A New Era

We come to you today with great love and respect. We respect You. We know Who You Are. You are beginning to believe Who You Are and as you do, it changes everything. It changes You: The physical and energetic structure of the body are literally becoming more light. As you return to your natural state of Being more and more, you are growing and expanding the photons within the cells of your body effectively bringing more light to your core and increasing the rate at which you vibrate. This alters the makeup of your cells causing anything of a lower vibration to fall away. It changes your energy field, expanding it outward so you are no longer contracted, affecting everyone that you meet. Your thoughts, words and actions are changed as well as you re-member how to sustain your natural state of Being. Your thoughts meet like thoughts and as a whole, you begin to manifest a new and very different consensus reality. You are in this now, and there is no going back. That is very good news because you have left history behind. A new era is beginning, and you are here to be a part of this great change. 

2020 is a pivotal time and the last days of 2019 will reflect the energy of great change that 2020 brings. Buckle your seat belt friends because you are on the ride of your lifetime! We say this with the deepest love and invite you to enjoy the ride! So many of you have been gritting your teeth as you are on this ride called life. Breathe deeply, exhale, putting your hands in the air and feeling the joy! Remember that you are here, now, with so many of your beloved soul family to step fully into the awareness and freedom of Who You Are. You have already done so much of the hard work, so we invite you to relax, let your energy field expand. You have turned a very important corner in your evolution and there is no going back, so be at peace.

You are witnessing the changing of the guards; the end of old paradigm beliefs; the re-birthing of humanity into new energy and expanded awareness. You are enlightened Beings on the brink of re-membering your Light. You have never lost the connection to your Light, you simply forgot. As you remember, it becomes easier and easier to re-connect to it because it has always been within you. 

A new era is emerging and it is happening Now. Deep within you know this, and that awareness stirs something even deeper within you that has been dormant for a very long time: The conscious awareness that you are Source. You are that which created you. Surrounding (and for so long blocking) that awareness are eons and eons of patterns and beliefs that contradict that awareness. There are beliefs and patterns that blame God/Source/YOU for everything that has ever gone wrong in the world. There are beliefs that point to God/Source/YOU as a judgmental and cruel being who would punish those that don’t obey or follow the rules. 

Everything that you have learned and believed up to this moment of Now is old energy. It has all served a purpose, and you are ready to break free. What happens now? A different consensus reality is what happens now. The foundations are crumbling, causing the old to fall. Already you are witnessing history being made in many arenas. Things are happening that no one could predict because the energy of the times is completely different than what you have known. You cannot go back now. You are in the time of Revelation: Revealing to yourselves Who You Are, and as you do you trust it more and more because you are able to feel that this is real. It is truth. Drop inward now, and find your light. Step into your natural state of Being and feel the energy of Grace flood through you, knowing that you are increasing the photons in your cells, bringing even more light to the light that has always been there. Feel the Truth and allow it to be revealed to you.

A new era is here friends and you are it. Respect and love yourselves and enjoy this amazing ride of life.

You Are Accomplishing So Much!

We welcome you to our realm of peace, healing and Divine Knowing. This realm is our realm, and “our” refers to All of us including You. You reside here, just as you reside in all realms. Your awareness is in the realm of your Earth existence, yet you are also aware of all of time and space. You are re-membering and re-cognizing Who You Are in every next moment of Now, and it is all happening faster than you have ever experienced it. Everything is being reconfigured, including You, and for some, this generates many deep and often conflicting feelings and emotions.

Sadness, hopelessness, anxiety and fear are prevalent. There are many obvious reasons for these feelings, and there are many that are not so obvious. We are here to discuss the not so obvious ones.

You are consciously evolving. Conscious evolution means that you are aware that you are changing; physically, emotionally and mentally, but the ego may resist the changes. This causes conflicting emotions. You are shedding layers of fear from your physical, emotional and energetic bodies faster than you have ever shed anything before, and this may cause deep and unexplained sadness, anxiety, even anger. You have held fear in your body, mind and energy field for so long that as it falls away so quickly you may feel exposed, vulnerable, unsafe, even lonely. You see, fear is a known thing. Even though you don’t want to feel fear, it is challenging for the ego to release because the ego knows and understands fear. Fear has been a protective layer for you and as you continue to awaken to your soul’s guidance, you no longer need it. The fear we speak of is the fear of acknowledging your True Self. Your True Self is what is the most real about you; everything else is an illusion. You are used to illusions; the world you live in is an illusion so your ego is afraid of the illusion dissolving. And dissolving it is.

A large part of the protective layer that is falling away is the desire to label yourself, therefore everyone and everything else. Labels are constricting. Your ego accepts the labels therefore they become true for you, so you exist within the limiting energy of the labels that you have acquired in this lifetime as well as the patterns from the labels of other existences. In your expanding awareness you are also expanding the labels, but they are still labels. You are becoming more accepting, and that is a very big step in the right direction. We invite you to examine and begin to let go of the labels that you have taken on. This leads to greater freedom, acceptance and expansiveness in your own awareness of Self, which can only lead to greater freedom, acceptance and expansiveness in your awareness of All. When you actively shift, you are inviting those around you to shift as well. 

This is an amazing time to be a human Being. In many ways we envy the immense shifts and changes that you are bringing about in your current world. You will look back upon this Time of Great Change and marvel at how much you accomplished together.

You are invited to let go. Simply LET GO of every label, every pre-conceived idea about yourself and how the ego (or anyone else) thinks you should be. Step fully into the unknown embracing the Source Energy that You Are, and trust. Source (Your Own Source/Self) will never lead you astray. The unknown is NEW ENERGY that is RIPE WITH POTENTIAL. You came here to take advantage of it! Use it. You are now in the stage of your conscious awareness where you will only use energy in ways that are best for ALL because you now know that You are an integral part of ALL. You are more in tune with your own soul than you have ever been, and again, your soul will not lead you astray. This does not mean that there will not be bumps in the road, but it does mean that you view them from your soul’s higher perspective, and from that purview, everything looks, feels and IS different. Relationships may be different. Your work may be different. Your body is certainly different, and maybe not in the ways that you once believed that it would be. 

As fear continues to fall away and as you actively step away from labels, old patterns and beliefs, everything becomes new and different. Old energy is surfacing, gasping for it’s last breath, and you are living your own version of that in various degrees of comfort or uncertainty, and you chose to be here for the duration. Congratulations for bringing your self awareness to this grand game. We remind you that your circle of influence is greater than you can imagine, so as you step away from all that is old, it affects everyone around you as well as those that you meet even briefly. The energy continues to expand outward into the infinite realms. You are more powerful than you think, but in ways that may be very different than what you used to believe.

Welcome to the vast unknown, the void, the energy of infinite potential. 

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

We welcome you today. We welcome you whenever you read this, as time has no meaning. You receive the energy and the information in divine timing exactly when you are supposed to for your highest and best interests. 

We tell you that things are speeding up, and you feel it. In some it brings heightened excitement and touches a deep inner knowing that things are changing. The changes that are occurring are brought in upon new energy and therefore cannot repeat what you consider to be the past. Some of you feel anxious, nervous and unsettled about what is happening because it is a dismantling of all that you have known in this life and myriad other existences. Pause for a moment and address any self judgment about how you feel and why. This is all part of the natural evolution of your emotional self as you remember more and more of your natural state of Being. In fact, acknowledge the feelings that you have been having, allowing them to move through you completely and fully instead of trying to stifle or contain them. It is becoming easier for you to allow the movement of feeling through you, as attempting to contain or conceal it causes discomfort, even dis-ease. You are re-cognizing this and as you do, you deepen your own innate connection to your body, re-membering that you are whole and complete in body, mind and spirit. You are always coming into deeper alignment with Who and What You Are and it brings us joy to witness this.

We have spoken in past messages about The Time of Great Awakening, The Time of Peace that you are a part of ushering in to all of humanity. This is one of the reasons why so many of you chose to be consciously aware of this incarnation in physical form. (You are multi-dimensional and you are existing in all of time in This Moment of Now, but your conscious awareness is in your current physical form.) You are in the time of revelations now as well: Revealing to your self Who and What You Are. Because you have spent eons of time in some physical form or another, it takes time to re-member your God/Creator/Source Self, and even longer to trust that knowing. You question it, your ego wishes for things to remain the same, while your soul speaks ever more lovingly that it is Time to Re-Member. And so you do, slowly revealing your God Self to your ego self. And as you re-member and begin to trust, it alters your energy field, your Akashic Records and your perception of reality because you are easing into the Unknown with less fear and more trust. You are truly beginning to trust that you create your reality in every moment and you are creating from a new and enlightened perspective. Enlightened simply means that you are lighter; literally and figuratively. You are a Being of light and you are always bringing in more light. So your physical body is also altered as you become enlightened. There is no end to enlightenment, it is a process that continues for all of your existence, until you are once more one consciousness with that which created All. In that regard, you are always one consciousness with that which created All while continuously deepening into the awareness that this is Truth. What an experience it is!

So you perceive things as speeding up, and so they are. 

Your perception of time is dissolving, just like the old patterns and beliefs are dissolving as you embrace the unknown more and more. All that was based in fear is dissolving. This has been happening for many years, yet as time is “speeding up” it seems as if your world is crumbling while you are standing on it. We are here to tell you that All is Well. We have no reason to be anything but truthful. We are here to reassure you. We are here to remind you that you chose to be here for this life altering event. Each of you is waking up, and as you do, you realize that there are ways to help your fellow Beings and be gentler with your Earth. As you are waking up and dissolving old patterns and beliefs you are also realizing that as you create your reality in every moment, you have always done that. You have in effect, created the world that you currently live in, and that may trigger guilt and shame. We invite you to step away from any judgment that may surface around that statement, and pause and understand that you create your reality in all of time and space, in every moment. Remember, you are multi-dimensional, and you are existing in all of time, so you helped create this consensus reality. Now, we invite you to remember that this consensus reality is also the ultimate illusion. Everything and everyone is energy, and energy can be altered. You believe that you are existing in “reality” when in truth, this is but a dream. Here we invite you to imagine that you are in a little boat in a beautiful stream, not rowing your boat, but simply Being. Being in your boat, in the stream and going with the flow. Allow the flow of water (energy/consciousness/ LOVE) to guide you, to take you to where you are to Be. The song goes “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream….Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…Life is but a dream.” The only words we would remove would be “row” because you do not need to exert any effort at all, the flow carries you. And we encourage you to float merrily for life is but a dream! You are used to rowing against the current and that is a very prevalent and old pattern. Let it go and be in the flow. (Merrily!)

This can, and will change everything.

There is more. There is always more. You are capable of clearing karmic entanglements now which shift the patterns in your Akashic Records. As time is speeding up, so are your abilities to bring the necessary changes your soul desires into your conscious awareness and existence. You are multi-dimensional and you are multi-sensory. More in the coming weeks, friends. For now, we wish you Peace. (Which can be found within, as that is a part of Who You Are.)

Returning to Your Own Consciousness

Unequivocally and without a doubt you are evolving. As pure consciousness you became energy that took many forms, eventually taking the form of a human on this earth. With each form you took, your energetic vibration lowered so that you would forget Who You Were and settle more fully into the experiential existence of humanity. As a Being confined to a dense physical form you were able through your body, mind and soul, every emotion and every aspect of physical existence that there was to experience. Each of you has been and done everything. In that regard you went through stages of being, beginning with pure consciousness, phasing into embryonic energetic beings who learned and were taught language, industry, technology. Each phase seemed as if it was evolution and in a way it was, yet you are truly evolving into your whole and complete self now, and as you do this, you are returning to the embryonic phase. Let us explain.

The phases of humanity symbolize the forgetting of your Creator/God Selves. You have been deep in the amnesia of forgetfulness and fully in the glory of your humanness. You have been waking up from the long sleep of forgetting for decades now, and as you awaken you return to the embryonic energetic (or spiritual) stage of your development. 

You are physically, emotionally and mentally truly evolving into your full spiritual self awareness. You are returning to your own consciousness.

As the embryo, you are becoming aware (re-membering) that you are always connected to the Source of All. In fact you are beginning to truly remember and believe that you have never been separated from your Source, and as the embryo you are now able to realize (make real) the permanent, infinite connection to Source that you have always had. You may imagine this as an energetic umbilical cord that connects you via your solar plexus (the chakra of self awareness, self empowerment, self worth) to the Source of All. You receive love (your ultimate nourishment) from this infinite and permanent connection to Source. You have never been separate from Source, that was the ultimate illusion, dream. The reality is that you are the embryo safe in the womb of the Mother of all, cradled in the hands of the Father of all. You have always been there, connected to Love, but believed otherwise. This was your plan all along and it is now time to remember and to awaken.

What happens next? The next phase in your journey of course. You exist. You experience. You help others to awaken to the next stage of the journey. Time and space are human constructs so as you evolve they begin to have no meaning. The future (which doesn’t actually exist because there is only NOW) is unknown and ripe with potential. You are now in your stage of evolution where you are ready to create from the pure consciousness that you are. The unknown is here, ready to be seeded with conscious thoughts, words and deeds and you are the conscious creator of it all. You are now making more choices from the heart and less from the ego because you are deepening into trusting the inner knowing of Who and What you are. You are now conscious that you are one with All and vice versa. You are in the time of revelation, and in some ways it looks and feels like what was prophesied. Revelation is ‘the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world.’ This is what you are here for, it is one of the many reasons why your conscious awareness is in your current physical existence. You are here to reveal Divine disclosures to your fellow beings having a human experience. What a glorious existence it is! In many ways we envy you as we witness this amazing journey of evolution and remembrance. All is well. Breathe deeply in this knowing and go in Peace.

You Are Worthy

Self Worth

You are so worthy. If you could witness your own light, your own soul like we do, you would leave all self doubt behind. It is our desire to help you to expand and witness more and more of your Self the way that you truly exist. You are actively doing just that in the here and now.

In each and every moment you are emitting powerful electromagnetic waves of energy that continue to resonate and reverberate throughout all of time and space. Your energy does not simply fade out once it has reached a certain point. Imagine for a moment that you hear a bird singing. The bird sings his mating song, but as he passes by your window and flies to a distant tree the song faces and becomes fainter until your ears are not able to pick up the sound waves. The sound waves do not stop. It is your ears that eventually stop registering them as a signal that needs to be sent to the brain. Your thoughts are like sound and light waves, constantly moving through the ether, meeting like thoughts and manifesting into what you consider to be your reality. To simplify things, that is why certain things are universally known to all humans: Cars, buildings, cities, different ethnic races, many beliefs, the list could go on and on. Each of you continuously thinks about your consensus You reality and it continues to manifest exactly how you think about it.

Your thoughts are powerful. You know this. Your thoughts create your reality. The power of your soul is constantly expanding in each moment of Now as you become more and more conscious of your multidimensionality. Rignt Now you are more aware than you have ever been, and that will grow in the next moment of Now. So what do you choose to think about in this moment of Now? What energy are you sending into the universe right now? You are necessary and needed. You agreed to this prior to your birth in this life knowing that you are a change maker. A light runner. A way shower. A healer. A divine and holy source of Love. Breathe and integrate the energy of these words as they are truth.

We invite you to examine your Self Worth.

You will find your worth within. It is Who You Are and when you bring your awareness inward, it is there. See it, feel it, witness it.

Your thoughts do not originate in your brain, they originate from your soul, your essence, your divine and Holy self. Your ego is the filter that your thoughts pass through. Your ego evolves along with you as it is an integral part of you. Ego is not something to be destroyed or shut down. Ego is an energetic aspect of your physical and psychological perception of Self that has kept you alive and will continue to be the filter for your thoughts as long as you are in physical form. This is an invitation to embrace ego, consciously bringing to your awareness the ever deepening alignment of body, mind and spirit. You are spirit having myriad physical experiences. You are That Which Created You, or Source. You are Source experiencing. You are holy, and you are spirit, so you are The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is All That Is, therefore you are All That Is.

We invite you to examine your self worth Now. Recognize your worth, and take responsibility for generating the thoughts that are changing your reality in every moment. Will you think thoughts of judgment, separation, division among races, fear, greed and hatred? No. We know you. You are an integral part in this time of Revelation. Revelation is the revealing of the Truth, and the Truth is that there is only Love. You Are That Love. Allow your thoughts to reflect Who You Are. Source animates you in order to experience life. What do you choose for Source to experience through your thoughts, words and actions today?

Signs From the Universe

Signs from the Universe are everywhere, and it is up to us to notice them. I was driving on the highway yesterday, and when I am in the car for an extended length of time I will use that time to contemplate life. (I could have said I meditate during that time, but meditating while driving is not recommended.)    =-)    So I do not go into meditation, but I do go within and connect to my own center/light/heart/Divinity and allow. In the place of allowing, much comes to light. So back to my road trip. I saw a truck with my initials on the license plate, which I took to be a “sign.” There was  also an actual sign on the side of the truck that said “Conscious Construction Co.”

I thought that was interesting, and in contemplating it and what it might mean for me, this question popped into my head: “Do I have a clear conscience?” We all have things that we have done that we are ashamed of, wish we’d done differently, etc., and I have done a lot of work around all of that. (I have to…It’s my work!)    =-)

Thinking about all the work I have done with forgiveness, clearing karmic energy, etc., (we are able to clear karmic energy now, given our state of conscious awareness) I knew in That Moment of Now that my conscience was clear. As there is only this moment of Now, and this moment of Now is our Point of Power and this is how we create our reality, I intended that my conscience become clear in all of time. In creating my own reality in that moment, my conscience was and is clear. (I was constructing my clear conscience!) It was and is very empowering. I know without a doubt that my decisions come from my heart and soul, therefore they are made in and for my highest and best, therefore they are the highest and best choices for all involved. This is very empowering and freeing.

The moral of this story is: Be open to the signs from the universe, they can show up anywhere. And: What are you consciously constructing in this moment of Now? XO

It’s Time for an Upgrade!

When we address the collective, we build upon the message that we offered you the last time. If you are new to this, you receive exactly what you need from this message, and you are able to integrate it into what you have been re-membering on your own. You see, you are always evolving into the next version of you, so you don’t need these messages. They do offer a deeper level of guidance and awareness that permeates your energy field which effectively raises your frequency, so these messages offer an opportunity to actively shift your conscious awareness to your ascension journey. When your awareness is fine tuned to your evolutionary process you play an active role in sustaining the higher frequency, which affects your energy field. Your field then becomes expanded, affecting the energy fields of everyone that you come into contact with, and when you are sustaining a higher vibrational frequency, you are in effect, inviting everyone else to do the same. Therefore you are an integral part in the shifting of the consciousness of humanity.

Now let’s take it a step further. When you bring your awareness inward, (through meditation, prayer, mindful breathwork, etc.) find your own heart, your own light, and focus on it. Breathe into it, finding appreciation for your own light, your own spark of divinity. Allow that feeling of appreciation to grow into gratitude, feeling gratitude for Who You Are. Sustaining this feeling of gratitude changes the energetic makeup of your physical form as well as your energy field by raising your vibratory rate. Your energetic field responds to this by expanding and interacting with the energetic fields of all you come into contact with, as well as those you think about. The energy of gratitude flows through you and into the fields of those around you and those that you focus your attention on. They feel it. Their energy resonates with it and responds to it. This is powerful.

Now, let us take it even further. While in the feeling of gratitude, think of another that you love very much, feeling the warmth of that love fill you, maybe bringing a smile to your face. Rest in this love, allowing it to fill you from within, feeling love for Who You Are, what you bring to the world through the simple fact of you being here. That is all that is necessary by the way: You do not have to do anything or prove yourself to anyone to earn a place in this world. You have a place here simply because You Are. (Re-member: You are an aspect of Source, that which created you. You are the fruit of that tree, therefore you are the same as that which created you. That which created you is LOVE.) As you rest in the feeling of love and gratitude, you realize (you make real) that you are love. Resting in the energy of love, sustaining the feeling of love allows you come into alignment and balance with All That Is.

This place of Being is your Point of Power and it is from this place of Being that you create your reality.

Everyone and everything that you think of from this place of Being is affected by your energy. We have told you before that your thoughts are electromagnetic, and when your thoughts are generated in love and gratitude they carry that electromagnetic charge, meeting like thoughts, which manifest and create your reality.

We have also told you that all of time is happening Now, so you are constantly merging with and drawing to you the experiences from your concurrent existences. When you are able to sustain the feelings of gratitude and love, you are drawing to you the infinite experiences from your own existences that are also based in love and gratitude. You have been drawing experiences to you from your existences based on history, your beliefs and patterns, and for the most part that experience has come to you from the dense and lower frequency existences. For a very long time, you have been creating your reality based in fear because that is what you knew. You drew those experiences to you, repeating old patterns because you were still steeped in old beliefs, repeating historical patterns.

You have been in the process of clearing old Akashic Energy for a while now, recognizing old beliefs and patterns as they show up. Sometimes you still need to experience a pattern to realize (very quickly now) that you have learned all that you need to learn from it and that you are ready to move on. This is evolution and everyone is moving through their own version of it. If you are reading this, you are aware of your evolutionary journey and you are willing to step into the self empowered place of creating your own reality out of love and gratitude. You are aware of leaving your history behind. You are aware of the excitement and joy of stepping into the unknown next moment of Now. You are aware that you are here to bring change to your life and to the world. This change may be subtle and small to you, or it may be something that you have never imagined.

You are also aware that what happens on a personal level is happening on a communal and global level as well. This is challenging. We witness this and we acknowledge you in love and gratitude for your willingness to consciously grow. The turmoil and chaos that you are in is part of the release of old Akashic energy, and all that is of the lower frequency must work it’s way up and out. You are doing it friends! You are changemakers, wayshowers, bringers of freedom.

The next few months will bring more change, and how you perceive that change affects the Whole. We invite you to practice sustaining the feelings of being in Love and Gratitude, as this is the most powerful way to create the next moment of Now. Continue to love and help one another. We are here.

Historic Times

The times you are in are of historic proportions in that you are changing everything. You are effectively re-creating your external reality by re-cognizing your inner power; your own divinity. Your current external reality, or consensus reality is perceived by many as chaotic and there are many reasons why. First, we remind you that chaos is a perception, because chaos is at it’s most basic definition energy in motion, and as energy is always in motion, there is always the potential for chaos. You can step in and out of “chaos” by altering your personal perception of the energy in motion. (There are many ways to do this, one is to step away from the onslaught of media generated fear. We are not condemning media, simply stating a truth.)

The perception of chaos is exacerbated by fear, which is very contagious. Remember that your thoughts are powerful, and like thoughts are attracted to like thoughts which then manifest into your consensus reality. (Thoughts, being energy, have an electromagnetic charge, and as you are an electromagnetically charged being, your thoughts follow suit.) The media, while offering helpful information, is even more proficient at generating fear in almost every aspect of human life, so you have a continuous source of energy and information aimed at you at all times. You have the power to alter the effect of the media, via your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This may be very basic to some of you, yet it is a good reminder: Step out of judging what you see and hear. Instead, offer peace, compassion or at the very least, neutrality through prayer, meditation and intent. You are a part of All That Is, including what you perceive as the greatest evil, so when you pray, meditate and intend from the feelings of compassion, peace, gratitude, you are altering the electromagnetic charge of the fear based thought patterns that are still so prevalent.

Many of you perceive your personal lives to be steeped in chaos. What occurs throughout the planet occurs in the lives of all at some point. We spoke of the wave in our last message, and you are all in various stages of the wave in the changing of the tide. Some are experiencing the crest of the wave, others are in the trough, yet hear us clearly:

The tide is changing.

We have spoken of human expectations, and the constricting nature of having expectations. When they are not met, you feel at the very least, disappointment and most often something far more toxic. You are learning to be able to sustain being in the flow of expectancy, trusting in your divine nature that all is well. From our purview, this is a momentous occasion because it reveals

  1. You are aware of and trusting your own soul, recognizing your multidimensional self and using that awareness for the highest and best.
  2. Having expectations is a historic pattern, and history can no longer repeat itself.
  3. Being in the flow of expectancy is a much higher vibrational state of being, and when you are vibrating at the higher frequencies you are affecting everyone else in the world in the most positive way.
  4. This is the Change that you have all been waiting for; the Change you came here for.

With the changing of the tide comes a New Way of Being.

There is no aspect of Life that will not change. Most of you have already experienced great change in your life, your way of Being, and this will continue. As you re-cognize ever more deeply that you create your own reality, and that this moment of Now is your point of power, nothing can stay the same.

You are already witnessing this in the weather, your governments, your economy. Right Now, you experience more severe weather patterns because your thoughts affect the weather. Thoughts have electromagnetic charge, and your collective thoughts are still greatly generated from fear and the perception of chaos, so they affect the atmosphere, creating severe weather patterns. Some of you like to “conjure up a good thunderstorm” and that carries more truth than you know. You can also conjure up a calm atmosphere. Try it.

The tide is changing and you are here to create the change. Step into your awareness of this responsibility and recognize your power to usher in the Time of Peace. As you do, you contribute to the Whole. No one is ineffectual, that is not possible. You choose how effective you are, and we invite you to continue to choose in and from compassion.

Each of you know deep within, the Truth of Who You Are, and what you are here to do. You are continuously emerging from the cocoon of old energy and your metamorphosis will be constant as long as you are in physical form, yet you are aware of the ever ascending levels of freedom that you step onto in this most beautiful of journeys. Pause in your day and allow the truth of this to integrate, and you will feel the warmth of this Truth within your very heart. Breathe the feeling of deepest gratitude for and into this, expanding it to fill you, and you will become consciously aware in this moment of the next phase of your metamorphosis. We are witnessing you, always, in love and the deepest gratitude.

The Christ Energy Within You

When you have a remembrance of a lifetime as someone famous, or powerful or someone who was a world renowned spiritual leader, you are merging with the collective energy of those beings. As there is only this moment of Now, these beings exist in form in the time/space continuum. As you are becoming more aware of your multidimensional self, you are able to merge with the energy of these beings, and “remember” an existence when you were acting out the same drama, sharing the same message, fighting the same battles, etc. You are also connected at the energetic level, as there is only One of You and You are All That Is.

You carry within you the Christ energy, as that is how you have labeled it. It is the same thing with Joan of Arc energy, Buddha energy, Mohammed energy, Quan Yin energy, Mary energy, etc. You even carry the energy of leaders and despots like Hitler, King Herod, and others who are known for their oppression, greed, injustice, hatred, racism, etc.

What prevents you from being the despot instead of the savior is the frequency at which you are vibrating right now. When you are vibrating at a high frequency, you merge with the energy of beings who also vibrate at a higher frequency. In your myriad existence in physical form, you have been and done everything. You have been the one driven by ego and greed; you have been the perpetrator and the victim. You have been the leader, the hero, the betrayer and the liar. It is all part of the experience of Being. Now, you are evolving and re-membering Who and What You Are, and as you do, you (all of you) are ushering in the Time of Great Awakening. It is part of your natural evolution. As you evolve, you become more and more aware of your multidimensional self as well as your Higher Soul Self, and you act accordingly, meaning you make choices based in compassion, not fear.

The Wave

Change is something that cannot be avoided. It is a part of your existence. You are in the midst of major change that affects every aspect of your life here on Earth.

We witness what you are moving through as if it were a wave of energy. Each of you experiences your life circumstances in your unique way, yet as you are all One, your experiences connect and combine to form an energetic pattern (or wave) that moves through the consciousness of you all as it moves through your planet.

Let us try to help you understand this better.

As a consciousness, you (all humans) are freeing yourselves of old and deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs. These patterns and beliefs are based in fear, and surface in your lives as lack, (poverty,) unworthiness, separation, (loneliness,) and generate hatred, injustice, inequality, and greed, among other things.

Industries are pitted against government and other industry, leaders are fighting each other, families are feuding, and relationships of all sorts are suffering.

The old energies are surfacing, and you are face to face with them.

The energetic wave we spoke of relates to what old energies are surfacing for You, and where you are in the wavespan. Some of you are experiencing the depths of the old energies, while some of you are riding the crest of the wave. It is like this for a reason, and that reason is so that you can help each other.

You are not alone. You are a part of the Whole; you always have been and you always will be. So while some of you feel despair, others are there for your support, and we invite you to seek each other out. This is how healing occurs, and this is how you achieve freedom from the old patterns.

We have said before that history cannot repeat itself. There are some reading this who would disagree. We say to you that history cannot repeat itself because you are now making new and different choices.

Pause and read that again: You are now making new and different choices.

You are a different being (energetically and physically) than you were a week ago, or 6 months ago. Your ego is also different than it was a week ago or 6 months ago. Your ego is not something to be squashed or shut down, it is an integral part of you, of your survival. It is the way in which your inner self is able to not only view, but perceive and interact with what you consider to be your external reality. And as you are always evolving, your ego evolves with you.

As your ego evolves along with you, the choices that you make have to be different than what you historically chose in the “past.”
Regardless of how it sometimes seems, you are expanding your conscious awareness, deepening into your own heart, coming into a more balanced alignment with your own soul. Pause for a moment and breathe deeply.

Everyone is awakening at their own pace, so that you are here and available to help each other. You planned it this way. You also knew that you would come into this existence with the strength to carry on, knowing that you would be challenged in many ways. You recognize the old feelings, the old patterns and beliefs, and they are rising up to be acknowledged, and you are keeping your soul agreements in order to help each other.

Who is showing up in the present moment to trigger an old wound or pattern? Once you move past the immediate anger or resentment, what is the knowing that lies underneath? There may be levels and layers to work through, and you are doing the work to get through all of the levels and layers. And as you do so, you are energetically helping All, including those that show up as triggers.

You are doing the work. We witness you doing the work to free yourselves and it is indeed beautiful.

Waves crest, they eventually lose their steam and the tide shifts. We invite you to remember that chaos is only a perception. The more that you are able to find your balance and stay in alignment with your heart, the easier it becomes to simply shift your perception. As you do this, you help yourself, and you help everyone because there is only One of You, and You are all One.

Remember too that you are climbing your sacred mountain and this particular journey never truly ends, you simply transition to another once you have reached the apex. The higher you ascend, the more your purview opens and expands, so you are able to witness the “big picture.” We invite you to pause and enjoy the view from your place high up on your sacred mountain. You have gotten this far, and for that we honor you. Go in peace and love yourself and each other.