I am not sure what will show up on the computer screen as I compose whatever it is that my soul is asking me to write.  I simply feel the desire to share how I feel at the present moment.  

I feel very open hearted and emotional, but not in a sad way.  My heart is full of love for all people right now.  I am experiencing a day where many people are expressing kindness through their words, both written and oral.  I am witnessing random acts of gentleness happen in the grocery store and at the gas station.  Is it because there is a full moon tonight, or because Mercury just went retrograde?  Maybe.  But it may also be that people are shifting ever so slightly into remembering who they really are. And who are we?  We are God embodied.  We are the Divine in the flesh.  We are who and what we have been waiting for.  And I believe that more and more of us are remembering this, and it is having a profound effect on many, me in particular today, as I see it with my eyes and feel it in my heart.

We are all of soul whisperers; change agents; alchemists.  Most of us just don’t believe in ourselves or in our ability to impact others (and the world) in a positive way.  The best (and easiest) thing we can do to change that (old) belief is to place our focus in and on our heart, and act from that place.  Literally, focus your attention to and at your heart.  (It helps to actually put your hand there, as it brings the awareness there.)  Breathe deeply while focusing on that physical place in your body.  Feel it, breathe into it.  Stay there for a minute or two, making sure that you know how it feels.  The more you do this, the easier it becomes.  Be a change agent; your own soul whisperer; an alchemist.  It’s your choice, it is who you are; Divinity in a body.

Spread the love, pay it forward, see and feel the change in people.  It’s there, and I am so happy to be here to experience it.