I believe in signs; the kind that the Universe offers up when we ask for them, and even when we don’t.  Some are subtle and some hit you on the head like the acorn that fell out of the tree and caused a lump on my head when I needed some guidance.

I had to take two rather elaborate detours while traveling in the last few days, so I took those as a sign.  After conferring with a friend on the possible meanings of the detours, what felt right to me was that I am to look at Life in a different way. That I am to consider stepping out of my routines, shake up the energy in my life.  Maybe look around at the scenery a little more and notice the little things. 

Well, I am moving out of the area that I have lived in for over 30 years.  That’s different.  I am also attempting to do many things at my current house, while coordinating the scheduling of myriad things at my new home.  In other words, trying to control many things.

So today I realized that I have been getting another sign.

I heard The Doobie Bros. song “Listen to the Music” 4 times in the last 3 days.  I don’t usually listen to classic rock, yet here I was being presented with this song (which is an old favorite of mine) more times in 3 days than I have heard it in the past year.  As soon as I heard the opening bars, I realized that this was a sign, so I really listened to the words this time. Yes, I sang along, but I listened to the lyrics and let it sink in. The lyrics are not deep, it is simply an invitation to relax and enjoy life for a little while.   

I feel that it is time for me to lighten up and just listen to the music for awhile.  I have included a link to the song, so go ahead, listen to the music.