I Am in Alignment with Grace

You are in the process of aligning with your God Self, aligning with Grace.

What this means is that you are in effect, no longer who and what you have believed yourself to be.

Your ego will dispute this until the day that you leave your physical body, but your heart knows this as truth.

In this moment, your heart is communicating this truth to you as you are reading this, and that is your soul’s way of sharing this truth with you.

To leave the old self and blossom into something as yet unknown to you takes courage. You have that courage, which is why you are here, now.

Awakening is the term you have chosen to use, but it is more like a death and a rebirth, and in every other lifetime, you had to physically die and be reborn in order to achieve the inner changes that are occurring within you now. Your inner changes are affecting your external reality. They have been for some time now, hence the chaos.

Things will continue to change as you enter into this new cycle/new year.Coming into alignment with your God Self requires the untangling of lifetimes worth of old energy, and many of you have been feeling it acutely as the last year came to a close. For some it may have felt like a constriction, a tightening that was forcing pressure to build within you.

As 2023 unfolds you will feel it loosening as you feel more comfortable finding your footing on your new template. Your template feels very different from the old foundations. It fully supports you while offering flexibility and fluidity. You have a lot more freedom in your new template.

2023 is new energy, unlike anything you have experienced as a human.

Are you curious? Curiosity is an aspect of Grace, and if you allow yourself to be curious, you will feel the excitement of it.

Add the feeling nature of curiosity to the acceptance of yourself and the gratitude that you feel every day, and you immediately expand your energy field to receive the potential that awaits in the high vibrational energy of your new template. 

This is how you move forward now; in alignment with Grace, and fearless, because you know Who You Are. You are creating your external reality through your high vibrational thoughts, words and actions. You are an empowered Being, reclaiming your freedom from all that no longer serves you.

You can never repeat a year. 

You actually never repeat old cycles, you experience versions of them which seem repetitive. 2023 is the year in which you consciously choose to step out of repeating old versions of unhealthy cycles and patterns. You have been practicing this in the last few years, and in last month’s message we introduced co-healing relationships and how they will be replacing co-dependent ones. Co-healing invites you to be consciously aware of being vulnerable and honest in all of your relationships. It will not happen all at once and in every relationship, but it is happening now. Many of you are on your way to working towards co-healing in personal as well as work related relationships, individually and with groups. This is very exciting and we invite you to be curious about it all, as it changes the way you perceive yourself, others, your relationships and ultimately your world.

2023 is a 7 year if you look at it in terms of numerology. There are many ways to interpret 7, but let’s start with seeking. You are all seekers, and in 2023, you will continue to seek, but you will also recognize that you have found much of what you have been seeking, and it is all within you.

What you perceive as reality often hides the fact that it is an illusion and you have recognized that as you continue to trust that when you are in alignment with Grace, your external reality reflects this. Let us say that it doesn’t mean that everything is a walk in the park. You came here to experience every aspect of life including the unpleasant aspects. Yet when you are in alignment with Grace you make everything new via your perception of it starting with yourself. Remember acceptance? Acceptance is a vital part of Grace, and it is necessary for true and real change to happen. Through acceptance, you make everything new because you are saying yes to what IS, Now. You are not stuck in past beliefs, nor are you projecting into the future. Your empowerment exists in the present, through acceptance.

7 is also associated with spiritual awakening, intuition, inner wisdom, knowledge and self awareness; all things that you have been practicing for many years in order to be here now, putting it to use. For yourself and for All.

All of this is necessary for you to move into creating co-healing relationships.

We wish for you to be aware of the great importance of co-healing.

Co-healing is more than stepping out of karmic patterns, beliefs and old energy. 

Co-healing changes the way you live together in your world. 

Co-healing fosters a deeper oneness consciousness in ways that you have not experienced as humans. 

Co-healing offers freedom from co-dependent, damaging relationships that have created wounds that became infected over time.

If you imagine co-healing relationships between communities, states, countries, leaders…It can and will change your world.

This is yet another reason why you are here, now; to change your world.
You chose this.

The most powerful words that you can speak are “I AM.” 

We invite you to speak these words aloud now, integrating the energy that is flowing in this transmission.

I AM in alignment with Acceptance.

I AM in alignment with Peace.

I AM in alignment with Love.

I AM in alignment with Gratitude.

I AM in alignment with Curiosity.

I AM in alignment with Grace.

The more you repeat these statements (and add what you feel to them) the more powerful they are. You are an empowered Being, speaking things from the feeling nature of Grace into the universe, and the universe responds.

Embrace this new year, new cycle, new energy! It is a time of rebirth. It is a time of reclamation of your freedom, of your true and authentic God Self.

It is with the deepest love and admiration for you that we wish you Joyous New Energy.

Step Over the Threshold

This message is impactful and full of energy. As you read these words or listen to the audio version, you are receiving energy and information that is amplifying and expanding on the energy and information that you receive 24/7. 

An important aspect of this message is your state of being as you read or listen to it. It doesn’t matter what the words are. What matters is what you are currently feeling. If you are reading this with a feeling of expectancy, peace, gratitude, empowerment or excitement for example, that is the energy that is being amplified back to you. 

Your ability to choose how you feel at any moment is one of your superpowers.

The energy field that surrounds you is a vortex, always expanding and contracting, even changing colors as you move through your day because you are constantly changing how you feel.

You could call this your creative vortex because it affects your external reality as you decide what you are feeling in each moment, creating the environment in which you exist.

We have been helping you create your new template, and it is time to incorporate your creative vortex as you are existing in mostly new and uncharted energetic territory now, ready for this next phase of expanded awareness.

Settling comfortably into your state of Grace, envision your new template all around you. It is fluid, flexible, and supports you in every moment. Now imagine a beautiful energy vortex around you as you expand into the feeling nature of your heart’s desires. You could imagine weaving the feelings of gratitude, love, peace, excitement and empowerment into your energy vortex, letting them spiral outward into the space around you.

You have every experience within you, stored in feeling form because you have experienced everything. Every experience you have ever had exists in some dimension, and what you are doing now is calling forth those experiences by connecting to the feeling nature of them while in the high vibratory state of Grace, You are quite literally raising your vibration to match the vibration of the dimension in which your heart’s desires exist, while giving those desires matter through being in the feeling nature of them, drawing them to you. 

Take it a step further and practice gratitude for what you have, right now. 

You come into alignment with what you desire by being grateful for what you have, activating your creative vortex from a higher vibration. You have always had a creative vortex, and you have always used it. You are now using it consciously and choosing how and what you are creating not from the ego, but from Divine Grace, your original state of Being.

This changes everything, and it starts with you.

You cannot change others, but you are changing your perception of yourself. This opens and expands your perception of others which creates shifts in your energy vortex. Everyone around you is affected by your energy, so as your perceptions expand beyond constricting old patterns and beliefs, your higher vibration is an invitation to others. Like energy meets and matches like energy. 

2023 is a threshold year.

You are on the threshold of uncharted energetic territory. Can you feel the excitement of this? No more stumbling around on crumbling old foundations. Your new templates move with you as they support you. You are more flexible, more in the universal flow. It is exciting and full of potential!

2023 is a beginning and an ending and by the end of the year, you will not believe how much you have changed; personally, and as a collective. 2023 sets the energetic stage for 2024 and beyond. 

What you thought you wanted may have changed quite a lot over the last few years. What really changed is You. Practicing being in the feeling nature of acceptance, gratitude, peace and love has awakened your Divine Source awareness. You have been in a time of resurrecting what was dormant within you, and now it is time to reclaim Who You Are, and to witness everyone else as That.

The recognition of yourself and everyone as Source consciousness in human form is what makes all things new: You are perceiving everyone and everything around you through the eyes of Source, seeing everyone and everything in a new way.

This is how you are healing. 

What you are healing is the fear of separation from Source.

You know that You are Source. 

You can never be separate from that which created you because you are that.

Because you carry every experience within you, and you are existing in every dimension simultaneously, you have myriad experiences to choose from in every moment. You have been choosing experiences in every moment that you have been alive, but now is your time to choose consciously. You are familiar with the term “choose wisely.” Choosing consciously and choosing wisely are the same thing, but the energy of choosing wisely and consciously are very different now because You are different. You are in full awareness of Who You Are, and that is where your choices and decisions originate. In the past there were a lot of choices made from ego. That was exactly as it should have been, and now as an aware, multidimensional being, your choices originate from your divine knowing.

As Source, you had no ego, therefore you could not exist experientially.

As a human with the belief that you are separate from that which created you, you believed that you had to fend for yourself, praying for help and mercy from some higher being.

You are that higher being.

Step over the threshold and into the completely new energy of Grace, potential, and true self awareness. It is time. We welcome you.

The Great Cloud

There is a great cloud that has within it everything.

You are that cloud, and you chose to become millions of raindrops that would fall to earth so that you could experience different forms and experiences.

As rain, you fell to the earth and landed on a mountain top where you froze, taking on a solid and immoveable form for many eons. Change occurred as you were frozen, but all you could feel was the subtlety of it.

Soon you began to melt, and as you did, you moved very fast in a trickle, downward, over rocks, through twists and turns and you experienced purification, and much change. You grew from a trickle to a stream, and this took eons.

In those eons, you flowed over small rocks and many boulders, you became part of many waterfalls, small as well as huge and dangerous. You grew, and you experienced many changes.

You continued to flow, carried by the momentum of weight and gravity, and soon slowed into a wide river, more peaceful in its flow and movement. Here you became aware of your depth, width, and your connection to many other aspects of yourself: So many of those original raindrops now a part of you, flowing towards the ocean. You did not yet know that you were flowing towards something greater, something that you yearned for as home, yet you knew that you were more aware of the deep desire to connect to something bigger and more profound. 

You still moved through turns, but you were aware of them and you learned how to navigate them more easily.

Sometimes there were storms, some so powerful that your riverbanks swelled and you spilled over, or became rough and dangerous in your swift flow. Yet you always found balance as you grew and settled more fully into the flow. 

You became the flow. It became your awareness, and the strength, trust and the knowing of where you were going grew from that.
Peace arose within you.

The peace to simply Be.

There will be turns in the river as you flow, but you are always growing in depth, width, and the knowing that you are always moving towards reconnecting with something greater. That something greater is also you, and the more you are at peace in your flow, the more you know that the something greater, the ocean, is you, reconnecting with every raindrop that descended from the cloud.

At some point, you will once again evaporate into another form, becoming once again the Cloud.


Christ Light and Energy

The latter part of October brought the most powerful light and energy to your world that you have ever experienced as a human.

This intense light and the powerful energy it generates will affect you for many months, even years.

The purpose of this light is to awaken the Christedness within you, as you are now able to embody this energy and light.

Awakening the Christedness within you refers to the blossoming of your Divine Origin in your DNA. As a flower blooms, your DNA is waking from its dormancy into the full knowledge of who you are as God/Source/Creator.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you are waking to the knowing within you that your DNA is pure Source consciousness.

We and many others have been reminding you of this for a long time, and each time you are reminded, the thought deepens into an idea, which expands into a belief, eventually settling into your body and activating your DNA. It then becomes your Knowing, which is the embodiment of the original thought.

This influx of the brightest and most powerful light yet is the impetus to affect the change within each of you that activates your DNA. This activation fuels a major shift in the consciousness of humanity, inviting massive awakenings, and greater changes than you have ever witnessed in this lifetime.

These changes are manifested in new energy, the energy that you have been embodying and working with for a number of years now. This means that the changes are of the highest vibration and as yet, unforeseeable, therefore unknown, to you as a human. 

The past was based upon the existing foundations of your history, and those foundations have crumbled. You have been constructing your new templates for many months now and those templates do not resemble the old, crumbled foundations in any way. Your new template is flexible, fluid, and it moves with you as it fully supports you. It is vast and ripe with new energy potential. You are able to manifest with and within this new energy, and your manifestations are becoming matter faster because you are creating your thoughts from Grace, which is your natural, Divine state of Being.

The Christ energy that you have been receiving since the latter part of October is connecting with and amplifying your own Source consciousness light. 

This is an integral time of Resurrection for all of humanity, restoring that which has been dormant by bringing it back to life, through light and the life force energy that is moving through you now. 

You are in the process of reclaiming Christ/Mary/God triune light in its totality, embodying it in order to heal lifetimes of trauma and suffering.

Each of you has experienced trauma and suffering. Some of you have experienced it more in other dimensions than in your current life experience, yet everyone has experienced whatever you can imagine in your human form. If you are one who has experienced trauma in this lifetime, or are close to someone who has experienced intense suffering in this life, you have most likely shared very similar experiences in another dimension, (other lifetimes) and your relationship has the potential to become one of co healing. 

These kinds of relationships and co healing will become more apparent in the coming months as the effects of this light and energy emerge more fully in your lives. This will replace codependency, and will change how you perceive yourself, which changes how you perceive and relate to each other. 

Imagine for just a moment, how this affects not only your life and relationships, but how it affects everyone at the global level. Settle into the feeling nature of powerful, life changing, co healing relationships among families, communities, governing bodies and countries and as you do, this energy ripples out through your Akashic Records and into the cosmos meeting like energy, and creating matter. Right now, you are creating change and that, friends, is empowering.

Choosing to heal and to be free of lifetimes of suffering takes courage and involves trusting your innate wisdom, your intuition, and other people. The path of ascension is an uphill path, and co healing with your fellow humans is part of it. The people in your life often act as catalysts, reflecting back to you what you are finally ready to look more deeply at within yourself in order to heal and be free.

You are here now, because you chose to participate in the Resurrection and Reclamation of your Divine birthright. Here and now is the moment where you have the power to break free of the chains that have bound you for eons. 

You do not have the power in the future and you do not have it in the past, you have it now. You can change your thoughts and beliefs now, and the way you do that is by the way your thoughts and beliefs make you feel.

We have told you before that you exist in a time of amazing Grace. You create it by choosing to Be that. When you choose to feel some aspect of Grace, you are recreating your current environment, affecting everything around you. 

Holding and amplifying the high vibratory energy of Grace causes lower vibrational patterns to break down, which creates discord or turmoil. This has to occur in order for the old energy to be displaced and the new energy to manifest in form. 

Many of you are in a cycle of this now, where you feel the shift in the energy yet there are aspects of your life that are in a state of upheaval. This is a transitional phase that you move through many times as you start new cycles of growth while completing old cycles. Energy is not linear. It is circular and spirals in a way that enables you to recognize old patterns, beliefs and karmic energy. You are becoming quite adept at this, so are able to move more quickly through cycles, even as they become more multidimensional. This means that you are moving through cycles in multiple dimensions even as you are becoming aware of it. 

It is amazing to witness.

It is even more amazing to be a part of it.

How you feel in every moment carries the power and the energy to create change. 

Recognize the power in that statement:

How you feel in every moment carries the power and the energy to create change.

You are not helpless or powerless. 

You are the opposite of that, and now is your time to claim it, in Grace.

Pause and recognize how far you have come in a short period of time.

Honor yourself and honor those around you, for you are all here to help each other. 

It is with great love for you that we offer this month’s transmission.

You Exist in a Time of Amazing Grace

You are constantly completing old cycles while beginning new ones simultaneously. Many of you have become aware of this as your awareness expands. The cycles represent change and the expansion of your awareness of your connection with all that is and to your Divine nature. Each new cycle is more multidimensional (and potent) than the last.

What this means for you are more choices, potentials, and deepening of beliefs into the divine knowing within you. 

Your higher mind and your ego are coming into balance. You are transitioning out of your old way of being and into your new way of being.

Sometimes this is challenging to the body, the mind, relationships, and other aspects of human life. Often conflict can arise. 

Challenges are opportunities for growth. 

You always have a choice in how you face challenges: You can react, which is the old ego way, or you can settle into your natural state of Being (Grace) and observe. Reacting is repeating old patterns and karmic energy. Observing is non attachment. Observing is not avoidance, it is a higher vibrational choice based on empowerment, not victimization.

You exist in a time of amazing grace.

The human self may not agree with that statement, but your heart and soul do. YOU are the generator of the amazing grace that you exist in. The more aware you are of this, the bigger the impact it has on your external reality. Anytime that you choose to Be in some aspect of Grace, (peace, joy, love, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance…) you are lifting yourself to a higher vibrational timeline. You are creating a new cycle. You are opening a vortex of high vibrational energy. All of these actions are invitations to those around you to join you. They always have a choice, just as you do, yet the more you are aware that you exist in a time of Grace, the more powerful and irresistible your invitation becomes. 

Other peoples’ choices are not your responsibility.

Acceptance of others’ choices is a part of existing in Grace. You know that not everyone has to think like you, or have the same beliefs as you. Acceptance is non judgment. Non judgment is what each of you is moving towards, and it begins with you; acceptance of all aspects of yourself. This is the growth and higher vibrational awareness that you incarnated in this lifetime to achieve.

With all of this comes the opportunity to completely change how you live your life on earth. 

Existing in a time of amazing grace is empowering and life changing, and You get to choose how your life changes.

Some of you have been faced with great challenges in these last months, and those challenges offer you the opportunity to clear eons of karmic entanglements, recognize and let go of damaging patterns and beliefs, and to change the way you move forward in your life. You have a new template now, and that new template is created every moment by You. We invite you to recognize the empowerment that is yours, now. Old beliefs about disease, money, war, and so many other things are being examined, questioned, and recognized as old and no longer valid as your level of awareness rises. More people observing instead of reacting contributes to this new cycle of change.

 Each cycle you move through prepares you for the next one. 

The early part of October offers an increase in the amount of karmic energy you are releasing. Some of you will feel this more in the body, some will feel it emotionally. This is the time to look deep within and recognize what you are still holding onto with an iron fist, and to consciously and gracefully let it go without judgment of yourself or others.

Remember that you are doing all of this for yourself as well as for the collective, throughout all of time. This is big work friends, and you came here because you knew that you could and would do this. 

So much is changing and so much will change in the coming months and years. 

We have offered glimpses of those changes, but you are the ones who manifest them, who literally create them with your graceful intention.

Over the next few days, we invite you to be very heart centered in your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires. The more time that you spend looking within, the easier it is for you to sustain your higher vibrational state of Being, and the more potent it becomes, for you, for everyone.

Things are already changing, and there are those that try to hide the proof of those changes by promoting fear. 

You are able to recognize this now, and not judge those that are still in fear. This alone is a massive shift in the consciousness of humanity. As you accept yourself in the knowing of Who and What You Are, you are able to accept others where they are, bringing you one giant step closer to peace. You no longer have to fight anything or anyone. Take a moment and reclaim your energy and empowerment as you step out of the ring and off of the battlefield. 

Breathe deeply and reclaim your inner peace, and in reclaiming it, proclaim it to the world, and beyond. 

That is a powerful action right there; reclaiming and proclaiming peace and the more often you do it, the more powerful it becomes. You are the change-makers, the light bearers, the ones that you have been waiting for. 

We honor you in all that you do, and for Who You Are. 


Transition Time

Change occurs constantly. There is no such thing as stasis, yet there is always the potential of finding balance, if not an equilibrium.

You do this with and through your conscious intention.

You have grown very accustomed to doing things unconsciously. What you call your daily grind is mostly thoughts, words and actions that are generated from the ego/mind.

There is nothing wrong with that.

It is simply an old way of doing

You are very much well into your new way of Being.

The past handful of years ushered in this time of transition, and during this time, your awareness expanded exponentially.

What you consider to be challenging times are also times of intense and immense growth. During times of growth, one becomes very aware of the old foundations, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve the collective. 

Beliefs change. New ideas surface. People change their minds and wonder why others are not following suit.

All that is old is brought into the light, therefore it is seen in this new and different light; the light of awareness. 

Judgment surfaces, and that too is seen in this new light.

Conflict may arise, as judgment surfaces. 

These are the challenging times.

Change brings the destruction of old foundations, which can instigate further disruption. Growth and awareness occur and eventually become apparent to the collective. Awareness is not limited to the growth stage, as they go hand in hand. Growth is actually happening as the old is crumbling. Growth occurs constantly, as change brings growth. 

As the Queen of England departed her physical body and ascended into the non physical, there was a collective energetic shift felt around the world. One who is beyond just being famous, but so well known has that effect on the collective. Her passing shifted the awareness within the psyche of the collective. The rainbow seen over parts of London at time of the Queen’s passing was symbolic and significant, and the world witnessed it.

A collective shift in the consciousness of humanity is happening now..

You play an integral role in how this shift in awareness moves forth, shaping the coming months and years.