We wish to re introduce you to yourselves. The “self” that you think you know so well is not truly “who you are.” You are that which created you; and you understand this now because we have been inviting you to remember it for a long time.

The “self” that we wish to re acquaint you with is your True Self: The multi-sensory self; the “light” self; your Divine Soul self.

It is time to re-member this fully and completely, in your entirety.

You have been on the upswing of the bell curve of awakening for most of this lifetime, and the recent and current states of chaos and unrest that exist in your world contribute to the timing of expanded awareness.

You have created everything that you experience in this world through your thoughts and beliefs. Everything and everyone is a part of Source/That which created you, so as you are That also, everything in your world is a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs. It is never too late to change your thoughts and beliefs. In fact, it is time to change your thoughts and beliefs.

It is a matter of Trust: Trusting the Self; Trusting Who You Are; and trusting that you have the ability to re-pattern everything that you think, therefore everything that you create. We remind you: Your thoughts are extraordinarily powerful.

Mass consciousness is a reality, and something that you are affecting and being affected by in every moment. We are inviting you to fully cognize this fact; wake up to it, and to realize how much power you have in creating change.

Take a moment now, and allow us to introduce you to YourSelf.

Pause and breathe deeply now, imagining that you are going to the door, the door that opens into the infinite. As you open the door, you witness YourSelf. This is You in all of your Divinity, all of your Holiness, all of your Power. (Not ego driven power, but soul driven power.) See YourSelf in the wholeness and magnificence of your Entirety. See the light that emanates from within you. Feel the energy as you re-connect with YourSelf. Experience this in real time, right now.

This is happening, friend. This is what is needed, now.

You are in a time of necessary awakening to your own Divinity.

If you are reading this, you are aware of your call to action. Your call to action is to Trust Who You Are and manifest the Peace that dwells within you. Create change. Hatred cannot abide in a peaceful environment. We have said this before and we will say it again: You are an integral part of bringing in the Time of Great Awakening, and the time is Now. The world needs you; the You who is in full awareness of her/his Divinity. We joyfully introduce you, to You. ​​​​​​​