It is time in the ever evolving cycle of humanity to begin to fully understand karma, and your relationship to it.

You have always been a victim of karma, or that was your belief, from very early on in your journey as a human being.

It is now time to become aware of the shift in the energy of karma, more specifically, where you are in your journey with and through karma.

Karma is balance: Balance is a law of the Universe. What you reap you sow, and so on.

Each of you has repeated countless karmic cycles, and you are in the midst of many of them in this current lifetime.

This lifetime is so very different from any that you have lived before. As we have told you many times, you are expanding exponentially in your awareness of Self: Who and what you are. This expansion of self knowledge is in direct correlation to where the planet is in the cosmos; traversing through new energy. Earth herself is evolving. A time of great change and eventual awakening is upon you. You have been preparing for it for myriad lifetimes.

Karmic clearing is at hand. You have been clearing your karmic issues for a while, but it is now time for you to become fully aware of the implications of karmic clearing.

Understand that all things come into balance, and that as you clear your karmic debts, balance simply becomes an aspect of your own inner knowing. In other words, as you expand and evolve, you become more aware of your soul’s desires and goals and you are led less and less by the ego’s desires.

Your soul fully comprehends the concept of balance, therefore karma is becoming a non issue. It was a part of ego based living.

Seek to clear your karmic debts. Intend to be guided by your soul. There are those that are here to help you in your desire to be free of karmic debt.

Freedom from karmic debt is another step on the ascension ladder.

Welcome to another level of healing.