When you are in the Akashic Records, you are held in a safe and loving dimension of healing and opening.  The reason we have access to our Records is so that we can heal at a soul level; Get to the truth of ourselves, know and trust the Goodness of Us.  

I work in my records quite a lot, and today I had a revelation of sorts about soul level and cellular releasing of patterns and beliefs.  I released a deeply embedded cellular memory.  I had been holding onto a “memory” of a relationship that had been in my soul history for so long that it was deeply embedded in my cells.  I realized today that I do not need to “hold onto” this memory…I gratefully let it go so that I can be in the present with it.  When we release things from our past (something from this life or a “past” life) it frees us to experience things fully in the present.  I am experiencing my present moment version of this relationship, but by releasing the cellular memory of it I am now able to bring new energy to it and let it evolve in the way that is in my highest good.  What a relief to let it go…I did not realize that I was holding so tightly to the “past.”

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