As fast as the energy is moving through you, you are going to be feeling the repercussions in many ways.

If you have held Akashic memories in your solar plexus, you may feel an ache in the back and/or stomach upset and digestive issues.

If you carry it in your heart, you may feel deepened anxiety, restlessness, sleep disruptions. You may have all sorts of things happening, including cold and flu-like symptoms. Any of these may be related to actual illness, as you are deeply programmed to believe in illness, so treat yourself according to what feels best.

Understand too, that most physical, emotional and mental dis-eases may be the result of deep, old energy being moved.

Pay close attention to what is surfacing for you in your feelings, your dreams, and your interactions with others.

As you become more heart centered, and you consciously choose higher vibrational feelings, you’ll still feel frustrated, angry, sad, etc., but your overall vibration will reflect what you are ultimately choosing to feel.

In other words, you are returning to your natural state of Being: Grace.

The first quarter of 2024 is supportive of deep cleansing. 

What is underneath has always been there, but was mostly invisible to you, until now.

Others may see it before you do.

You may see it in others before you really recognize it within yourself.

Regardless, it is there, and you have it.

What is “it”? 

Grace. Your natural state of Being.

Breathe into this knowing and trust that it is true