Big Changes

For the second time in this year of transition, you are receiving an influx of high intensity, very high energy cosmic light that is entering your galaxy for the very first time. This particular cosmic light is one that is not identifiable by science.

What it means for you is the end of a very long cycle that includes oppression and subjugation.

You are constantly in cycles as they overlap, and whatever it is that you are integrating and releasing at any moment is going to coincide with whatever is next for your highest and best.

2023 has been a year of often intense transition, and December energy is coming in strong to help clear out all that is left.

This doesn’t mean that oppression and subjugation are gone from your world, but with the end of this cycle, many of the deepest roots of it are no longer embedded in the earth and within your subconscious.

This is very good news for you.

You have been evolving so rapidly that in many ways, you don’t even know you are changing. It is easy to fall back into old belief patterns and look at the world from the old perspectives, and this is to be expected because you are human, and you carry within you the cellular memory of old programming, beliefs, etc.

Yet you are now cognizant of your Highest self and you heed your soul’s guidance more now than you ever have and that changes how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

You are ready for this very high energy cosmic light.

Your body can handle it now because your DNA and the mitochondria in your cells have released so much dense energy and are now not only holding more light, but creating more light.

Yes, you are creating light.

You are altering your energy field every time you choose to raise your vibration and connect to your own God/Source frequency.

Your energy field extends into the world around you, and effectively manifests a higher vibrational reality for you. You are literally altering the energy around you at every moment by amplifying your light. 

This is empowerment and it is yours.

2024 will be the year that this awareness within the shared consciousness of humanity starts to manifest in your world.

Combined with the deeper releasing of oppression and subjugation, this awareness invites in the level of consciousness that supports a 5D timeline.

You are doing what you came here to do!

The 12/12 portal energy is amplified by this cosmic light, and it will bring big changes in your world; including the beginning of the 5D manifestations that you have been dreaming of.

There are many who have been working diligently behind the scenes to help people prepare for the changes that 2024 will begin to bring in and if you are reading this, you are one of them. 

2024 is the start of true New Energy. 

In many ways it is the beginning of a very large new cycle that sets the tone for the next 15 years or so; the beginning of a new era.

The exciting thing for you as humans is that you get to manifest what your heart desires in this new, very beautiful cycle.

You are ready to do this. You have worked very hard to expand your consciousness, embracing ego and all of the aspects of yourself, including the shadow aspects. In doing the inner work, you recognize all that is no longer serving you and your fellow humans, and you are making the choice to be open to new energy, new ideas, and a new world.

This next cycle will span a number of years as the extended roots of oppression and subjugation are loosened and released with Grace. While this is happening, there will be more pockets of joy, more opportunities to witness growth and change within yourselves and your world. You chose to be here to participate in this shift and to experience it firsthand. It is always a choice.

Embrace this high vibrational light, aware that it is changing your cellular structure, and in doing so, offering you a deeper, more cognizant level of awareness. Moving forward from this moment of now is different, new, and exciting. Trust what your soul is telling you through how you feel. What you choose to do in the next moment may be very different from what you chose a year ago, or 10 years ago. We invite you to embrace the unknown because the unknown is what you came here to experience. You already know the past, and of all that is now old energy.

Welcome to the end of a very old cycle, and the beginning of all that is new.

You are always held in the energy of Grace.

November Shifting Energy

Time is an illusion and many of you are recognizing that as true more than ever before, especially if you have changed your clocks back. That action awakened a timed release mini download that is being activated by the solar activity of the sun. 

“Timed release” is an interesting term for us to use as time is an illusion, but it gets the point across. You chose to receive this current activation now, as the level of awareness you are experiencing is conducive to what you are now ready for.

Your body may feel off balance, maybe even a little ill. You may feel very tired, and your sleep schedule may be off. You are in the process of detoxing old energy that now acts as poison to your changing body. Be gentle with yourself and listen to your body. Now is the time to recognize that pushing yourself to do something may be an old pattern that your body finds uncomfortable.

Things are changing and you are changing too.

The best thing you can do is to BE, and to go with the flow of your own inner guidance.

Breathe, find peace within, and be in acceptance of all that is changing within and externally of you.

There is always something to be grateful for, and as you settle into peaceful gratitude, in acceptance of where you are right now, the energy shifts.

As it shifts, you might find yourself feeling some emotions as the old energy surfaces. 

Accept it as something that you no longer need, and in letting go, you are free.

Trust this process.

Accept this process.

Be present with this process.

All is well.

To Be in the Present Moment

You are remembering how to Be in the present moment, the only moment there is. 

Being present still may not feel comfortable, but the more you allow yourself to Be in the present, the more you’ll connect to the “memory” of it. The memory of Being has been overridden by the belief that you must always be doing something and that it must be productive. You have also been taught that thinking about the past and being worried about the future keeps you motivated to do all that you need to do. Those beliefs have served you over myriad lifetimes including this one, and they’re now old energy. We are not saying that you should not be productive. We are simply reminding you that Being present is just as important, and it is necessary for your wellbeing. 

Finding balance within and recognizing that how you survived in the past is changing, Remembering how empowering it is to be present is where your focus is now. 

You carry the memory of everything within you, and these memories don’t reside in your brain. The energy of these memories resides in your DNA, and until recently, that DNA was called “junk.” What used to be called junk is now coming online for you and as it does it is awakening the cellular memories of every experience that you can imagine. What we call your Source DNA is designed to awaken within you now. 

This does not necessarily mean that you will remember every past life, although some of you are remembering bits and pieces of things that you may not be able to explain. What some of you are feeling, and more of you will start to feel are the emotions, the feelings associated with these memories. Many of you are experiencing aspects of these memories in your dreams, and as you evolve your brain will not have to try so hard to make sense of what your soul is experiencing in multiple dimensions at one time. 

You’ll just know. 

“Just knowing” means that you are allowing what is occurring to occur without actively resisting it. It also means that you are in acceptance of the changes that you are moving through physically and spiritually and that you trust the knowing of Who and What you are.

October energy was supportive of stepping into new experiences and many of these experiences involved stepping out of what is known to you and into situations that offered you the opportunity to trust your intuition more than you may have before. Some of this may have been uncomfortable at first. 

New experiences may have shown up as ideas, or the feeling of potentiality that may not have been open to you previously. Each of you will experience new energy in your own way, a way designed by you prior to your incarnation into this lifetime. You will find that as you embrace this energy more fully, others step forward to help you to shape and manifest the potential into something that matters. 

You are literally making things matter through your willingness to step into the energy of new experiences. You do this by being present in the moment, as this is when you are in your empowerment and able to recognize new energy. You cannot do this while regretting the past or being worried about the future.

You are ready for this, and this is the way forward for you. It is a different way of existing in a physical body because so much more of your spiritual self is becoming more apparent. Seeking balance and alignment is important because your physical body is working hard to adjust to the changes that are happening continuously. (Some would say relentlessly, but that is a perspective, and one that can be changed anytime through making a choice.)

As information within your DNA comes online, it is activating the neural pathways in your brain and nervous system, clearing out the dense energy of old patterns and beliefs, and you are remembering how to respond from this new alignment within you. Your old “go to” was to react from a constricted nervous system that was always in some form of fight or flight mode. This has taxed your body for many lifetimes, and now your body is remembering how to respond instead of react. You are able to assist yourself in this by being present, grateful to and for your body, and from that state of being, invite your cells to regenerate with no memory of trauma. You are consciously and lovingly directing the energy of your body to do something that it does automatically. This is a very big step in the awareness of your own empowerment.

The ability to respond is generated through being present which is when you are able to choose how you feel. Reacting is generated by a nervous system that is stressed and poised for fight or flight, constantly revisiting the past and worried about what is next.

Your body knows how to respond instead of react, and you are actively participating in this realignment by Being present.

You have grown so much in the last years, and it is beautiful to witness. 

You are continuing to grow into your full potential, which the human ego cannot truly comprehend. In order to begin to comprehend it, you have to leave the mind and be in your heart. In many ways you are “losing your mind.” That is a figure of speech but it is also a fairly accurate way to describe the process that you are moving very quickly through. As you incrementally let go of old energy and are in the present enough to be open to new ideas, you are expanding neural pathways and in some cases, creating new ones. The old “stuff” is released through areas of your brain like the occipital and parietal lobes. This allows for more brain space for broader, more expansive perception. Your pineal gland has a more open connection to other areas of your brain, so your perceptions of your inner and outer world expand. You are literally able to perceive more than you ever have. This process opens your inner and dream worlds as well. You all experience this rapid expansiveness in different ways and we invite you to be in acceptance of how you experience your growing expansiveness. Acceptance itself is expansive, where resistance is constrictive, restricting the scope and freedom of action; the action of your ever expanding Self.

You are invited to Be in acceptance of your beautiful, miraculous ever expanding Self in the present moment. So much is occurring for you in this time, and it is beautiful to witness the awakening of your Source DNA.

New Experiences

Before reading this message, take a deep breath in and as you exhale, allow yourself to imagine that anything is possible. Whatever you can imagine exists somewhere, and if you can imagine it, that means that in some realm of time and space you have experienced it.
That statement may open the door to many different thoughts, as it should.

Take another deep breath in and as you exhale, let any judgment that may have risen about any of those thoughts fall away from you.

The experience, and all that encompasses an experience is what you came here for. 

It is time for you to experience even more, and now, many of your experiences will be new ones for you as a human being. As Source consciousness you know all, but you cannot experience things the way a lower vibrational physical being can. We say lower vibrational because you have to be vibrating at a lower rate in order to be in a physical body. It is not better or worse than existing in a higher vibrational state, it is just a state of being; one that is necessary for you to experience all that there is to experience.

These new experiences are ones that you are ready for as you consciously raise your vibration. As you recognize your own frequency and your ability to sustain a higher vibration simply by choosing to do so, you are consciously choosing to alter the physical structure of your body. You are still in a body, and that body is becoming more light, literally and figuratively. Things are shifting rather quickly now and that enables you to experience things that before now were not widely available to the human experience.

What are some of these experiences?
Ultimately you get to choose what you experience, but some of the experiences many of you will choose involve meeting beings from other star systems. Some of you have already encountered them, but may not recall your experience. There are many reasons for that, and they are individual to each person. None are bad, although humans tend to judge them, based on beliefs. 

In fact nothing is good or bad, right or wrong. Everything is an experience. It is very challenging to understand that from a human perspective because you have an ego. That is how you designed it, so that you could build a foundation of beliefs. That foundation has served you well over the centuries, and you are now at a level of awareness where you can (and have for the most part) dismantled much of the old foundation. 

Most of your old beliefs no longer apply. You have been creating a new template for a number of years now, and that template looks and feels very different from the old foundation.

Other new experiences include medical breakthroughs and discoveries that coincide with the changing physical body. Old beliefs come into play here because so many of your institutions were built on the foundation of the beliefs that you chose and made real for yourselves. Every belief, every institution built upon those foundational beliefs has served the purpose for you to have the experiences that you’ve encountered so far. 

We understand that this may bring up deep feelings, beliefs, and maybe emotion, and that is what this message is designed to do. You are always moving energy, as energy is what you are. We are helping you to move energy, and when energy is moved, it may uncover deep feelings, and some of them may be uncomfortable. These feelings are meant to be acknowledged rather than suppressed because acknowledging them allows them to move out of your system. When something is repressed, it is not able to move, and a lack of movement creates a stagnant and unhealthy environment within the body and the psyche.

Other new experiences will arise as some of the chaos that you find yourselves in settles. As old beliefs are challenged, there will always be those who choose to stay in the old energy because it is known and recognized by the ego. You designed the ego to keep you focused on the path ahead of you so that you would survive the challenges of the world. Now that you are more aware of the myriad choices that you have, combined with your expanding awareness of your God Self, the ego is no longer your primary guide. 

Your soul is your primary guide. The human self has to adjust to this by accepting and loving every aspect of self, including the ego, which has been focused on judging what you have believed to be right and wrong for lifetimes, based on your beliefs.

October energy supports the opportunity for new experiences. 

August and September brought intense energy and deeper awareness. October is a time to take some deep breaths and begin to use all that energy you have been receiving over the last months.

You do this using your intention and by allowing judgment to fall away. Anything that you judge will be brought to your attention in order to be accepted, and in the acceptance there is movement of the old energy.

As humans, you give one another the gift of helping by being catalysts for each other, and what a beautiful gift that is! It can be challenging, but what we can witness from our perspective is that at the soul level, it is all about love. There is no ego at the soul level, so every encounter, especially the challenging ones, are ones that you chose to experience so that you would grow and expand, ultimately letting go of judgment, always moving deeper into acceptance. It truly begins with yourself, and expands outward into those you know, and ultimately the world.

You are now moving through experiences of growth in a matter of weeks or days that in the past would have taken months or years.

You recognize that this is happening because time feels like it is speeding up. What is really happening is that your belief about time is changing and as all of you change your belief, it becomes your new reality. 

So many new experiences are becoming available to you as you continue to grow and evolve. It is a wondrous thing to witness you stepping into your God-Selves.