All that I have to offer you is my experience.

“So what?”  You say; “Why is your experience anything that I care about?”  Before you decide not to read any further let me remind you of this fact:  The only thing that ANY of us have to offer each other is our experience.

Reading and learning through books and classrooms is all well and good, but once we live through something, then and only then, are we able to help others because we have moved through that experience.  We have seen it, felt it, breathed it, been it.  Lived it.

I work with clients who are disenchanted with school, with their jobs, yet they are living through some amazing and often very difficult life experiences.  These life episodes are what strengthen us, shape us and if we allow them, to help us grow and become self empowered.  

2012 has been an interesting and challenging time for me, and for most people that I know.  There is no mistake that we are all here, now, and moving through the experiences (some would say trials and tribulations) that we are currently in.  Be the observer for a moment and allow yourself to look at what you have been through in the past year and begin to see the challenges as something that you have learned from.

Use your learning, your lessons, as a tool to help someone else.  That is what I offer you:  Me; My experiences; What I have learned from them.

Peace to you on your journey through all of your experiences.

August 8, 2012