Opening your heart takes courage. Listening to your soul, and following the persistent (and sometimes not so gentle) nudges that you receive takes courage.

I did that.  I stepped out of what many of my friends called a “perfect life” in order to follow my soul’s calling to be free.

It meant change.  Drastic changes in my lifestyle, my work, my relationships, and in my very existence.  I am still changing, and these days it is almost on a daily basis.

What did I get, and was it all worth it?

My heart is much more open than it ever was.  I had to learn some very poignant and in some cases, extremely difficult lessons.  (I’m still learning…It is a never ending journey.)  I am free, and I don’t have to justify anything that I do to anyone.  And I am just now figuring out what that means to me, and in my life.  I have met amazing, gifted and beautiful people.

I am in the business of helping others to awaken to their souls’ calling and to open their hearts.  It is my belief that we have to experience what we do in order to truly be able to help others.

Yes, it was worth it.  I am learning to be happy with who I am, not who I thought I should be.  Some days present challenges, but I also know that I have an inner strength that carries me through.  (I found that, too.)

If you would like help on your journey, please let me know; it brings me great joy to help others.


Valerie Sargent

Oct. 17, 2011