Paying Close Attention

As fast as the energy is moving through you, you are going to be feeling the repercussions in many ways.

If you have held Akashic memories in your solar plexus, you may feel an ache in the back and/or stomach upset and digestive issues.

If you carry it in your heart, you may feel deepened anxiety, restlessness, sleep disruptions. You may have all sorts of things happening, including cold and flu-like symptoms. Any of these may be related to actual illness, as you are deeply programmed to believe in illness, so treat yourself according to what feels best.

Understand too, that most physical, emotional and mental dis-eases may be the result of deep, old energy being moved.

Pay close attention to what is surfacing for you in your feelings, your dreams, and your interactions with others.

As you become more heart centered, and you consciously choose higher vibrational feelings, you’ll still feel frustrated, angry, sad, etc., but your overall vibration will reflect what you are ultimately choosing to feel.

In other words, you are returning to your natural state of Being: Grace.

The first quarter of 2024 is supportive of deep cleansing. 

What is underneath has always been there, but was mostly invisible to you, until now.

Others may see it before you do.

You may see it in others before you really recognize it within yourself.

Regardless, it is there, and you have it.

What is “it”? 

Grace. Your natural state of Being.

Breathe into this knowing and trust that it is true

Deeper Trust

That which you call God is pure consciousness. It is also what you would label as feminine energy. God/Source/Infinite Being/Creator is masculine and feminine, but the creator/birthing aspect of it is feminine.

This contradicts what most of humanity still believes about God, and it may bring feelings and emotions to the surface of your awareness. 

The energy that you are currently receiving is supportive of deep extrusion of the oldest, deepest and potentially most damaging old programs, beliefs and patterns. Everyone feels this in the ways that are best supportive of them with regards to the choices they have made so far in this lifetime. Every choice you have ever made is now old energy, and you are at a level of your own awareness where you have the ability to shift the energy of all your choices throughout your existence

That is a powerful statement. Understand that we are not talking about changing the past, but we are talking about changing the energy of the past through your ability to make conscious choices.

There are times that you chose prior to incarnating that would offer you, individually and as a collective, opportunities to turn deep beliefs upside down and you are in one of those times now.

The end of the previous cycle and the beginning of this next one create an opening for very intense light and energy to reach the Earth. These cycles coincide with the movement of the planets in your solar system as well as the expansion of the universe. The larger cycles are influenced by the movement of your planet around the sun, the moon around your planet and the astrological sign you were born into. 

Nothing is random.

Everything that you experience is a version of something that your soul has been expecting. You have free will, so your human self chooses what path you walk on each day, but the paths are variations of opportunities that you chose prior to incarnating in this life.

Within the last few years much has come to light that has caused most of you to question your deepest beliefs. The next few years will bring more of the same. Your opportunity is to make conscious choices, trusting your Highest Self, the aspect of you that has always been there, but not always readily available to you due to your very strong ego. You needed a strong ego to survive. You are now able to recognize the important role that ego played, and through acceptance of every choice you have made, ego and soul come into a deep alignment, allowing you to connect more fully with your Highest Self. Survival is no longer your main goal. Ascension: The soul driven desire to be One with All, is your goal in this lifetime.

You are constantly sharing information. Not just with the rest of humanity, but with everyone and everything throughout existence. Even when you hear, read, or see something that you don’t agree with, there is always the potential for that information to connect to something deep within your DNA. The more in touch you are with your Highest Self the easier it is to decipher all of the information that is available to you. You have been remembering how to use your discernment and learning how to use this information for your highest and best, and for the highest and best of those around you.

Today we are instilling within you a deeper sense of trust.

Trust yourSelf, trust what you feel within yourSelf. Trust the feminine aspect of yourSelf. You all have it within you, just like you all carry the divine masculine energy. The energy that this message brings is one of deeply trusting the Mother, the creator, the birther of All. The more you trust Her, the easier it is to trust your own divine feminine, the earth, your own mother, and the mother within you. Every one of you has been a mother in some existence so everyone of you has given birth. Because you carry the Akashic memory of everything within you, you have the cellular memory of birthing life. In fact you are constantly birthing new ideas that manifest into your life. These ideas are all shared within the information that you are constantly receiving and you instill your own energy and unique frequency into what you are manifesting in your life. 

In doing this, you make everything new because you are perceiving everything in your life from a higher vibrational perspective. You are literally seeing everything and everyone in newness, from the perspective of acceptance. This new perspective opens the door to trusting yourSelf first and foremost and when you trust yourSelf, every choice you make reflects that.

Trust is imperative in order for you to move forward into this new and very exciting phase of your life because so much is opening up for you in ways that you have not experienced in your life. We invite you to feel the excitement, the joy and the expansiveness of this energy. As always we hold you in the highest esteem, as you are here, now, experiencing so much that we cannot. And you do this for All.

January Energy

You are at a much higher level of conscious choice and awareness now than you were a year ago. This means that you are able to receive more light and energy, and it can be intense for the psyche and the body to try to interpret and integrate. This is a natural process. 

When you are moving great amounts of energy (as you are now) it often does not feel good. Stay with it, in the energy of presence and acceptance. Answers may come to you, or you may simply move through the intensity and then be able to choose to feel differently. The new, very long cycle that you are in now consists of many smaller cycles that overlap one another. The cycles are loosely connected to solar cycles and the movement of the planets in your solar system, but you also have your own personal cycles of growth.

Be gentle with yourself, rest when you feel the need to, letting go of old expectations and beliefs. Changes are happening much more quickly now and that goes for your body too.

Sometimes short illnesses may arise as your body is integrating more light and energy. This may signify the releasing of old, deeply embedded energy.

Welcome to the new energy.

A New Cycle Begins

You are beginning a new cycle of your existence, and it is very different from anything you have experienced before.

Your humanness, that part of you that has been led by the ego may try to resist the energy of this cycle but you have chosen to allow your highest self to be your main guide as you continue to ascend your own sacred mountain. 

There is energy in the words that you are reading that moves deep within your subconscious awareness where it strikes a chord of awakening, activating an aspect of your God/Source consciousness. Your human self may need to read or hear things many times from many sources before that particular activation occurs. That is because your mind and ego are strong and that strength has served you very well. You are now aware that as you ascend your sacred mountain, you no longer need the protection of your ego nearly as much. That is a freeing awareness, and one that you have been waiting to claim for a long time.

Acceptance is the key that opens the door to the light. 

When you are in acceptance of your ego, your body, and where you are in this moment of now, you are opening the door, allowing in the light so that it shines into the deepest and darkest recesses of your inner self and your subconscious awareness. Where there is light, darkness cannot exist because light is active.

When you are in acceptance of every aspect of yourself, it becomes easy to be in acceptance of others, especially those that have challenged you. When you are in acceptance, you are working with and directing light while activating your own cells to produce more light.
When you produce light, you are literally emanating and amplifying it into your energy field. Light is active and illuminates everything in its path, including those around you and your external reality. You are literally a beacon of light and energy.

2024 begins a new cycle spanning the next 10 or so years of your life, and the first few years of this great cycle will be about light: Activating it, remembering how to use it for your highest good, amplifying it into your personal world and the world in general. The active nature of your light will amplify all that has been shoved into the darkest corners of your world. What has been shoved under the rug and into the corners may be shocking to some, yet it has to be brought to the light of awareness so that you no longer repeat the past.

The past is old energy. If you are reading this, you are ready to exist in the energy of Grace, amplifying your light into your world, actively participating in changing how you live life on earth. The next 3-4 years will bring much change in how you perceive yourselves and others and this will affect your medical industry, the military, world leaders, your monetary system, your economy, your climate. It affects every aspect of life as you know it and you are here to play your part.

Earth is resilient, and so are you. 

You have literally been compressed by the density of living in a 3D world for many, many lifetimes, and now you are becoming aware of the freedom that is available to you. 

That takes getting used to. Be gentle with yourselves, and as you are you are more gentle with others.

2024 energy is exciting, offering myriad opportunities for personal growth. You each expand in your unique way, connecting every more deeply with your unique frequency, and as you do, your frequency connects more palpably to the frequency of others. You have already felt this, and that is only going to grow. Stretching one’s awareness and recognizing just how resilient you are is not always painless, yet growing pains don’t last forever. You are accustomed to growing pains, as the last years have shown you, and in the coming years your growth will be less painful and more fulfilling because you are remembering Who You Are, therefore Who You ALL Are.

2024 offers deeper fulfillment on a personal level, and as you feel this, your sense of acceptance, peace and fulfillment fills your energy field, expanding it broader and wider than ever. You may be a catalyst for others as your energy and light invite them to grow. Your personal growth is part of the growth of humanity, and everyone is evolving at their own rate, based on the choices they made prior to incarnating. Accepting everyone’s level of growth is key to existing in Grace.

Each day is an opportunity for you to choose to exist in Grace and as you do your evolution becomes a conscious choice.

This new cycle of your life brings conscious choice to the forefront of your awareness. 

You are an incredibly empowered Being of light and this year is the beginning of the era when you truly know this. It is no longer just an idea, and it is deeper than a belief. It is now something that you know to be true. 

Feel the energy of these words.

Such love and honor to you as you begin this beautiful new existence.

Solstice Message for 12/22/23

It is all about You right now.

The words “I AM” are the most powerful words that you can utter, and right now is the perfect time to deepen into this practice.

Whatever words follow I AM are going out into the multiverse as well as into all of time and you are now able to shift the energy of every existence with those words.

Read that again and recognize the truth in that statement.

Much has shifted as you are completing a very long cycle and beginning a new one. This new cycle spans the next 10-15 year phase of your life, and for the past handful of years you have been creating a new template in preparation for this time.

Within the next decade your life will become very different. 

The world will be different.

You are manifesting this now, and have been doing so for many years.

There is still work to be done, and if you are here now you are doing the work necessary to manifest great change.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. You are complete. You are love. You are grace embodied. You are Source incarnated. You are amazing: Able to amaze yourself and others in love guided and life altering ways.
As you do this, notice how you feel, notice the way your body responds. 

Accept how you feel, and continue to declare to yourself and the universe how magnificent you are.

When you do this, you are altering the structure of your cells at the atomic level. 

We cannot state this more emphatically.

You are here now to shift the consciousness of humanity, and in doing so, it shifts the energy throughout time and space. 

You are a part of All that is, so the changes you instigate affect All.

There is so much love for you from all of us.

Big Changes

For the second time in this year of transition, you are receiving an influx of high intensity, very high energy cosmic light that is entering your galaxy for the very first time. This particular cosmic light is one that is not identifiable by science.

What it means for you is the end of a very long cycle that includes oppression and subjugation.

You are constantly in cycles as they overlap, and whatever it is that you are integrating and releasing at any moment is going to coincide with whatever is next for your highest and best.

2023 has been a year of often intense transition, and December energy is coming in strong to help clear out all that is left.

This doesn’t mean that oppression and subjugation are gone from your world, but with the end of this cycle, many of the deepest roots of it are no longer embedded in the earth and within your subconscious.

This is very good news for you.

You have been evolving so rapidly that in many ways, you don’t even know you are changing. It is easy to fall back into old belief patterns and look at the world from the old perspectives, and this is to be expected because you are human, and you carry within you the cellular memory of old programming, beliefs, etc.

Yet you are now cognizant of your Highest self and you heed your soul’s guidance more now than you ever have and that changes how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

You are ready for this very high energy cosmic light.

Your body can handle it now because your DNA and the mitochondria in your cells have released so much dense energy and are now not only holding more light, but creating more light.

Yes, you are creating light.

You are altering your energy field every time you choose to raise your vibration and connect to your own God/Source frequency.

Your energy field extends into the world around you, and effectively manifests a higher vibrational reality for you. You are literally altering the energy around you at every moment by amplifying your light. 

This is empowerment and it is yours.

2024 will be the year that this awareness within the shared consciousness of humanity starts to manifest in your world.

Combined with the deeper releasing of oppression and subjugation, this awareness invites in the level of consciousness that supports a 5D timeline.

You are doing what you came here to do!

The 12/12 portal energy is amplified by this cosmic light, and it will bring big changes in your world; including the beginning of the 5D manifestations that you have been dreaming of.

There are many who have been working diligently behind the scenes to help people prepare for the changes that 2024 will begin to bring in and if you are reading this, you are one of them. 

2024 is the start of true New Energy. 

In many ways it is the beginning of a very large new cycle that sets the tone for the next 15 years or so; the beginning of a new era.

The exciting thing for you as humans is that you get to manifest what your heart desires in this new, very beautiful cycle.

You are ready to do this. You have worked very hard to expand your consciousness, embracing ego and all of the aspects of yourself, including the shadow aspects. In doing the inner work, you recognize all that is no longer serving you and your fellow humans, and you are making the choice to be open to new energy, new ideas, and a new world.

This next cycle will span a number of years as the extended roots of oppression and subjugation are loosened and released with Grace. While this is happening, there will be more pockets of joy, more opportunities to witness growth and change within yourselves and your world. You chose to be here to participate in this shift and to experience it firsthand. It is always a choice.

Embrace this high vibrational light, aware that it is changing your cellular structure, and in doing so, offering you a deeper, more cognizant level of awareness. Moving forward from this moment of now is different, new, and exciting. Trust what your soul is telling you through how you feel. What you choose to do in the next moment may be very different from what you chose a year ago, or 10 years ago. We invite you to embrace the unknown because the unknown is what you came here to experience. You already know the past, and of all that is now old energy.

Welcome to the end of a very old cycle, and the beginning of all that is new.

You are always held in the energy of Grace.