Here is an old article I wrote in Sept. of 2010.  It seems appropriate to re post as many of us are moving through major life transitions, yet again.

Our bodies are wondrous, live computers, and they will tell us what is best for them if we will only listen.

When one begins a detoxifying program for the body, toxins, poisons, old medications and various other potentially harmful substances are flushed from the cells and organs quite rapidly.  This process will often trigger a healing crisis, where the person going through the detoxification process is subjected to symptoms ranging from bloating and discomfort to more severe physical issues.  Most of the time these ease as the body becomes clear and releases the built up toxins.

 The same thing can happen when one undergoes intense energy work, or therapy.  When we are receiving energy work, our bodies are taking in potentially very powerful influxes of energy, which flood our cells with light and a higher vibration, or frequency of energy.  This activates the cells to regenerate, flushing toxins, old beliefs, patterns, and miasma out into the lymphatic system and into the kidneys.  We often release emotions at the same time, so we are experiencing a double whammy, which can bring on the healing crisis.   A healing crisis can last for a few hours or a few days.  

As we raise our vibration and frequency, there are adjustments that are occurring within our bodies constantly.  Our physical bodies as well as our light bodies, emotional, and mental bodies are all affected by frequency shifts and energy healing/therapy. 

Physical symptoms can include anything really, but I have found that I feel pain in areas of my body where I tend to carry stress.  I also notice that certain chakras are often affected, depending on the issue that is surfacing as I am receiving energy work.   Therefore I feel pain or have physical issues in those areas as well.  The kidneys and lymphatic system have to work quickly to process out the toxins and cellular material that is being flushed out of the body, so frequent urination is a very common occurrence after energy work.  Drinking plenty of water helps with that, as well as eating healthy, fresh foods that feel good to your body.  

Emotional releases happen at the drop of a hat, and can be triggered by a song, a few words, or a memory, and often the releases that accompany these triggers are very intense.

The ego jumps right in during times of healing crises to try to bring us back to believing all of the old patterns and thoughts that we have worked so hard to let go of.

I have found that going into the emotion, without allowing yourself to have a pity party will help move it out faster.  Then allow yourself to stop.  Be in the flow.  You are not your thoughts.  You create your thoughts.  Instead of worrying about past mistakes, and fretting about what will happen tomorrow or next week, allow yourself to be in the moment.  This moment is all there is.  Just stop and breathe.  Take 5 minutes and breathe into the moment.  This will help you to balance.  Often it takes a few days to move through a severe healing crisis, but we all move through them, and I know from experience that we have much more clarity afterwards.  Our bodies need time to adjust to the influx of energy that is moving through us as we receive energy work as well as the process of simply evolving and moving through the ascension process.

Be gentle with yourself, in thoughts, in words and especially in your actions.  We are in a time of almost instant manifestation, so it is imperative that we treat ourselves kindly and with love.  Then you are in a better place to treat others with kindness and love.  We are all on different rungs of the ascension ladder.  That is a very helpful thing to remember as we move through each day and interact with our fellow human beings.