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Heal Your Relationships…Shift Your Life


The Fig Leaf offers a unique integration of healing services within the Akashic Record Experience.

Akashic Record Reading/Energy Healing Session: $125

“Much more than simply a memory storehouse, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, Akashic body, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us.”

~Edgar Cayce

Your soul is dynamic and ever changing, therefore so are your Akashic Records. An Akashic Record reading/Intuitive Healing session will help you to identify,  better understand, and work towards healing the root causes of any physical, mental or emotional problems that you may suffer from. Information and healing energy flow in this interactive experience where we dialog with your Masters, teachers and guides regarding your life and health issues.  Akashic Record readings can be done for more than one person at a time. For each additional person in a reading/healing session add $44.

Hypnotherapy: $175

Hypnosis uses the power of positive suggestion and has proven extremely helpful for (but not limited to):

  • Relieving any type of stress
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight management
  • Relief from fears and phobias

Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness between wakefulness and sleep, and everyone moves through cycles of self induced hypnosis daily. Hypnosis is the term given to the fact that the mind opens to suggestion between being awake and asleep. Since everyone responds to hypnosis differently, we will take the time to discuss your needs and desired outcome and tailor your hypnotherapy treatments specifically for you.

Regression hypnotherapy can be profoundly helpful as an aid to getting in touch with the root causes of physical, mental and emotional issues. Delving deeply into one’s subconscious can help to reveal myriad memories, beliefs and patterns that may be inhibiting your ability to fully enjoy a healthy and happy life. We take the time to  identify and address the root cause of the issue, discussing how you are best able to release and heal it, so that you can move forward in your life in a more positive way.

Skype-Nosis: Hypnotherapy via Skype!  Don’t let distance keep you from receiving the healing that you desire. I have successfully hypnotized clients internationally via Skype. Energy work is not affected by distance.

Hypnotherapy within the Akashic Records: $175

I am an accomplished and experienced Akashic Record reader, and have found that hypnosis within the Records safely enhances and amplifies your ultimate healing. I gently guide you into a deep state of relaxation while we are in the safe and love filled dimension of your Akashic Records.

This allows you to be in touch with your own sub conscious while I am interacting with your high self, Masters, Teachers and Guides. The results can be quite profound and deeply healing.

Any type of hypnotherapy can be conducted while in the Akashic Records. I use an individualized approach that is customized to your unique needs and desires.

NEW OFFERING! 30 Minute Akashic Record Intuitive Card Readings: $77

Are you in a hurry and need immediate guidance around a particular issue or health problem? A “mini” Akashic Record Intuitive Card reading is the perfect solution if you don’t have time for a full length session. I have been using my own Akashic Record Intuitive Reading Cards for over 2 years, and have been astounded by the insight that they offer. I am now offering “mini” 30 minute Akashic Record readings using my cards as the focus for the message and healing that is meant to come forth in the Now Moment. Schedule your “mini” reading now!
My cards are also available for sale through me, various shops in Virginia and on my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFigLeafStudioArt?ref=listing-shop2-all-items-count#items

Intuitive Soul Portraits: $144 and up

What does the energy of your soul look like? I can help with that! I am able to “see” the energy of your unique, beautiful and dynamic soul, and will paint a soul portrait for you. This is a beautiful, unique, and deeply personal visual tool that will help you continue to heal and deepen your relationship with your own soul. Let it be an inspiring reminder of the beauty of your own journey! Please visit my ETSY SHOP www.etsy.com/shop/TheFigLeafStudioArt to view some of my work. All portraits are painted in acrylic or oil on gallery wrapped canvas and you can pick your size, starting at $111 for a 12″x12″.


“Mother and Child”

Integrative Akashic Record reading/Healing; Hypnotherapy; Intuitive Soul Portrait: $290

Delve deeply into your own subconscious, talk to your inner self, and receive a keepsake. Ultimate healing comes through intention and the desire to fully embrace YOU. Integrating an Akashic Record reading with hypnotherapy deeply enhances and accelerates your healing. This is a very personal, customized, multi faceted approach to holistic healing, using 2 of the most powerful healing modalities. Identify and get to the root of your issues with the help of your own subconscious while receiving healing and guidance from your Masters, teachers and guides.

As part of this integrative package, you will receive a 12×12 soul portrait (see description above) done in acrylic or oil on canvas. This unique, beautiful and very personal painting is a visual reminder of the beauty of your inner self as well as a tool to help you to continue to heal.

Holistic Health and Wellness Program; 5 Sessions: $500 (one free session)

Make the commitment to whole body health and wellness.

Taking care of yourself enables you to live your fullest life. Continued work with energy healing therapy and Akashic Record readings tailored to your specific needs opens you to healing, as well as a greater awareness of SELF.

Sessions to be completed within 3 months of sign up date.

Hypnosis Health and Wellness Program; 5 Sessions: $700 (one free session) 

Make the commitment to heal yourself; body, mind and spirit.

Taking care of yourself enables you to live your fullest life. Continued work with hypnosis within your Akashic Records, tailored to your specific needs, opens you to deeper healing. Working with different methods of hypnosis within your Akashic Records aids in releasing potentially unhealthy thought patterns and habits. Step back into your empowered self.

Sessions to be completed within 3 months of sign up date.

Group Akashic Records Readings and Group Past Life Regressions

Host your own group Akashic Record reading! This is an intimate gathering where I open the Akashic Records for the group, allowing the energy healing and information to flow for an hour. The combined energy of the group enhances and deepens the experience and everyone present gains insight and healing.  See my EVENTS page for monthly Group Akashic Record readings in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Host a group past life regression session! Past life regression through hypnosis can be both deeply relaxing and instrumental in resolving present life problems and issues. Gather a group of friends together and prepare to journey into your past…Contact me to host your own gathering, or to have a group Akashic record reading or group past life regression at your event.

What can I expect, what should I wear, and how long will this take?

For Akashic Record reading/Intuitive Healing visits: ~ 1 hour session ~ eat lightly beforehand ~ bring water You may feel tired and thirsty. Your cells regenerate constantly, and toxins will be flushed out of your system, so hydration is important. Wear comfortable clothing, as you will be lying down for treatment. As with any body work, I will lightly touch areas of your body, like (but not limited to) the hands, feet, back of the neck. Energy either flows through me to you, or I am activating areas of your body to begin the healing process.

For hypnosis within The Akashic Field: Please allow for 2 hours, dress comfortably as you will be reclining. The same information above applies here as well.

My intention is always for the client’s best interests, and for what healing your body needs the most. What can you expect? Everything and nothing! I have had clients experience many different feelings: emotions, laughter, as well as nothing at all! There should be no expectations, only an open mind, and a willingness to let yourself relax. Sometimes clients will experience an emotional release. This is very normal, and quite okay.

For phone and Skype consultations and readings, I will supply the call in number. I am a licensed business in the state of VA. (The Fig Leaf, LLC)

To pay your outstanding bill, please scan the QR code below to pay with VENMO. If you prefer to pay via check or cash, please contact Valerie.

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Cancellation Policy —

Please notify me via phone or email 24 hours before your scheduled appointment if you need to cancel/reschedule.