When we address the collective, we build upon the message that we offered you the last time. If you are new to this, you receive exactly what you need from this message, and you are able to integrate it into what you have been re-membering on your own. You see, you are always evolving into the next version of you, so you don’t need these messages. They do offer a deeper level of guidance and awareness that permeates your energy field which effectively raises your frequency, so these messages offer an opportunity to actively shift your conscious awareness to your ascension journey. When your awareness is fine tuned to your evolutionary process you play an active role in sustaining the higher frequency, which affects your energy field. Your field then becomes expanded, affecting the energy fields of everyone that you come into contact with, and when you are sustaining a higher vibrational frequency, you are in effect, inviting everyone else to do the same. Therefore you are an integral part in the shifting of the consciousness of humanity.

Now let’s take it a step further. When you bring your awareness inward, (through meditation, prayer, mindful breathwork, etc.) find your own heart, your own light, and focus on it. Breathe into it, finding appreciation for your own light, your own spark of divinity. Allow that feeling of appreciation to grow into gratitude, feeling gratitude for Who You Are. Sustaining this feeling of gratitude changes the energetic makeup of your physical form as well as your energy field by raising your vibratory rate. Your energetic field responds to this by expanding and interacting with the energetic fields of all you come into contact with, as well as those you think about. The energy of gratitude flows through you and into the fields of those around you and those that you focus your attention on. They feel it. Their energy resonates with it and responds to it. This is powerful.

Now, let us take it even further. While in the feeling of gratitude, think of another that you love very much, feeling the warmth of that love fill you, maybe bringing a smile to your face. Rest in this love, allowing it to fill you from within, feeling love for Who You Are, what you bring to the world through the simple fact of you being here. That is all that is necessary by the way: You do not have to do anything or prove yourself to anyone to earn a place in this world. You have a place here simply because You Are. (Re-member: You are an aspect of Source, that which created you. You are the fruit of that tree, therefore you are the same as that which created you. That which created you is LOVE.) As you rest in the feeling of love and gratitude, you realize (you make real) that you are love. Resting in the energy of love, sustaining the feeling of love allows you come into alignment and balance with All That Is.

This place of Being is your Point of Power and it is from this place of Being that you create your reality.

Everyone and everything that you think of from this place of Being is affected by your energy. We have told you before that your thoughts are electromagnetic, and when your thoughts are generated in love and gratitude they carry that electromagnetic charge, meeting like thoughts, which manifest and create your reality.

We have also told you that all of time is happening Now, so you are constantly merging with and drawing to you the experiences from your concurrent existences. When you are able to sustain the feelings of gratitude and love, you are drawing to you the infinite experiences from your own existences that are also based in love and gratitude. You have been drawing experiences to you from your existences based on history, your beliefs and patterns, and for the most part that experience has come to you from the dense and lower frequency existences. For a very long time, you have been creating your reality based in fear because that is what you knew. You drew those experiences to you, repeating old patterns because you were still steeped in old beliefs, repeating historical patterns.

You have been in the process of clearing old Akashic Energy for a while now, recognizing old beliefs and patterns as they show up. Sometimes you still need to experience a pattern to realize (very quickly now) that you have learned all that you need to learn from it and that you are ready to move on. This is evolution and everyone is moving through their own version of it. If you are reading this, you are aware of your evolutionary journey and you are willing to step into the self empowered place of creating your own reality out of love and gratitude. You are aware of leaving your history behind. You are aware of the excitement and joy of stepping into the unknown next moment of Now. You are aware that you are here to bring change to your life and to the world. This change may be subtle and small to you, or it may be something that you have never imagined.

You are also aware that what happens on a personal level is happening on a communal and global level as well. This is challenging. We witness this and we acknowledge you in love and gratitude for your willingness to consciously grow. The turmoil and chaos that you are in is part of the release of old Akashic energy, and all that is of the lower frequency must work it’s way up and out. You are doing it friends! You are changemakers, wayshowers, bringers of freedom.

The next few months will bring more change, and how you perceive that change affects the Whole. We invite you to practice sustaining the feelings of being in Love and Gratitude, as this is the most powerful way to create the next moment of Now. Continue to love and help one another. We are here.