Today’s date is 11~12~13 which is a cool number sequence.  Yesterday was a transitional date, 11~11.  Lots of changes happen on these powerful dates, but most people are not aware of them.  11~11 is a great time to let go of anything that is holding you back from reaching and achieving your full potential.  The energy of this day is powerful for a few days before and after the actual day, so it’s not too late to focus your intention on what you want to let go of in order to allow other things to show up in your life that will serve your highest good.

The other aspect of these dates is that we have heightened perception of all things physical and non physical.  An example of this is someone that you know pops into your awareness, or you dream about them, then you see them or hear from home within a day or so.  If you randomly think of someone, reach out to them.  You never know what may develop from this.

Add to this the fact that our sun has been emitting solar flares that are literally off the charts.  We are all affected by these in different ways; physically, emotional, mentally.  Now is not the time to judge others’ behaviors.  (We should give up judging others as well as ourselves, which is a great thing to let go of NOW.)  

Openheartedness is the way to be, the way to embrace every day.