The latter part of October brought the most powerful light and energy to your world that you have ever experienced as a human.

This intense light and the powerful energy it generates will affect you for many months, even years.

The purpose of this light is to awaken the Christedness within you, as you are now able to embody this energy and light.

Awakening the Christedness within you refers to the blossoming of your Divine Origin in your DNA. As a flower blooms, your DNA is waking from its dormancy into the full knowledge of who you are as God/Source/Creator.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you are waking to the knowing within you that your DNA is pure Source consciousness.

We and many others have been reminding you of this for a long time, and each time you are reminded, the thought deepens into an idea, which expands into a belief, eventually settling into your body and activating your DNA. It then becomes your Knowing, which is the embodiment of the original thought.

This influx of the brightest and most powerful light yet is the impetus to affect the change within each of you that activates your DNA. This activation fuels a major shift in the consciousness of humanity, inviting massive awakenings, and greater changes than you have ever witnessed in this lifetime.

These changes are manifested in new energy, the energy that you have been embodying and working with for a number of years now. This means that the changes are of the highest vibration and as yet, unforeseeable, therefore unknown, to you as a human. 

The past was based upon the existing foundations of your history, and those foundations have crumbled. You have been constructing your new templates for many months now and those templates do not resemble the old, crumbled foundations in any way. Your new template is flexible, fluid, and it moves with you as it fully supports you. It is vast and ripe with new energy potential. You are able to manifest with and within this new energy, and your manifestations are becoming matter faster because you are creating your thoughts from Grace, which is your natural, Divine state of Being.

The Christ energy that you have been receiving since the latter part of October is connecting with and amplifying your own Source consciousness light. 

This is an integral time of Resurrection for all of humanity, restoring that which has been dormant by bringing it back to life, through light and the life force energy that is moving through you now. 

You are in the process of reclaiming Christ/Mary/God triune light in its totality, embodying it in order to heal lifetimes of trauma and suffering.

Each of you has experienced trauma and suffering. Some of you have experienced it more in other dimensions than in your current life experience, yet everyone has experienced whatever you can imagine in your human form. If you are one who has experienced trauma in this lifetime, or are close to someone who has experienced intense suffering in this life, you have most likely shared very similar experiences in another dimension, (other lifetimes) and your relationship has the potential to become one of co healing. 

These kinds of relationships and co healing will become more apparent in the coming months as the effects of this light and energy emerge more fully in your lives. This will replace codependency, and will change how you perceive yourself, which changes how you perceive and relate to each other. 

Imagine for just a moment, how this affects not only your life and relationships, but how it affects everyone at the global level. Settle into the feeling nature of powerful, life changing, co healing relationships among families, communities, governing bodies and countries and as you do, this energy ripples out through your Akashic Records and into the cosmos meeting like energy, and creating matter. Right now, you are creating change and that, friends, is empowering.

Choosing to heal and to be free of lifetimes of suffering takes courage and involves trusting your innate wisdom, your intuition, and other people. The path of ascension is an uphill path, and co healing with your fellow humans is part of it. The people in your life often act as catalysts, reflecting back to you what you are finally ready to look more deeply at within yourself in order to heal and be free.

You are here now, because you chose to participate in the Resurrection and Reclamation of your Divine birthright. Here and now is the moment where you have the power to break free of the chains that have bound you for eons. 

You do not have the power in the future and you do not have it in the past, you have it now. You can change your thoughts and beliefs now, and the way you do that is by the way your thoughts and beliefs make you feel.

We have told you before that you exist in a time of amazing Grace. You create it by choosing to Be that. When you choose to feel some aspect of Grace, you are recreating your current environment, affecting everything around you. 

Holding and amplifying the high vibratory energy of Grace causes lower vibrational patterns to break down, which creates discord or turmoil. This has to occur in order for the old energy to be displaced and the new energy to manifest in form. 

Many of you are in a cycle of this now, where you feel the shift in the energy yet there are aspects of your life that are in a state of upheaval. This is a transitional phase that you move through many times as you start new cycles of growth while completing old cycles. Energy is not linear. It is circular and spirals in a way that enables you to recognize old patterns, beliefs and karmic energy. You are becoming quite adept at this, so are able to move more quickly through cycles, even as they become more multidimensional. This means that you are moving through cycles in multiple dimensions even as you are becoming aware of it. 

It is amazing to witness.

It is even more amazing to be a part of it.

How you feel in every moment carries the power and the energy to create change. 

Recognize the power in that statement:

How you feel in every moment carries the power and the energy to create change.

You are not helpless or powerless. 

You are the opposite of that, and now is your time to claim it, in Grace.

Pause and recognize how far you have come in a short period of time.

Honor yourself and honor those around you, for you are all here to help each other. 

It is with great love for you that we offer this month’s transmission.