Be at Peace, Freedom is Near

Intense fluctuations of energy are flooding your planet. You move through cycles of what you are able to absorb and integrate, and your physical, emotional and mental bodies respond according to what old patterns, beliefs and karmic entanglements you need to release. Your emotional, physical and mental bodies will not necessarily respond in the same way or at the same time as each other so you may experience periods of intense emotional upheaval, a physical illness or some combination of all of it.
This is by your own design. You, as Source, chose to experience this time of ascension and awakening in this way so that you would fully appreciate every aspect of it.
As a collective, you share your energy with the earth and vice versa, so as the earth releases massive amounts of old Akashic energy, so do you. When you (and the earth) are in the process of releasing massive amounts of old energy you are very open to receiving greater amounts of new, very high vibrational energy. This energy enters your auric field, your body, your cells and your DNA. This energy creates more photons, or light in your cells, displacing old, diseased, toxic and dead cells that carry the energy of enslavement.
Integration of this energy and light begins once you have received it, so you don’t necessarily feel the “effects’ until you have moved through a cycle of intense flooding of new energy and the release of old energy. This varies from person to person, and depending on choices you made prior to incarnating in this life, you may have chosen to feel things more acutely in the physical body through illness, emotionally, or through what you would call mental illness. These are all labels that humans have created, and from our perspective, they are meaningless. We are not minimizing what you are feeling, yet what we witness is very simply, the releasing of lifetimes of unhealed patterns and the integration of your true and authentic Source consciousness.
What is important for you to know is that each and every person is moving through these cycles. Many are still unaware, and are fighting against awakening to their true and divine nature. Those that are aware and awake are invited to truly recognize the power in your ability to choose how you feel, what your thoughts are, the words you speak and the actions that follow your words. When you choose to raise your vibration and feel compassion for others for example, you are affecting those around you as well as your world.
April energy is a completion of a larger cycle. To put it simply, the steady increase in light, energy and information over the past handful of years was designed (by you) to help you to awaken to your true and authentic self; Your Source consciousness self. It began in earnest with an opening in your upper chakras. For many of you there was a possibly intense opening and clearing of your third eye or pineal gland. Others may have felt an opening (or even a constricting) of the heart as the heart chakra opened and cleared old energy.
The opening and clearing of the upper chakras needed to occur first so that you would begin to re-cognize and re-member Who You Are. We hyphenate the words to emphasize them: You are re entering the membership you have always had with your Source consciousness. It has never left you, but you did forget that you are All That Is, and you did that by choice in order to experience everything: Life, death, rebirth, suffering, enslavement, greed, darkness and of course, light, love, joy, peace, grace.
Reclaiming your empowerment, your Divine self awareness is your goal in this lifetime, and you do this by raising your vibration through your intention.
As you began to remember how to raise your vibration by returning to the feeling nature of Grace (your natural state of Being) you were able to receive more and more light and energy. This process instigated a lot of change, and much of it was very uncomfortable. As your chakras began to vibrate at a higher frequency, you went deep into the cycles of releasing and integrating. You moved through the pandemic which affected every one of you even if you did not get sick. You witnessed the upsurge in the rise of the divine feminine, and conflicts and resolutions with race issues. You are in effect, freeing yourselves from all forms of enslavement.
Through all of this, your heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras have been opening and clearing over the last 2-3 years.
You are not done yet, but here is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It is time for your root chakra to be cleared of trauma, suffering and survival issues. You are being faced with not only a pandemic, but war, and that affects everyone’s root chakra. As you move through April, the energy will support you as you clear these deeply rooted survival and enslavement issues. They are already in your awareness, and many of you are feeling the movement in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. The support you are receiving in April will help you to clear these age old issues in your current life experience as well as in all of time. This is how it always works but we like to remind you of the profound effect that the work you are doing for yourself has on the collective, your ancestors, as well as the ones that come after you.
Once you clear root chakra trauma, you are free to experience the joy of living in full awareness of your true, authentic self. You have moved through the process of intellectualizing your Source consciousness self, to believing that You Are That. Now it is time to know Who You Are, and to know it experientially.
This is the true shift in your conscious awareness.
Not everyone will make this leap with you, and that is OK as you all have free will. You are not required to stay in a 3D world however. When you choose to exist in the high vibratory state of Grace, you are ultimately choosing to move into a higher vibrational dimension or “timeline.”  Your choice affects your external reality, so your world reflects back to you your choice to exist in 5D. Remember that you affect your external reality with your thoughts, words and actions. In Grace, you are able to witness everyone, regardless of their level of conscious awareness, in compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude and peace.
You are freeing yourself from the constraints of old beliefs and you are allowing others to choose for themselves, ultimately acknowledging their freedom as well.
April energy means freedom.
We know that you won’t give up at this point. We know that events that you witness in your world will reflect the 3D, 4D and 5D existences that you all are choosing in any given moment. We also know that you recognize your empowerment. You are realizing that when you choose to exist in 5D, that is what you experience.
With this awareness comes peace of mind and peace within the heart, and when you are at peace, your world responds.
We congratulate you for Being Here in this Now Moment, and invite you to pause, breathe, choose to raise your vibration and to be in Grace with us. As you settle into your natural state of Being we amplify it to you, within you, and to All.
Be at Peace.

Urging and Purging

When you have an urge to do something, it is like a need to act. Often the urge to act comes from ego, or from a deep desire to be needed, accepted, loved, revered, worshiped, or simply seen as attractive in the eyes of another.

The ego pushes us to act on some urges in order to feel satisfied.

In the past this has worked, albeit temporarily.

When we act on ego driven urges we are potentially temporarily satisfied but not fulfilled. The need often continues until or unless we address it at a deeper level, which means looking inward and acknowledging our wounds.

 The beginning of 2022 was for many, a time of deep purging.

Purging is like having an urge, with your soul adding an extra (often involuntary) push to release the urge from deep within the subconscious, so that ego is not involved in acting on the original urge.

(Soul guided) Push + (ego driven) Urge = Purge

Purging deep woundedness may show up in your life as an illness, a major life change that upsets your way of life, or some other potential upheaval that offers you an opportunity to look more deeply within yourself.

The opportunity here is to take the time to examine what is happening in your life from your natural state of Being, that of Grace.

For many, the first instinct is to drop into fear, doubt, anger, even defensiveness.  This is certainly a choice one may make.It is also choosing to continue with old patterns. You can then change your mind, making the choice to look deeper within for guidance.

You are now at a level of the conscious awareness of your Divine Nature that you no longer care to be in the story of your wounds. That ego driven desire is gone.

That in and of itself is a sign of healing and freedom from enslavement to old patterns and beliefs.

Be at peace with yourself as you purge old energy.

Choose Your Superpower

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
In reality, your ability to choose a superpower IS a superpower.
You have the ability to choose how you feel at any moment.
Making a choice is a superpower.
We often remind you that Gratitude is your superpower and that will always remain true. Yet you are always making choices: In every moment you choose a thought, a feeling, a way of Being.
Allowing yourself to recognize choice as a superpower elevates your awareness of the choices that you make.
This changes your perspective, which affects how you perceive yourself and the world around you. This is growth, both on a personal and collective level.
In every moment, you are choosing between war and peace.
Think about that for a moment.
Any time you think negatively about yourself, you are waging war on yourself. The same goes for the angry thoughts you sent to the driver who cut you off the other day and the world leader who wages war on another country.
Your thoughts are only growing more powerful as you continue to awaken.
You get to choose your internal and external realities.
When you choose to be at peace with your own body for instance, you are shifting the energy within yourself; within the cells of your body as well as your energy field. Your body will respond. It may not be immediate, but the more you do it, the more you are affecting change within. This choice affects your external reality because your higher vibrational energy is an invitation to those around you to match your higher vibration.
The bigger picture is that you are one with all that is, so when you choose peace, you are connecting to everyone else’s choices of similar vibration and that is when major changes begin to happen. Every thought that you have connects with like thoughts, which then manifest in your external reality. This process is speeding up as you continue to awaken into the deeper knowing of your own Divine Nature.
Conscious Evolution: You have a choice in how you evolve.
This is a very big part of why you incarnated into this lifetime.
Prior to incarnating, you were aware that you were going to awaken to your own Divine Nature.
You were aware that you have been enslaved for eons by and for many beings, things and reasons.
You were aware of the opportunity available to you in this lifetime to consciously choose how you were going to evolve through your awakening to your Divine Nature.
You are doing this by choosing Peace instead of war.
You are doing this by consciously connecting to your natural State of Being, that of Grace.
You are making the choice to consciously raise your vibration to awaken, ascend, and evolve into your true and original Beingness: Source. Goddess. Creator. God.
Choosing how you evolve changes history.
You read that right.
Because you are constantly deepening your awareness of your Divine Nature, your choices have a ripple effect through all of time and space. We have spoken often of your multidimensionality and your growing ability to perceive aspects of yourself that exist in what you call the past and the future. With deepening awareness comes the deepening power of Source/Goddess/Creator/God that is within you.
As a human you could not change the energy of the past. 
As aspects of Source, you are able to shift the energy of the past and the future through conscious and purposeful evolution.
Your thoughts carry electromagnetic energy. You are expanding into your ability to exist in multiple dimensions in any given moment. You are in the process of gaining access to your original Akash, which is the essence of Source Consciousness in your DNA.
You Are That.
The most powerful statement that you can make is “I AM.” The words that follow “I AM” carry immense power. 
This is true Freedom.
Source, Goddess, Creator, God is not enslaved by anyone or anything.
The energy of the first months of 2022 caused many of you to deeply purge anything energetically unhealed within you through illness, emotional upheaval or changes in your life. January and February’s energies carried deeply cleansing aspects that are preparing you for the energy of March.
As the equinox and a new season are upon you, new information may be brought to light. Some of it may be surprising or shocking. We gently remind you that you always get to choose how you feel, and that is empowering and powerful. Choosing peace, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, and amplifying it out to those around you and the world will change the course of how you move forward as a collective.
This is how you consciously evolve.
You are ready for this.
Be at Peace.

Creating Your New Template

There are many exciting things that have been happening to and for you for quite some time. From the human perspective, many still perceive the human experience as a trial: Challenging and difficult from the perspective of fear. From our perspective, we witness you gradually transcending the old ways, beliefs and patterns as your belief in Who You Are deepens. As this happens, you move beyond the belief that fear does not control you into the knowing that fear serves a purpose but it is not a part of Who You Are.

 Just the fact that you are  moving beyond “believing” and into “knowing” is cause for celebration. And that is only the beginning!

Not only have you been shedding Akashic memories of trauma and suffering, you have been integrating more of your Highest Self which means that in each moment of Now you have a deeper and more cognizant knowing that you are Divine. You have moved beyond just the idea that you are a creator and with that came a new belief: The belief that this could possibly be true for you. 

You are now moving into knowing that you are a Divine Being; not just an aspect of Source, but that same conscious energy. 

This knowing of Who You Are changes everything because it is no longer just a belief.

Your beliefs change as you evolve and grow. Divine Truths are interwoven with the Laws of the Universe. You are entering into deeper clarity of your Divine Truth as you leave old beliefs behind. You will still have beliefs and they will still continue to shift as you grow, but the knowing of Who You Are only expands and deepens as you move closer to Oneness Consciousness.

You have known for a while that your old foundations no longer support you. In fact, they no longer exist. There is excitement, anticipation, and maybe a little fear in that revelation, but you are here now in order to create your new template.

The base of your new template is your original DNA,  or your original blueprint, also known as your original Akashic Record.

Your original Akashic Record is your natural state of Being; Grace. It is a vibration, a way of Being, and as Source consciousness, that is all that you knew. 

Grace is your original energetic vibration, and it has been very effectively buried for millenia under the guise of being human.

All of the work that you have been doing on yourself for these many years has been to uncover your original Akash, to find and reconnect with your Natural State of Being and to remember that you are Source consciousness.

Take a moment and allow yourself to integrate and celebrate this marvelous and exciting time of immense growth! 

Your new template is being created by You on your own personal journey as well as by You as a Collective. Your new template is flexible, fluid and flows with the universal energy of movement and expansion. You are using your own life force, soul energy, Divine knowing, love and gratitude to build this new way of Being for yourself and for those around you. You are placing it in a very lovely and comfortable place that you have been before, but not as a human. 

Where is this place?
It is your future.

We speak often of this moment of Now. There is only this moment of Now, so how can you create your new template in your future? 

Because you have been there before.

In fact, aspects of you are there now. 

Remember that time is a human construct that has served you well, but a construct it is. You are moving beyond the belief in constructs and as you do, you open your awareness to the freedom of no time, or all of time. You are not limited to regretting the past or worrying about the future because it is all Here, Now. When you are focused in the present moment there is no “time” so what you are focusing on is manifesting in what you would call the past, the present and the future. 

You are always affecting your Akashic Records, shifting the energy in all of time, with your thoughts. 

You are changing your history and re-creating the future.

That is a big one for some of you, yet if you allow it, you will feel the Truth of that statement.

You exist in a very exciting time! 

This is why you are here: To change everything so that you are no longer enslaved by the past. You are doing this through Grace: Love, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, peace, compassion, joy, awe and wonder. 

Your energy matrix.

You are each creating your new template, which then begins to merge with others’ templates. You also have an energy field around you. Some call it a Merkaba, or a matrix.  We will call it a matrix because a matrix is an environment in which something develops, and You are constantly developing. As you grow and develop into your highest self here on earth, your energy matrix is a reflection of that. It brightens and expands just as you do. Your energy matrix is constantly interacting with whoever and whatever is around you,  as are others’ energy matrices.

Everything and everyone is interconnected via energy, so we invite you to be very conscious of your energy matrix as it affects everything that you interact with, even the earth, the rocks, the water.

You are here to raise your vibration; to ascend.

The earth you live on is also ascending as is everything that exists in and on her. 

So your energy matrix is of vital importance to All. Even if you are a hermit and see no one, you still live on the earth, breathe the air and interact in nature.

Present moment awareness

You are in a new calendar year, and this year will seem to move by quite rapidly as you step further out of time constraints. We invite you not to fear this seemingly rapid movement of time, but to embrace the present moment. That is how you actually play with “time”; by being present. It immediately brings your awareness to the Now moment, where you are able to feel all of time around you. Present moment awareness is feeling all of time as a spiral, or circular flow all around you. When you are present, you are in the universal flow of energy, and there is no better place to Be.

When you are at peace in the present moment, that peace is reflected and amplified throughout all of time, and it has an effect. 

The same goes for fear, or whatever you are feeling at the moment. You always get to choose how you feel at any given moment. We do understand that it is not always easy to be at peace, or be in gratitude, or to feel love for your fellow humans. The human experience is one of feeling all the feelings. Yes, honor all of your feelings, and when you are through, you are able to  choose differently.  

Your ability to choose how you want to feel is an empowering and powerful gift.

You are using it wisely, and we acknowledge how much that has already changed not only your personal energy matrix, but the energy of the collective. Sometimes, especially lately, it can be hard for you to see that, but our perspective is quite different than yours. We do not see through ego or the human experience. Your ego, your human experience is a part of Who You Are, so it is not to be judged. Judgment is a way to keep yourself (and others) in constraints, bound by beliefs and fear.

We witness the immense shifts that  you have been creating and that you continue to create. Chaos comes with immense change, and you are in a time of change and transition. 

Welcome it, because it means freedom from your old way of being is just around the corner.

We know Who You Are and we invite you to Know Who You Are as well.