of you have been experiencing this for many months or years. All is well. This is your process of transformation while in the physical body. You experience exactly what you are able to move through, and some accepted greater “challenges” than others. Many of you chose to be healers and helpers while experiencing your own transformation.

Your deepest learning arises from your experiences. Every experience serves a purpose. When you have an experience, you are able to cognize it and learn from it. Insights from your experiences help you to consciously clear any energetic blocks that keep you from connecting to your infinite well of Grace, so that as you awaken you have easier access to what has always been a part of you. 

Deeply embedded imprints may surface as physical and mental symptoms of disease and/or imbalances in the chemicals of the brain. Deeply buried emotions are common as well. You have labels for these things, and those labels often carry an energetic connotation that causes fear. Recognize and acknowledge any fears that show up, asking for clarity, and then be patient as you await the answers. The answers are there, and as you continue to release energetic blocks that inhibit your connection to your infinite well of Grace, you begin to not only recognize the answers, but recognize that they are from your Highest Self rather than the ego.

We remind you that what you focus on is what you draw to you. When your focus is through the expansive lens of Grace, there is clarity, compassion, gratitude, peace and calm. Honor yourselves and each other because the next moment of Now depends on You.

PS We speak to you of Grace often because the more you are reminded of it, the more frequently you drop into it and each time you do, you are re-membering Who and What You Are. This is of the utmost importance Now, during the conscious transition into your New (i.e.: Original) way of being.

There have been multiple rather intense shifts in the electromagnetic field of the earth that affect you, as you are an electromagnetic being. These shifts may amplify the symptoms that we spoke about in this message because your physical body is rapidly changing to accommodate the influx of energy. You are aware of this at the soul level. If you feel fear around these changes, trust your innate Divine Knowing and seek trusted guidance. 

Today is an Important Day

Today is an important day. Every day is an important day because your thoughts are creating what you are experiencing in every moment.
Your thoughts are in the process of being reconfigured, based on what you are experiencing in your current external reality. Your current external realities are playing out the way they are because your old thought patterns are surfacing from the depths of your subconscious. Within the depths of your subconscious as well as the extent of your soul’s awareness (Or your Akashic Records) every old fear based pattern, belief and imprint is being triggered by current events. It is a cyclical event that you created in this dimension of time, in order to be free.

Your physical, emotional and mental bodies may be experiencing a variety of “symptoms” because you are finally coming face to face with every deep fear of being extinct and being separated from Source. 

You are actually SAFE ENOUGH in this conscious awareness to be able to face your deepest fears, and your physical, emotional and mental bodies are simply responding to the dramatic and in some cases drastic detoxification process. You chose this process. You and everyone else who is living on earth right now chose to be here to recognize, feel and experience your deepest fears, knowing within your God Self that you are not separate from Source, and that you cannot become extinct. This is the process of Enlightenment: Literally becoming lighter as you shed eons of fear. As you become enlightened you are no longer bound, restricted and limited by old thought patterns and imprints. There have to be physical, mental and emotional effects of this intense shift so that you are very consciously aware of the changes that are happening on a personal level as well as globally. There is no turning back. 

You are very capable of helping yourself and others through this process by remembering your natural state of Being, that of Grace. Grace is the energy of Source consciousness; that which You Are, and when you are consciously in the energy of Grace, you are in the flow of compassion, gratitude, peace, awe, curiosity, love, forgiveness. In other words you are existing in a state of prayer, or the highest vibrational state that is available to you in your beautiful human form. Within this state of Being, you literally draw to you and create miracles. You create miracles within the cellular structure of the body and your energy field, and this affects everyone and everything. In and through Grace you are creating a New Earth where you know that you are One with All and extinction is not possible. Within Grace, you are able to recognize that All is Well, right Now.