We greet you from the highest vibration that you are able to integrate, and in this vibration, you are receiving the light, energy, information and codes that you need in order to identify and loosen the deeply buried Akashic memories of trauma and suffering.

You are now at the level of awareness where you are able to handle this intense light and energy. 

From our perspective, which does not include the perspective of duality, the amount of Akashic memories that are vibrating “loose” and surfacing into your awareness is immense, and you are ready for it at your own personal level as well as at the collective level. You have come so very far, and we are so delighted to witness this growth.

As we are not in physical bodies, our perspective is very different from yours. We do not perceive duality like you do nor do we experience the heaviness of the lower vibrational energies. We certainly understand them though, and we are here to offer you as much guidance as we are able. We witness you as your Source consciousness selves: Beautiful beings of Light and energy.

Your growth has expanded exponentially within the last few months and as you enter the final days of your calendar year 2021, the amount of expansion is increasing tenfold. 

This is how you chose to do this in order to secure your ascension in this lifetime. You chose it as collective Source Consciousness, not from your individual human perspectives. We remind you of this so that in this moment of Now you recognize the truth of that statement, and in that recognition, you integrate that truth into your DNA. As the light and energy of that truth integrates into your DNA, the vibration of it causes deeply impacted Akashic memories of suffering and trauma to be shaken loose where they rapidly move to your gut, heart and brain to be acknowledged. This process can cause intense emotional disturbances, deep grief, or intestinal upset because the energy of these memories is heavy and of a low vibration. They are moving into your conscious awareness via the chakra centers that you carry most of what you call your “issues.” For example, if you suffer from low self worth in this lifetime, you suffered from self worth issues in many other existences so you may feel things mostly in your solar plexus. 

You have the ability to help yourselves through this process by truly loving yourselves. We have been working with you on bringing your awareness inward to your natural state of Being,that of Grace. Being in Grace is the most helpful tool that you have because you are literally addressing yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the heart, or your highest Self, and your body responds to this. You are well aware of your body’s response to negative thinking, judgment and self hatred. You have been working on changing this age old pattern for a while now and it is paying off. The pay off may not yet make sense to your ego/mind because the world still seems chaotic, but from our perspective, the chaos means that eons of damaging karmic energy, patterns and beliefs are being uncovered, acknowledged and released. From our perspective this is cause for celebration.

So here you are at this time of joy and giving thanks. We invite you to ride the coattails of this energy and amplify Grace (Peace, love, gratitude, acceptance, joy, excitement, forgiveness, compassion, awe and wonder) into your world. When you are in Grace you are in the highest vibrational energy that you are able to handle while being in a physical form. When you are in Grace you are in the 5th dimension.

Understand that you are always interacting with others at an energetic level and you are inviting others to match your vibration at all times. When you are consciously in your natural state of Being you are inviting others to be in the 5th dimension with you. This is how you contribute to the shifting of the consciousness of humanity. This is how you manifest your 5th dimensional new earth. You are experiencing moments of it now, and each time you do, you are able to sustain it for longer periods of time. So ride the coattails of the vibration of the season! Amplify out to the universe joy, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, wonder, light and all of the other aspects of Grace that comprise your natural state of Being! 

As you continue to do this through the end of 2021, you are literally ushering in a New Era, one that you have been waiting for and anticipating for many lifetimes. Your mind cannot fully conceive of what this all means, but your body is able to feel it. You feel it in your heart, and when you feel it, you want to smile as the knowing fills you. We call this Divine Knowing, and everyone has Divine Knowing flowing through them. You have been in the process of clearing for so long now, and every bit of clearing that you have done helps you to identify the feeling nature of Divine Knowing that flows unceasingly within you.

Breathe deeply, and recognize the energy of Divine Knowing. This message contains the high vibrational energy of it which is moving through your DNA now. You chose it, which is why you are reading this. You chose to celebrate seasons such as this one so that you would amplify peace and goodwill to the world. You have been doing this for eons, yet this lifetime carries the most potential for the greatest shift in the consciousness of humanity than any other. It is your journey of journeys, and throughout this journey you are facing the deepest shadow aspects of your beingness as well as the purest Source consciousness that you are.

As these Akashic memories of trauma and suffering loosen and surface to your awareness, your mind will attempt to process them. You may dream vivid, violent dreams. You may have what you call flashbacks or visions that seem prophetic and frightening. We invite you to be aware that it is all part of the process, and to recognize that fear is not an integral part of you. It serves a purpose of course, but it does not control you. Your precious mind tries to make sense of what is suddenly showing up, much as your heart and gut do, so some upheaval is possible. You may find that you are not able to eat some of your favorite foods, or your sleep patterns are changing. You may find yourself becoming emotional for no reason. Know that all of this is part of the process of release, and be gentle with yourself and with others.

Grace is your superpower and it will never fail you. You raise your vibration when in Grace and this is how you change yourself and ultimately, your world. This is why you are here, and so many of you are here, Now. Celebrate this, and in the celebration, witness the shift within and all around you. 

Happy New Year and New You!