So here’s the deal. I am not going to sugar coat this for anyone, so if you’re reading this, it is meant for you.
Finding your spiritual way in this world is not the easy path. It’s not the rose garden or the walk on the beach that maybe you’ve heard that it is.
A spiritual journey is the journey to finding the Self. Most of us have hidden the Self behind layers and layers of protection that some would call ego, others would call the psyche. Still others would call it armor. (I can relate to all 3.)
When the soul begins to gently shake you awake, wonderful things can show up in your life. It seems miraculous how the right people or group is suddenly there to help you figure out what all of these deep feelings mean. Books fly off the shelf like they are meant for you, or a friend loans you the perfect “self help” or metaphysical book that describes to a T exactly what you seem to be experiencing! It’s amazing and wonderful, and it leads one to look even further, to seek more deeply into the self to know more about what “awakening” means.
When the right person, book, or group shows up for you, take full advantage of the help, but use your newly developing sense of intuition and discernment to decide if it is right for you. There are many who will claim to be teachers or gurus who may not have your highest and best interests at heart. (This is one of many very important lessons in your personal growth.) Use your discernment to feel into what (and who) is right for you as you go step onto the path of awakening to your deeper and higher self.
My own journey began in February of 1987; 26 years ago this month, when my husband of 6 months was killed in a car accident. Over the past quarter century, I have devoured books, seminars, classes, been members of various spiritual groups, and experienced amazing, wondrous and deeply moving mystical and spiritual things. I have met people from all over the world who impacted my life in deep and lasting ways. I look at the world differently. I have learned (and continue to learn) many different healing modalities. I have altered my diet, changed my life, been a wife, mother and gotten divorced, to name a few things.
It has not been easy. Far from it! Yet I am able to look back over the last 26 years and be immensely grateful for every moment, even the most heart wrenchingly painful ones, and you have to trust me when I say there have been many of those. I spent many hours in the fetal position on the bathroom floor, unable to pull myself together until the emotional and mental pain had eased.
As I constantly delve deeper into my Self, and continue to change, grow and evolve, I am still blessed with experiences that show me who I am and who I am not. These experiences do not go away as we awaken, and in most cases they become more intense, but I am able to move through them and understand with clarity what it is I am to let go of or gain from each episode.
The clarity and wonder of my own authenticity are the rewards. Each experience that we live through helps us to be able to be there for another. Our experiences shape who we are, and who we are becoming.
So many people are waking up now. It is time. It’s going to happen, regardless of whether you accept it or resist it kicking and screaming. It means change. It means letting go of most of what you believed was real and true, and living without illusions anymore. Awakening to your Self is an eye and heart opener for sure. (THAT is an understatement.) So if you are reading this, it going to happen, and you know it.
There are many who are here to help. Ask and you shall receive, and be very conscious and clear about what you are asking for. When you open to allow the Self to evolve, you are allowing the opportunities to show up, and they will be right on time. Not on Your time, but in God’s time. (That has been one of my lessons; learning that I cannot push things. I have to be ready first.)
Much love and blessings to you as you journey into Self.
February 6, 2012