One of my greatest desires is to help others…If I can help make someone’s day better, then I am a happy girl.  I do this through sharing my life, my story, my spiritual journey with others through helpful (I hope) blog posts, quotes, etc.

Today though, I have to share a brief story about my dog Diesel.  And a pair of thong underwear.  I am not making this up.

Anyone who has a lab knows that they eat anything, and they will eat until they pop, or until you catch them at it, and wrestle the “food” away from them.  I digress for a moment here to share with you that Diesel has thumbs.  He appears to be able to open a “Pet Proof” food container that requires more manual dexterity than a “normal” dog has.  I sent pictures of what was left of the container to the manufacturer, who then sent me a new one, free of charge.

So, my ex husband sent me a text today with a picture of a pair of women’s thong underwear, and asked if they were mine, because Diesel had just puked them up.  Really?  Yes.  (Another brief aside here; Diesel is a child of divorce, and goes to his “dad’s” every other week.)

It’s really not important whose thongs they were, it’s just that my dog found them and ate them.  That should teach us all to put our clothes away…

Below is the star of the story.  No, I am not posting a picture of the underwear, although they held up surprisingly well, considering.