A brief channeled message from November 2015:
“Beyond all human understanding is the knowledge and the remembrance of the Soul. Each being on Earth has a soul and a soul’s path…A roughly charted guideline that is designed (by each soul her/himself) to be followed while experiencing life, also allowing for free will.

Earth herself is a living entity, and also has a guideline of sorts. The planet is moving through space into an area of energy that is not only powerfully magnetic, but new to the inhabitants of the planet. In other words, Earth has not been subjected to the intense energy that she is moving into since humans have inhabited her. Earth and all living things are affected. All living things are in a time of exponentially expanding awareness. Add to this mix the fact that Earth is moving into the time of Peace that was foretold by the prophets, and you have chaos.

Light is prevailing, and “darkness” is in it’s death throes, and not giving up without a fight.

Fearful, hate driven thoughts add fuel to the fire. Compassion is the soothing balm to the deep wound that all are suffering from.

Energy follows thought. No kind, loving, compassionate thought is too insignificant to counteract a hate driven thought.
Energy follows thought. Monitor your thoughts. Find the love within you; it is in everyone. You ARE love. Fear and hatred are learned behaviors; love is innate. Simply choose love.

This does not mean that we turn a blind eye, or ignore the pain that others are in. It simply means that we let go of the old, learned behavior and look inwards to what is part of us; what is natural:


It is yours, it is you, so use it. Think, speak and act with compassion. Compassion for ALL.  All souls are LOVE at the core. All are divine.”