Welcome to the return of Light: Your Light.

As the cosmic sun rises, so does the power within you as a conscious Being of energy; one who is comprised of photons, which are light.

Light moves in waves, and as One you move as a wave to shine where there was only darkness.

We call you to Conscious Co-Creation.

You, as an individual being of Conscious Light are not responsible for everything. You are a focused point of consciousness in the macrocosm of All That Is. Each of you, in your illusion of separateness is a focused point of consciousness, and each of you chose to co create from a very focused viewpoint: That of being a human. Through that viewpoint you created your reality. Now, in your expanded awareness you are remembering how to consciously co-create with every other focused point of consciousness. You, alone, cannot fix everything but you in concert with All That Is have the ability to re-create anew; to create from your natural state of Being: Grace. We have been reminding you of how powerful you are for some time now. The focus in now expanding to Conscious Co-Creation with All That Is. Every molecule that exists, is All That Is, and every molecule that exists is conscious, and also creating. Therefore You are a particle of light that is part of the wave. That wave is cresting as the cosmic sun rises in the new dawn; the new dawn of a new era. 

Welcome to the return of the Light.