I’d like to share an interesting aspect of a hypnosis within your Akashic Records session that occurred with a client recently.
There is dialog between the client and me during a hypnosis within your records session. One of the of the questions that came up was about expectations; specifically, what to do about them, how to handle them, what to do when you feel the disappointment when things don’t happen as we believed they would.
I found the response that came through me from the client’s guides to be very helpful. It’s nothing new, but it seemed profound in the sense of how her Guides invited us to work with the energy.
We tend to carry a sense of expectation within us. For most of us it is deeply ingrained, something that we have been carrying, feeling and immersing ourselves in for many lifetimes. Expectation is defined as a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.
When that something doesn’t happen we feel disappointment, or worse.
My client was invited to feel the weight of expectation in the body; to really sense the heaviness of it. In fact she was asked to pinpoint where it tended to settle in her body, bringing all of her awareness there, going very deeply into the feeling of it and how it felt in the cells of her body.
Then she was invited to feel the lightness of expectancy around her. Expectancy is a different word with a different meaning and a different feeling. Expectancy is the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen or be the case.

It was amazing to witness the shift in energy as well as to see her expression change as this occurred while in the state of hypnosis. She was able to comprehend at the soul level as well as consciously, the difference between expectation and expectancy, letting the heavy weight of one go while allowing in the light, expansive energy of the other to envelope her.

Ultimately the goal is to be free of the weight of expectation, liberating us from the disappointment we feel when things don’t turn out the way we wanted them to. Being in the state of expectancy is open, fluid, and allows us the freedom to think about the potential possibilities, rather than feeling the weight of the belief that something has to happen a certain way in order for us to be happy. It is place of freedom from limiting beliefs, (expectation) and the lightness and fluid movement of the sense of expectancy.
None of this is new, it is simply another way of helping us to understand and let go of limiting beliefs. The more we can liberate ourselves from old, stale, limiting beliefs, habits and patterns, the easier it is for us to explore our expanding awareness, helping us to reclaim our Divinity.