Each time you read our messages, you are building upon what we have already reminded you about. Each message is a building block, and each message contains new energy. The way you have chosen to “learn” is through repetition and through building blocks, so we adhere to your way of learning, although what you are really doing is Remembering.

As you remember and evolve, you no longer need the old building blocks that got you to this moment of Now; that is all old energy. You are aware that you are in New Energy now. You are also less affected by the constraints of “time and space” because you are consciously aware of your multidimensional self. You are existing in the 4th and 5th dimensions now almost exclusively. The 3rd dimension has ceased to exist for many of you. 

Today we invite you to step into Knowing. You have been practicing Trusting your Highest Self/Soul/God self; that has been a building block. 

Now it is time to KNOW.

What this means is that your Highest Self always knows what is best for you in every situation. You have been learning to trust your Highest Self through coming into deeper alignment with it over time, and all the while your ego has been evolving with you. Often the actual process of alignment happens so subtly that you do not feel that you have changed, but if you truly look inward, you will recognize that you have changed in many ways. 

Your Highest Self knows, that is a fact. So you no longer need to trust it, simply know that you are always guided to the choice that is in alignment with your highest and best interests. This is the Divine Knowing that we speak of so often. You are Divine, and you Know. It is fact. 

The coming months will be exciting and often challenging because you are ever more rapidly dropping the energy of old patterns and beliefs. You are stepping out of your history knowing that you will not repeat it. This can stir up fear which may surface as grief, anger and frustration with yourself and others. It may also cause you to feel extreme joy and a sense of anticipation. Being human is all about the experience, the emotions, and the feelings, but not the old stories, as they are what keep you tethered to the past, which cannot exist in this new energy. You’ll have the memories, but not the triggers (like guilt, shame, fear) that have accompanied many of them. This is freedom and evolution. This is how you remember Who You Are, and no longer learn to trust it, but KNOW IT. 

This is the re birth that you have chosen to be here for. This is the beginning of a New Age. This is your return to Grace: Your natural State of Being. 

Welcome Home.