The Great Cloud

There is a great cloud that has within it everything.

You are that cloud, and you chose to become millions of raindrops that would fall to earth so that you could experience different forms and experiences.

As rain, you fell to the earth and landed on a mountain top where you froze, taking on a solid and immoveable form for many eons. Change occurred as you were frozen, but all you could feel was the subtlety of it.

Soon you began to melt, and as you did, you moved very fast in a trickle, downward, over rocks, through twists and turns and you experienced purification, and much change. You grew from a trickle to a stream, and this took eons.

In those eons, you flowed over small rocks and many boulders, you became part of many waterfalls, small as well as huge and dangerous. You grew, and you experienced many changes.

You continued to flow, carried by the momentum of weight and gravity, and soon slowed into a wide river, more peaceful in its flow and movement. Here you became aware of your depth, width, and your connection to many other aspects of yourself: So many of those original raindrops now a part of you, flowing towards the ocean. You did not yet know that you were flowing towards something greater, something that you yearned for as home, yet you knew that you were more aware of the deep desire to connect to something bigger and more profound. 

You still moved through turns, but you were aware of them and you learned how to navigate them more easily.

Sometimes there were storms, some so powerful that your riverbanks swelled and you spilled over, or became rough and dangerous in your swift flow. Yet you always found balance as you grew and settled more fully into the flow. 

You became the flow. It became your awareness, and the strength, trust and the knowing of where you were going grew from that.
Peace arose within you.

The peace to simply Be.

There will be turns in the river as you flow, but you are always growing in depth, width, and the knowing that you are always moving towards reconnecting with something greater. That something greater is also you, and the more you are at peace in your flow, the more you know that the something greater, the ocean, is you, reconnecting with every raindrop that descended from the cloud.

At some point, you will once again evaporate into another form, becoming once again the Cloud.


Quantum Updates

We invite you to become aware that each moment of Now holds as much change as what you have experienced in your entire lifetime.

The change we are referring to is at the quantum level. All change is at the quantum level, but the ever increasing flow of energy that you are receiving in each moment is effectively altering your molecular makeup so rapidly that your brain cannot even begin to comprehend it. This is not something that is happening at random. It is something that each and every one of you signed up to be a part of.  It is the completion phase of a cycle that you have experienced multiple times on earth, 

The difference is that you are going to complete the cycle this time.

The other difference is the sheer amount of information that you are able to integrate now. In some of these other existences (like Atlantis, for example) you were highly adept at technological advances that included using crystals as a source of energy. You were able to communicate telepathically, and you were all aware of your own innate healing capabilities, yet you were not as innately aware of your own connection to Source as you are rapidly beginning to remember. You learned about your spiritual selves through study. In this current lifetime, you are also studying, but you are also integrating aspects of your soul regardless of who you are and the level of awareness that you are currently aware of. 

In other words, you are ALL waking up. You are ALL on a journey of ascension, remembering that you are Source consciousness. Many of you are consciously aware of this and your purpose, if you will, is to embody this, to BE this in order to invite others to awaken not through what you do, but by the energy that you are. 

Let’s take the Oneness Aspect a bit further.

Humans represent an aspect of every being within the entire universe. Everyone who is seeking ascension and to love in oneness is willing to help because they are all aspects of you. 

Your future self exists, and you are receiving information in the form of electromagnetic energy from this future self. You might perceive this future self as an off planet being; maybe an Arcturian, a Pleiadian, an archangel, or an ascended master. Many of you will feel the truth of this, others may reject it as fantasy, and that is all Ok. There is no right or wrong, good or bad in any of this. You are at the level of understanding that you chose to be in, at this moment. We introduce this to plant the seed of deeper awareness. 

Your future selves exist concurrently with your “past” selves, and in your present awareness, you are integrating more of each. As you continue to shed patterns, beliefs, karmic energy and the like, you are able to more fully integrate the energy of all aspects of you while healing all aspects of you, including this one.

You have surpassed your “past” human existences in your level of expansion and awareness of Who You Are.

Because of this, you are on the verge of a new way of being on this planet. And because your planet is a living entity with consciousness, you and your planet are intimately connected in this journey. You are ascending together. You know this of course, yet as you read these words, there is an amplification of the deeper cellular recognition of this knowledge. We spoke of rapid change at the quantum level at the beginning of this message: This is but one aspect of change that we are talking about. Your DNA is changing constantly, which affects the molecular structure of your cells. This process moves through every aspect and system in your physical body. We have invited you to connect with and communicate with your physical body in previous messages and we invite you once again to a deeper level of oneness with your own earthly structure. When you are in Grace, your physical body responds in kind. Your energy field reflects it, and your thoughts, words and actions reflect your inner and energetic state of Being, 

This is your superpower and you have never been more aware of this in any existence on your planet as you are now.

You are using this superpower and it is helping all beings, everywhere. At times it may not seem that way, but we are able to perceive the big picture, and from our purview, you are doing amazing things in and through Grace. Please take a moment and breathe, allowing yourself to feel the truth of that statement.

In each next moment of Now, you are different, and the differences are so beautiful to witness. We invite you to witness the beauty in your differences; not just in how you look to each other, but in how you are embodying your Divine selves. 

Witness the changes in yourself in Grace.

Share your Grace with the world.