Your natural State of Being is that of Grace. There is not one of you who is not Graceful, or Full of Grace.
You have most likely been told at some point in your life (and therefore integrated the belief) that you were not graceful. Grace has a different meaning in the language of humans: The most popular definition is simple elegance, refinement in movement. If you add the word Divine, you often get a different definition. 

What we say to you today is that You embody Grace. It is Who and What You are. The word “divine” is inherent as that is also, Who and What You are.
There is no one who is not full of Grace. Grace is not a physical attribute. 

As you integrate this Truth and release the old imprints, you will find yourself coming into deeper alignment and balance. Now, this does indeed affect your physical body, as alignment with the truth of Who and What You are changes the physical structure of the body, allowing for greater balance within the body as a whole.

Healing occurs. Your inner senses expand. Your energy flows unimpeded and you become aware that you are In the Flow. 

Be in the flow of Grace. When you are, you are inviting others to do the same, simply by your Beingness.