We’re Still in The Void

Congratulations are in order because you are adapting to Where You Are, present moment, so very well. Where are you? You are in the Void. We have spoken to you of the void prior to this because the void is and always will be in the here and now, but you are truly in it for the first time, as something other than pure consciousness. You have passed the point of no return so to speak, meaning you are well into the transition of consciousness that you all came here to be part of. Your soul, your Highest Self is very aware of Where You Are, yet your precious physical body and ego are playing catch up, and in some cases, resisting the transition of consciousness. Your human/ego self still fears death to some degree. You are always coming into deeper alignment with your multidimensional self as you continue to shed eons of imprints, but your humanness prevents you from coming into full alignment. This is exactly how it should be because you would not need the physical body if you are in complete alignment with your multidimensional self. You are becoming ever more aware of your multidimensional self, hence the body and ego needing to catch up. Your energetic self vibrates at a higher frequency than the physical body and your inner senses are sharpening on a daily basis, so you are aware of your increasing ability to know. What you know is your own Divinity.

In each moment of Now, every aspect of your “reality” is changing, and this can be stressful. Your body is in many ways reacting to the changes and this may be uncomfortable. We spoke about this in a mid September message, and here is an excerpt:

“When you move a great deal of energy, which you are doing right now, you will feel it. You’ll feel it in your physical body through what you call symptoms of dis-ease. You might feel it moving through your emotional body, causing you to feel intense sadness, frustration and anger. Emotions can be triggered by others or may seem to arise from nowhere. You may feel mentally exhausted or as if your intelligence has left you for a brighter place. All of this is to some extent, true. Your physical body has to process the energy that is moving through you in some way, and you are all acquainted with myriad symptoms of dis-ease so you label the manifestation of moving energy as illness.”
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You are able to help yourselves in many ways and most of these are self explanatory. The key is to become conscious of them so that they are a part of your daily life. We have been helping you to remember your natural state of Being for some time now. When you are in the State of Grace, you are offering all aspects of the Self myriad ways to adapt and adjust to the transition of consciousness, this time of immense and life altering change. (For more on Grace, please read past messages.) It would be impossible to never feel anger, frustration, sadness or even hate at times because that is part of your humanness, but you most certainly have control over what you do with the feelings and emotions that you experience. Consciously practicing sustaining your natural state of Being is the best thing you can do, as everything that you think, say and do then originates in and from Grace.

Imagine what your world would be like if everyone practiced sustaining their natural state of Being. Indeed, imagine it in and from Grace because when you do, you are emitting that energy, that vibration. It alters YOU, your energy field, and that affects everyone and everything. No thought is insignificant. We will say that again: No thought is insignificant. Think about that for a moment. Now, use your imagination and create this new world that you came here to create!

A Deep Cleansing

You are in the process of deep cleansing: Your soul is bringing the deepest awarenesses to your conscious mind, and your body and mind are working hard to help you process this energy and information. Throughout your personal process, you are also open to the energy of all  others who are in their version of this process. This deepens your conscious connection while you are in the perception of polarity, duality and separation.

You have chosen to experience separation in order to remember and truly appreciate your Oneness. Your human self needs this experience so that you are able to recognize the deep truth that THERE IS NO SEPARATION. You are all one: You are made of the same molecules. You come from Source Consciousness. You are your own ancestors, therefore each of you carries within you the energy and consciousness of everyone else.

There are myriad deeply buried imprints that are being brought into the light. This will continue for as long as necessary in order for All to Awaken to the Truth of Who You Are. You are not separate, different, better or less than anyone else. You have been and done everything that you can imagine, so you carry each and every experience within your Akashic Field. Many of these experiences are also what many of you call your Shadow side, and every one on Earth is here to embrace their shadow side. You are evolving towards conscious awareness of Oneness, and as you progress, every deeply buried shadow aspect has to surface. Layers of guilt, shame, injustice, hate, greed and fear are being shed like old skin. You are clearing eons of karmic energy.

You Are Love. In prior messages we have reminded you that your natural state of Being is Grace. You are returning to a conscious awareness of this, and as you do, you are realizing that you are whole and complete, shadow side and all. Through this, you will remember how to love Your Self unconditionally. Your human (ego) self has no memory of unconditional self love but your Soul does, and it is in your Akashic Field, along with every experience in the entirety of your Soul’s existence. You are uncovering that memory and it takes immense effort, change and a massive releasing of karmic energy. Many have chosen to step forward and be beacons of light, choosing to leave the body behind because at the soul level, they know that their efforts make a bigger impact on humanity as a whole. There are many who have done this and there will be more, and it is their choice. These choices profoundly affect you, as they are meant to.

Taking action is important, and there are many ways to do this. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful and they grow more powerful in each moment of Now. Your words and actions follow your thoughts so we lovingly remind you of your Natural State of Being: Grace. Grace is compassion, gratitude, peace, joy, awe, wonder, forgiveness, light and strength. Grace is the highest vibrational energy that exists and it is within everyone. Take action in and from Grace, whatever that action is. Amplifying your light is a powerful action. Witness Everyone in and through Grace, having compassion for (especially) those that trigger deep and uncomfortable feelings within you. Examine your own self judgment, acknowledging choices that you have made, and forgive yourself and all involved. When you are able to release self judgment, you no longer judge others. This awakens and increases the flow of Grace within, opening the door to loving the Self, without judgment.  

You are in a time of beginnings and endings. What you used to believe as truth is no longer true. You are in the Unknown: New energy. Black contains every color. Every human ever born in all of time, contains the same molecules. You are all the same. Change is constant. You are in a revolution that is uncovering a revelation. The Earth is crowded because you all came here for this time in order to clear karma. There are those who oppose this revolution/revelation but all is being revealed. You are awakening. You are a vital piece of the Whole. Love Your Self.

Welcome to Your New Way of Being

As the group of souls that you know as humanity, you worked together to successfully introduce the biggest shift in awareness in your history. Like an earthquake, there will be aftershocks, but we invite you to step away from any fear at the word “aftershock.” Those are simply energetic reverberations as New Energy finds it’s way into your awareness. Being human is about the experience, and you, as a collective, are ready for a New one because you are bringing in the New Earth. You are holding steady in the 5th dimension. You are cognizant of your multidimensionality now more than ever because you know what it feels like to be in the 5th dimension. You travel to the 5th dimension regularly in your dream time, your meditative states, even in your daily actions. You are bright and beautiful beams of Source Energy traveling through the ethers. You recognize your fellow travelers.

Now more than ever, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy…All that encompass your natural state of Being, (GRACE) are necessary to keep the momentum going. There are waves of change still coming, and waves crest before crashing onto the shore, and as they wash back into the sea, they take all of the old debris and leave behind clarity, as well as something new and different. There is a rhythm to waves, but once in a while there is a rogue wave that destroys structures and foundations. In this case, the “rogue wave” is intense new energy, clearing out crumbling foundations that were holding up old and unsafe structures in order to make room for new foundations, built in and from Grace. 

Deep within you, you know that you are Source Energy, and that you can move and manipulate energy. You are aware that you manifest your reality with your thoughts, as your thoughts are energy. You are in the forefront of those that are here to clear the old imprints of human reality. You are here to create the New Earth.  Drop within, and feel the energy of this knowing, this truth. Breathe into it and feel it fill you, and encompass you. When you do this, you are connecting to, and feeling Source Energy as it moves through you. Using your imagination, which is directly linked to your intuition or 3rd eye, envision the New Earth: What does it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like? Where are you in the New Earth? Who is with you? There are so many choices, so many experiences, and you create all of them.

The challenge arises when you are focused on what you don’t want because when you focus on what you don’t want, or even ambivalence, that is what the universe gives you. You are Source Energy, and you are here, Now, to remember this as you continue to shed layers of karmic patterns and beliefs while holding the frequency of the higher dimensions more fully in your physical body. Use this time of isolation to focus on your soul’s desires, bringing each desire into your awareness in and through Grace, knowing through how you feel that Source Energy is creating these new experiences. It is not about the outcome, it is about the journey, the experience. There is only this Moment of Now, and this Moment never ends, so Be Source Energy and manifest each next moment in Grace.

You are an Artist

In every moment of Now, you are expressing Who You Are. In the larger expression, you are an infinite being of Light who has the opportunity to express and create aspects of Self in the physical expression; your current life. You are creating only an aspect or a part of What You Are because that is what the physical form is able to contain. If you expressed “All of You” in one lifetime you would not be able to exist in this limited physical form. So you see, you are here to express, create and be artistic: Each lifetime (each concurrent existence) is an artistic expression, a creation of pure beauty and expression. Each is perfect and fits into the Whole exactly as it should. Remember: You are the creator of All of It, and it is through your joyous choice that you chose to express YourSelf in this way.

It is Time to Know

Each time you read our messages, you are building upon what we have already reminded you about. Each message is a building block, and each message contains new energy. The way you have chosen to “learn” is through repetition and through building blocks, so we adhere to your way of learning, although what you are really doing is Remembering.

As you remember and evolve, you no longer need the old building blocks that got you to this moment of Now; that is all old energy. You are aware that you are in New Energy now. You are also less affected by the constraints of “time and space” because you are consciously aware of your multidimensional self. You are existing in the 4th and 5th dimensions now almost exclusively. The 3rd dimension has ceased to exist for many of you. 

Today we invite you to step into Knowing. You have been practicing Trusting your Highest Self/Soul/God self; that has been a building block. 

Now it is time to KNOW.

What this means is that your Highest Self always knows what is best for you in every situation. You have been learning to trust your Highest Self through coming into deeper alignment with it over time, and all the while your ego has been evolving with you. Often the actual process of alignment happens so subtly that you do not feel that you have changed, but if you truly look inward, you will recognize that you have changed in many ways. 

Your Highest Self knows, that is a fact. So you no longer need to trust it, simply know that you are always guided to the choice that is in alignment with your highest and best interests. This is the Divine Knowing that we speak of so often. You are Divine, and you Know. It is fact. 

The coming months will be exciting and often challenging because you are ever more rapidly dropping the energy of old patterns and beliefs. You are stepping out of your history knowing that you will not repeat it. This can stir up fear which may surface as grief, anger and frustration with yourself and others. It may also cause you to feel extreme joy and a sense of anticipation. Being human is all about the experience, the emotions, and the feelings, but not the old stories, as they are what keep you tethered to the past, which cannot exist in this new energy. You’ll have the memories, but not the triggers (like guilt, shame, fear) that have accompanied many of them. This is freedom and evolution. This is how you remember Who You Are, and no longer learn to trust it, but KNOW IT. 

This is the re birth that you have chosen to be here for. This is the beginning of a New Age. This is your return to Grace: Your natural State of Being. 

Welcome Home.