We are all finding our way home. Where’s home you might ask? Home is Oneness; Oneness with Source/Creator. For as long as souls have been in existence, finding our way back home has been our deepest instinct/innate knowing. As humans become more conscious and aware of the fact that we are not just minds/egos in a body, we realize that there is a purpose to existence.

Just what that purpose is, is debated by many. My feeling is that we are here to experience the expansion of our conscious awareness through living life, while helping other souls to do the same. We all come from the same source, we are all connected, hence the deep desire to be back as ONE, the desire to be HOME.

As we expand our conscious awareness, life in these bodies, with our active minds/egos becomes more of a challenge in that we begin to really question what it’s all about. Our physical existence becomes more challenging because we question everything about it, and to a much deeper extent than we ever have before. Awakening to our soul’s consciousness is not an easy process; it presents new levels and layers of feelings and thoughts that were deeply buried for most of our existence.

So if you feel that life is presenting you with a whole new level of challenges, take heart! It means you are waking up, expanding your consciousness, becoming more in touch with your own soul’s desires. Now is the time to begin to make changes within yourself. Question your beliefs. Question everything, then listen to what your heart/mind/soul says. 

Change is always upon us, but now we are realizing that WE are the ones changing.