We’re Still in The Void

Congratulations are in order because you are adapting to Where You Are, present moment, so very well. Where are you? You are in the Void. We have spoken to you of the void prior to this because the void is and always will be in the here and now, but you are truly in it for the first time, as something other than pure consciousness. You have passed the point of no return so to speak, meaning you are well into the transition of consciousness that you all came here to be part of. Your soul, your Highest Self is very aware of Where You Are, yet your precious physical body and ego are playing catch up, and in some cases, resisting the transition of consciousness. Your human/ego self still fears death to some degree. You are always coming into deeper alignment with your multidimensional self as you continue to shed eons of imprints, but your humanness prevents you from coming into full alignment. This is exactly how it should be because you would not need the physical body if you are in complete alignment with your multidimensional self. You are becoming ever more aware of your multidimensional self, hence the body and ego needing to catch up. Your energetic self vibrates at a higher frequency than the physical body and your inner senses are sharpening on a daily basis, so you are aware of your increasing ability to know. What you know is your own Divinity.

In each moment of Now, every aspect of your “reality” is changing, and this can be stressful. Your body is in many ways reacting to the changes and this may be uncomfortable. We spoke about this in a mid September message, and here is an excerpt:

“When you move a great deal of energy, which you are doing right now, you will feel it. You’ll feel it in your physical body through what you call symptoms of dis-ease. You might feel it moving through your emotional body, causing you to feel intense sadness, frustration and anger. Emotions can be triggered by others or may seem to arise from nowhere. You may feel mentally exhausted or as if your intelligence has left you for a brighter place. All of this is to some extent, true. Your physical body has to process the energy that is moving through you in some way, and you are all acquainted with myriad symptoms of dis-ease so you label the manifestation of moving energy as illness.”
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You are able to help yourselves in many ways and most of these are self explanatory. The key is to become conscious of them so that they are a part of your daily life. We have been helping you to remember your natural state of Being for some time now. When you are in the State of Grace, you are offering all aspects of the Self myriad ways to adapt and adjust to the transition of consciousness, this time of immense and life altering change. (For more on Grace, please read past messages.) It would be impossible to never feel anger, frustration, sadness or even hate at times because that is part of your humanness, but you most certainly have control over what you do with the feelings and emotions that you experience. Consciously practicing sustaining your natural state of Being is the best thing you can do, as everything that you think, say and do then originates in and from Grace.

Imagine what your world would be like if everyone practiced sustaining their natural state of Being. Indeed, imagine it in and from Grace because when you do, you are emitting that energy, that vibration. It alters YOU, your energy field, and that affects everyone and everything. No thought is insignificant. We will say that again: No thought is insignificant. Think about that for a moment. Now, use your imagination and create this new world that you came here to create!

Your Imagination is Magical

When you move a great deal of energy, which you are doing right now, you will feel it. You’ll feel it in your physical body through what you call symptoms of dis-ease. You might feel it moving through your emotional body, causing you to feel intense sadness, frustration and anger. Emotions can be triggered by others or may seem to arise from nowhere. You may feel mentally exhausted or as if your intelligence has left you for a brighter place. 

All of this is to some extent, true. Your physical body has to process the energy that is moving through you in some way, and you are all acquainted with myriad symptoms of dis-ease so you label the manifestation of moving energy as illness. 

The emotions that surface need to be acknowledged and allowed to run their course, and you are remembering how to do this without projecting them onto others. 

You are losing your mind, which is a good thing because you are remembering that you are able to think with your heart. What is actually happening is that you are deepening your connection between the mind and the heart. 

Nothing is static, all is in constant motion and you (your cells, your energy, the very consciousness that You Are) are no exception.

Using your imagination, feel yourself in constant energetic motion. Imagine your heart and mind connected and visualize the unimpeded flow of energy and information between them. When you do this, you are creating something. Your energy field is a high frequency alchemical chamber in which you are capable of moving and manipulating energy. You are constantly rearranging the molecules in your own body, so why not do it consciously through and in Grace. (Grace is your natural state of Being and is (but not limited to) unconditional love, gratitude, forgiveness, joy, peace, wonder, curiosity.) 

Your imagination is the root of what you call magic: You are able to imagine anything and create it! This has always been available to you, you just did not believe it. 

Believe it now. 

It is time to create a New Way of Being on a New Earth. You are in the magical and powerful place of conscious transition within the Void, where all of your old perceptions no longer exist and you are in the process of creating new ones. You are here to create wisely in and through Grace. 

Settle into the truth of this. Ignite your imagination, envision what you desire to experience. You have had plenty of practice creating what you do not desire, now use this to create Your Heart’s Desires for the Highest Good.

Today is an Important Day

Today is an important day. Every day is an important day because your thoughts are creating what you are experiencing in every moment.
Your thoughts are in the process of being reconfigured, based on what you are experiencing in your current external reality. Your current external realities are playing out the way they are because your old thought patterns are surfacing from the depths of your subconscious. Within the depths of your subconscious as well as the extent of your soul’s awareness (Or your Akashic Records) every old fear based pattern, belief and imprint is being triggered by current events. It is a cyclical event that you created in this dimension of time, in order to be free.

Your physical, emotional and mental bodies may be experiencing a variety of “symptoms” because you are finally coming face to face with every deep fear of being extinct and being separated from Source. 

You are actually SAFE ENOUGH in this conscious awareness to be able to face your deepest fears, and your physical, emotional and mental bodies are simply responding to the dramatic and in some cases drastic detoxification process. You chose this process. You and everyone else who is living on earth right now chose to be here to recognize, feel and experience your deepest fears, knowing within your God Self that you are not separate from Source, and that you cannot become extinct. This is the process of Enlightenment: Literally becoming lighter as you shed eons of fear. As you become enlightened you are no longer bound, restricted and limited by old thought patterns and imprints. There have to be physical, mental and emotional effects of this intense shift so that you are very consciously aware of the changes that are happening on a personal level as well as globally. There is no turning back. 

You are very capable of helping yourself and others through this process by remembering your natural state of Being, that of Grace. Grace is the energy of Source consciousness; that which You Are, and when you are consciously in the energy of Grace, you are in the flow of compassion, gratitude, peace, awe, curiosity, love, forgiveness. In other words you are existing in a state of prayer, or the highest vibrational state that is available to you in your beautiful human form. Within this state of Being, you literally draw to you and create miracles. You create miracles within the cellular structure of the body and your energy field, and this affects everyone and everything. In and through Grace you are creating a New Earth where you know that you are One with All and extinction is not possible. Within Grace, you are able to recognize that All is Well, right Now.

Welcome to The Void: September 2020 Message

Many of you are familiar with being in the Void. Most of you know the Void as the unknown or as simply “pure potential.” The Void is silent and it is dark. Nothing exists here, yet everything exists here.

Most of you do not like being in the Void because it is silent and dark. The human seeks the light and life. 

You Are the Light. You have been getting used to this Truth for some time now, so some of you are comfortable in the Void because you know that you are the Light within it. 

You Are the Voice Within. You are all that is, and all that is, is a part of You, so the voice of God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Brahma, Muhammad, Angels, Gurus or anyone else that you listen to and pray to comes from within you, so you are the Voice, or the Life within the Void. 

The Past is Done. Your perceptions have changed. The perceptual markers that have carried you through into this awareness are no longer valid, and you have not yet created new perceptual markers, so you find yourself in a stage of transition.

For many, this translates as the feeling of not having a solid foundation on which to stand and it does and will feel new, and for many, uncomfortable because you have not been in this state of conscious transition before. 

There is freedom here, in this transitory state, and many of you are becoming very aware of this Truth. 

This time of conscious transition may cause:

Anxiety and varying levels of stress. You may be very conscious of stress and anxiety for many obvious reasons. There is an underlying current of fear that runs through the consciousness of humanity, therefore everyone feels it at some level and it shows up as anxiety, frustration, sadness, anger, and for some, the physical manifestation of dis-ease in the body. Within the Void, dis-ease doesn’t exist. It is a belief pattern that is deeply imprinted in the cellular structure of humans. Your physical body is currently reacting to many things:

~The constant releasing of eons of old beliefs, patterns, imprints and karma causes changes to the cellular structure of the body. The parts of your body vibrate at different rates and your body as a whole vibrates at a lower vibration than your soul or high self so your body is always having to ‘catch up’ to your conscious awareness. Your mind registers this as some form of dis-ease. (We use the term dis-ease to describe any type of physical discomfort.)

~Your highest (soul) self is integrating all aspects of Self from all dimensions of time so you are also in a state of constant and continuous expansion of your awareness. This may affect your mental, emotional and potentially your physical well being because you are integrating new (to you) aspects of yourSelf, including your shadow self. Your ego desires to remain in control and may put up quite a fight as you reacquaint yourself with your own Soul. As you do this, you are always deepening into loving the Self more fully and without condition. Your ego is an integral part of your human self, and as such, deserves your unconditional love. 

~Your ego and soul are in a continuous state of alignment and integration. It is a bit like rearranging the furniture in your home; it looks and feels different, it takes a while to get used to the new layout, and you may suffer some painful bruises if you try to navigate through the new landscape in the dark. This inner feng shui is helping to move the energy in a more positive flow, clearing “blockages” and bringing balance to the wholeness of You.

Freedom. You chose to be here for this time of transition into a New Way of Being. In your history as human or human type Beings on Earth, you have lived through many cycles of evolution; all of them ending in some form of extinction. This time is different. You are completing a cycle; coming back around to Oneness Consciousness. You are returning to your natural state of Being, that of Grace. (Grace is, but not limited to, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy, peace, awe, curiosity, love.)

In this lifetime you have chosen to evolve beyond extinction, and in doing so, remembering Who and What You Are. So as you valiantly and beautifully become aware of being in the Void, know that you are creating your reality in every moment; you are creating new perceptual markers that change the course of your evolution. You are building new foundations through and in Grace.

Expect miracles because you are creating them.

How do you deal with dis-ease, anxiety, fear, stress? Drop into your natural state of Being. Consciously be in the Void; in the dark stillness, and Be The Light and the Life and create the New Earth. When you are in your natural state of Being, you are existing in a higher frequency and dimension. This alters your conscious awareness. This is how and where you create new perceptions. This is what you were born in this life to be and do.


We will speak about the transition of consciousness through physical death in light of the recent transition of someone that was well known and loved for Who He Was as well as his accomplishments in life.

Suffering is a perceptual marker, and each of you has a perception of suffering that is different than anyone else’s. How can this be? Each of you has your own unique organization of thoughts and memories which originated from imprints, beliefs and patterns that you have experienced in all of time. “Suffering” carries an energetic imprint, or a vibration that you all know and recognize because you have all experienced it many, many times. 

The Being of Light that you know as Chadwick Boseman recognized suffering in his unique way. Within his belief patterns, he knew suffering as something that in many ways, fueled him to continue to create and be seen. He did not share his suffering with the world at large, but used it to grow, evolve, and in his way, made quite an impactful statement through his life, work, and physical death. His perception of suffering is neither right nor wrong, it is simply his perception.

The timing of his transition out of the physical body contributes to myriad aspects of what you, as a Whole, are transitioning through in order to re-member (and reclaim) your true Oneness.

His age, race, gender, disease, status and his perception of suffering were all aspects of his soul’s path, leading him towards his own personal evolution in this existence. He chose to make an impact, as have many others who have recently transitioned out of the physical body. 

Asking the Tough Questions

Sometimes you have to ask yourself the tough questions. Doubts will surface. Address the doubts and ask the tough questions.
We have always told you that All is Well, and from our perspective, all is well. We also know that our perspective is very different from yours, and even though you are, in each moment of Now, better able to discern a larger, wider and more expansive perspective, you are still human, you still have an ego. So your perspective, how you view your earthly existence and even how you perceive what is beyond, is not going to be the same as ours.
And that is how it should be, for now.

And in this next moment of Now your soul and ego are more aligned than they were before. And so it goes, in each moment of Now. 

We say “All is Well. Except for that thought that tells you it isn’t.” You are now very much aware that your thoughts create your reality. But what if you just lost a loved one to illness or an accident? Would all be well? How can all be well when the world as you know it is crumbling? That is one of the tough questions. 

This time in human history is unique because you are all waking up to the self realization of Who You Are. With that realization comes the power to choose how you move into the next moment of Now without relying on the ego to direct you down a very narrow path; one that is based on history and past choices. You are also able to perceive the potential, the opportunity and the freedom that is available now that you are no longer confined to a very narrow path. You are receiving information (and the answers to your tough questions) constantly. You get to choose how you process this information: Through the old filter of ego or through the channel of your own Divine knowing, or Grace. More and more, you are choosing Grace, and with each opportunity to choose, it becomes easier because Grace is your natural state of Being.

So you become quiet and you listen. You pay attention to your soul, and in your natural state of Being, you are able to answer your own tough questions. It matters not if you believe that the information comes from what you consider to be angels, or guides, or God: All of That is a part of You, and You are a part of All of That. You could say that we offer you hope. Hope deepens into faith and when you have faith, you are able to trust. We offer you courage. We offer you strength, compassion, and forgiveness. Yet all of these are within you, they are the stuff that you are made of. When you look within and find a glimmer of hope, you are able to take a small step forward, into the next moment of Now. Once you take that first step, you know that you have the courage to take another step, which grows into the strength to keep going; taking steps into the next moment of Now. Grief, anger, and all of the emotions and feelings that are part of being human are integral aspects of this experience called life on Earth. All can be well while you are experiencing deep grief because grief is a natural byproduct of this life experience. Feel all that you are here to feel while you are in the process of remembering that Grace is your natural state of Being. It becomes easier to navigate the great and wonderful changes that you are moving through when you practice dropping into, and sustaining the state of Grace.

An aspect of the intense karmic and Akashic clearing that you are moving through is the releasing of eons of hatred, injustice, oppression, grief and fear. In your expanding awareness you recognize that it no longer serves you to keep these feelings locked within you. This is playing out in every arena right now, including your own personal life. It has to occur in this way, like the volcano must erupt to release the pressure that has built up under the earth’s surface over thousands of years. New growth arises from the volcanic ash, and new growth is arising even now, from Humanity as a whole.







From our perspective, All is Well. We have faith in you. We trust You because we know you. We are you. You are all there is, and all there is, is You.

Ask the tough questions. When you do, and you begin to cognize that all is well, the changes abound. This is why you are here, Now: To instigate major change in the world as you know it. When you are aware that All is Well, your light, the energy that you are, displaces the heavy, old imprints, patterns and karmic energy that have held this world and all who dwell upon her in a miasma of fear.

You, in the awareness of your God Self, hold the power to shift things for the highest and best of everyone. You have the ability to create a New World.

Now is the time.